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Kaitlyn Coady Shawn DeLeeuw Nicole Fossheim Cameron Coady Korben Davis Rylan Davis
Carrot Creek Age: 16 Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek
Age:10 Carrot Creek Age: 17 Age: 8 Age: 7 Age: 9
1 year 8 years 4 years Cleaver 3 years Cleaver 1 year Cleaver 2 years
Project: Steer Projects: Market Steer & 2 yr. old Projects: Market Steer Projects: Rabbit Project: Lamb Project: Rabbit
I never got money from 4-H yet, Cow/Calf This year I raised a Simmental X I love it. I like showing people my Because I get to see animals. I like animals.
because this is my first year, but I I am in 4-H to get experience of the steer, Remington. I know that he rabbit.
think I’d like the money. My calf is real world work challenges. Also I would look good in your freezer!
named Sprinkles. I like feeding enjoy the friendships that our club Thank you to everyone for their
Sprinkles it’s fun to do with Spencer. presents. I really enjoy the continuous support in 4-H and hope
environment of 4-H and would like to to see you at our 2015 Show and
encourage kids to try it out. Sale.

Tailyn Davis Scarlett Davis Tianna DeLeeuw Samantha Gilbert Sara Gilbert Spencer Wigley
Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Carrot Creek
Age: 9 Age: 8 Age:9 Age: 15 Age: 14 Age: 16
Project: Lamb Project: Beef Calf 1 year 6 years 5 years 8 years
Cleaver 2 years Cleaver 1 year Projects: Steer Project: Steer Projects: Steer Projects: Steer
I’m getting my lamb from my Uncle Because its fun. My calf is red and I went in 4-H because I wanted to I am in 4-H because I really enjoy it I am in 4-H because it is a fun activity I joined 4-H to learn more about
Darryl. I like working with animals. white. learn more about cattle and how to and this is my 6th year in 4-H. One to be in. I get to hang out with friends farming, in the real world not out of a
work with book work. My steers thing that I like about 4-H is how you and work with an animal. I enjoy 4-H book.
name is Little Red he is really cute can improve every year and learn a lot.
and he is sort of jumpy. new things.

Yellowhead 4-H District
Yellowhead 4-H District

Beef Achievement Day
Beef Achievement Day

Dakota Dickson Brayden Smith
Carrot Creek Carrot Creek Friday, June 5
Age: 8 Age: 8
Cleaver 1 year Cleaver 3 years
Project: Pig Project: Chicken
Talisman Place
It is Fun!! It is a good way to make friends.

Show - Noon

Steer Sale - 7 pm

James Smith Harrison Smith FREE Event,
Edson 4-H Multi Club Edson 4-H Multi Club
Age: 11 Age: 14
First year First year
Projects: Market Steer Projects: Market Steer
I joined 4-H to teach me about I joined 4-H to get more active in the
responsibility. In the beef project you community and also to get more Everyone Welcome!
have to train a steer which means experience taming and handling
halter breaking, brushing, feeding animals. I also enjoyed working as
and watering them. I have joined the part of a team/club and the
4-H beef project and looking after my responsibilities will help educate me
Come down and
steer Peaty. for later life.

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