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Proposed change to

County meeting policy

“I can’t support the motion. It’s just

Proposed change to not the democratic process”:
County meeting policy Mayor Soroka

by Adrienne Tait something is reintroduced….If an I wish to thank all people involved, who put forth
individual comes back and says 'please effort, in making my 85th birthday, on May 24 at
Yellowhead County council is hear my case' and council is going to Lake Isle, so memorable. A huge thank you to my
considering amending their meeting decide if they're worthy? To me it's friends and family who decorated for the party and
procedure policy. stating that we're going to judge you. If
Under the current policy if new it comes back, council can always organized the food for all 40 people who attended.
information is brought forth, or the defeat it again. I can't support the
request altered, the mayor or CAO motion. It's just not the democratic Special thanks to Jodi & Michael, Lori & Larry, Stacey
would determine if there was sufficient process.” & Greg, Trent & Olga, Sherri, Bruce & Charlotte, Shirl
information or change to re-introduce Councillor Jack Williams said he was & George, Tien, Betty & Carl and many others.
Proposed change to the matter to council. of a different mindset and said, “In this
The new policy would see the council
case it was a negotiation. This was
County meeting policy as a whole making that determination. simply a negotiation of fundraising for The pot of gold coins given to me by the group was
The changes to the policy, if approved, the Tour.” also appreciated and will be treasured and held for
would read, “Once council has made a Mayor Soroka responded and said, eternity. I must admit that this was the best part of
decision on a matter, the matter or “But this affects everybody. This could my life to date and much appreciated by me as it was
similar matter cannot be re-introduced be somebody with an approach and not expected and was a complete surprise.
for review/decision by council for at we're going to say sorry you have to
least six months from the date of wait six months to come back.” Mayor
decision.” Soroka added that in the future for Again I want the people involved in organizing this
The policy revision states that council fundraising issues council could for me to know that this moment at Lake Isle proves
“may allow the matter to be re- always make a motion at the original that there are good friends and people out there who
introduced if new and compelling presentation that the matter could not care about seniors.
information is provided.” be brought back in less than six months.
The subject was introduced following Councillor Anthony Giezen also
the Tour of Alberta initiative in which spoke in favor of the motion and said Thanks again everyone for what was done by my
council had declined to participate but that the change would take the onus off family and friends.
representatives were allowed to return of the mayor and CAO.
to council with an alternate proposal The matter was first introduced at a My 85th birthday was May 26th.
once Hinton declined to participate. committee of the whole meeting and
Mayor Gerald Soroka spoke against past both first and second readings. It Stan Gelmici
the proposed change and said, “I have will return to council for final decision.
an issue with this. It is very seldom

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