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Joanne Desjarlais and Val Findlay
presented council with a request for the
Yellowhead County to assume
ownership of the Long Lake Cemetery.
Doing so would enable the cemetery to
receive its Final Certificate of Approval
and once again allow burials.
Photo Adrienne Tait

Appeal to County to take over cemetery

by Adrienne Tait be registered to either a religious organization or
“You are our last hope,” said Valerie Findlay when The Findlays appealed to the Edson Catholic Once again thanks for your support for our
addressing Yellowhead County council on Tuesday Church to have the Church assume ownership of the Spring Tea and Bake Sale at Parkland
evening. land but was eventually turned down by the Lodge on May 23, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.
Valerie Findlay and Joanne Desjarlais represented Archdiocese in Edmonton.
the Findlay family in a request to the council that In their appeal to council, the family has offered to
would see the county take over ownership of the cover the costs for the subdivision and survey, the We had a bonus event this year as we
Long Lake Cemetery. cemetery half of a dual approach construction, and were entertained by the Spring Music
The cemetery, which had been used by the Findlay are willing to assume maintenance responsibilities.
family since the early 1900s, has always been open Additionally the landowner has indicated he is Recital Program.
for community use but has remained a family willing to donate the land.
cemetery. Joanne Desjarlais held up a photo of her So again the Edson Parkland Lodge
However, upon receiving a letter from Municipal grandmother who had to be buried apart from her
Affairs stating that burials were no longer allowed as husband and family due to the restrictions. Auxiliary Society thanks you for all your
there was no Final Certificate of Approval there have Desjarlais told council that their acceptance of support.
been no burials there in recent years. ownership of the land would enable the family to
Over the years the family has maintained the bring their grandmother back to the Long Lake
cemetery upkeep including spring and fall clean up Cemetery to rest alongside her husband.
and replacing crosses as needed until the current During a discussion following the presentation,
landowner restricted vehicle access to the graveyard several questions were asked by council members
. “We are disappointed and saddened that we can't including who would be responsible for constructing
fix the current graves,” said Findlay, “There needs to an access road into the cemetery, record keeping and
be upkeep, we need to fix the current crosses.” administrative responsibilities, funding, and
The Findlay family has tried a variety of ways to maintenance.
have the property registered. The Long Lake Metis Director of community services Debbie Charest
local considered assuming responsibility prior to its told the council that the county currently has three
dissolution. The Findlay family then attempted to cemeteries under its jurisdiction that were accepted
have the cemetery approved as a family cemetery. under similar circumstances.
Under current provincial legislation however, in The matter will return to council for a decision on
order for a cemetery to apply for and gain a Final June 26.
Certificate of Approval as a cemetery, the land must

Testing your knowledge for test anxiety

It's getting to be that 5) Think Positive – How
time of the year again - ositive we think affects how we
final exams. Test anxiety P will perform so think
affects as many as 20% of mental health positive!
students, but the good 6) Ask for Help – Don't
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things that can be done to you need it
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Here are 10 Tips for Reducing Test Anxiety information than you can imagine, it is just a matter
1) Study – Little by little with short breaks, not all of finding it.
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sleep to retain and store the important information 9) Forgive Yourself – Nobody gets 100% on every
that has been studied test – if you don't know the answer, take your best
3) Eat Breakfast – After not eating all night, our guess and move on.
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Please come and join us to wish
Shirley Sidoruk a happy retirement.
Our colleague has worked at many
schools and would enjoy seeing

you at our party.
To those who purchased Sobey’s grocery
Westhaven School Gym cards, Mountain Steak and Pizza gift
cards, and/or donated to our bottle drive.
Tuesday, June 9: 4-6 p.m.
Our sincere gratitude to James Kazoleas
The entertainment will consist of stories that for his extraordinary support.
people have about Shirley. It should be fun
so please come prepared with your gem. Parkland Environmental Science Students
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