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A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on

The Scene

Upcoming Annual Strawberry Tea and Garage Sale

Events by Deanna Mitchener Saturday before Seniors Week every stuff upstairs for the garage sale."
year. It is a big event for the Red Brick
"We would also like to thank
It was yummy in your tummy, if you
June 11 attended the annual Red Brick and the ladies were busy for the past everybody for coming, because without
two weeks setting up the garage sale.
people coming out each year we
Park Court Hall is Strawberry Tea that was held on June 3. The ladies looking after the lunch couldn't have it. It is a lot of work and if
holding a Farmer's As always, the ladies did a fabulous were very busy too. For days they anybody would like to join us we would
Day Supper on job setting everything up, along with all baked cake, washed and cut love to have some new members," said
Sunday, June 11 from the additional preparations in the days strawberries and more... not to mention Stitzenberger.
5-7 p.m. Support leading up to the event. all the work that went along with The organization meets the third
your local farming People even traveled from out of cleaning up. Tuesday of every month (except over
community and join town just to have dinner at the Red For lunch the ladies served hot dogs, the summer in July and August) at the
us for a great meal Brick. Elaine Koch from Hinton said, beef on a bun, and strawberry shortcake Red Brick at 1:30 p.m. "We hold three
and quilt raffle. "We had a tour bus bring us from along with a beverage. The event ran major events including the Strawberry
Please call 780-727- Hinton. I have been on tours before but from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Tea, the Bazaar, and the Christmas Tree
4476 or 780-727- this was the first time being on a tour Betty Stitzenberger with the Edson Festival," said Stitzenberger. "We
2138 for more that was paid through FCSS. You just Cultural Heritage Organization, said, would gladly welcome anybody that
information. sign up and can go on different tours. "Cindy Fisher has been doing most of came and wanted to join us. We are all
We had lunch which was awesome and the pricing of sale items and that is a getting older and it would be nice to
June 14 the service was fantastic." huge job. She needs to be recognized have some new members join, learn,
Join members of the The annual tea takes place the first for all her hard work. There is a lot of and continue.”
Edson Cycling
Association on June
14 and 15 at 9 p.m.
and learn valuable A large crowd came
tips and information out to enjoy dinner or
about biking that you just enjoy their
can use all summer favorite homemade
long! Topics will strawberry shortcake
include basic bike during the Annual
skills and riding Strawberry Tea and
safety, helmet checks, Garage Sale at the
balancing and Red Brick on June 3.
turning, and much p h o t o D e a n n a
more. Must provide Mitchener
your own bike and
helmet. Pre-
registration required
and can be done in
person at Repsol
Place or online at Pioneer Cabin

June 15 and Elks host
Please join us at
Kate's Kitchen for a free seniors lunch
free lunch at St.
Catherine's Anglican by Deanna Mitchener
Church from 11:30
a.m. – 1:00 p.m. All
welcome! Special guest speaker Charlene Sitar spoke to
seniors on June 6 at the Pioneer Cabin during
Seniors Week.
June 21 – July 19 The Pioneer Cabin and Elks provided a free
The Edson & District The Edson Pioneer Cabin and the Edson Elks hosted a free luncheon lunch to seniors that day and the event was very
Public Library is for seniors on June 6. They had a special guess speaker Charlene
holding an exhibition Sitar who spoke to the large group of seniors. photo Deanna well attended. The main side was full and guests
“…out to Alberta” Mitchener were sitting at six other tables across in the card
which is featuring a room.
Charlene, the Regional Elder Abuse Prevention
selection of songs Coordinator, voiced her opinion on ageing
produced by some of Bear SmartBear Smart gracefully, "Aging by definition is the number of
Alberta's most
notable musical years that you live. It's not about how long it
artists and visual art takes you to die; it's all about the number of
years you live and what we do with those years."
Species at Risk Biologist
works drawn from Species at Risk Biologist "It's not about adding years to your life,"
the collection of the Charlene said, "it is about adding life to your
Green Thumb Hydroponics
Alberta Foundation Green Thumb Hydroponics
for the Arts. Library years."
Recycle Compost
hours are 10-8 Recycle Compost "Society has everyone trying not to get older.
Community Gardens and more
weekdays and 10-3 Community Gardens and more People are trying not to age by using Botox and
silicone, even butt implants now. We need people
on Saturdays. to accept us for the way we are and look," said
Contact Helen Sitar. Then Charlene talked a bit about elder
Prosser at 780-723-
Willmore Park -
6691 for more Willmore Park - abuse and a reminder that on June 14 there will
information. be a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day event
happening at the Royal Canadian Legion.
Come check it out The event starts at 10 a.m. and is presented by
Come check it out
See Classified Page for Edson RCMP, Victim Services, Town of Edson
June 14th: 10 a.m - 5 p.m
monthly meetings June 14th: 10 a.m - 5 p.m FCSS and Charlene Sitar, Regional Elder Abuse
and activities Coordinator.
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