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'Caring for the Heart of the Yellowhead' presented for Seniors Week

by Deanna Mitchener

Seniors were out and about with many activities
for the start of Seniors Week.
On June 5 seniors had a summary presentation at
Galloway Museum on the many names and several
hospitals Edson's had over the years. While there,
they also enjoyed some snacks and a beverage.
During her presentation, Galloway Museum
Assistant Manager Miriam Kirkahm said, "In the
early 1900's nurses, doctors and even hospitals were
desperately needed in remote areas and in the
rapidly growing towns and cities. For medical
emergencies patients would have to travel to
Edmonton as there was no hospital between
Kamloops and Edmonton."
"During 1911 and lots 14 and 15 in block 30 on
6th Avenue were purchased by a hospital committee Miriam Kirkahm assistant manager at the Galloway Museum with some seniors on June 5 during her
with the intentions of building a small hospital. The presentation on Caring for the Heart of the Yellowhead for Seniors Week. photo Deanna Mitchener
Town's people fully supported the hospital
committee and fundraised by organizing teas, As before, locals came together to do lots of lives of patients and residents in care. They have
bazaars, lectures, musical evenings, dances, and a fundraising events. "At last the newly named St. also funded scholarships in health care and to date
myriad of other activities," said Kirkahm. Johns Hospital was ready to receive its first patients. 64 scholarships have been awarded. In 1969 the
"By January 1912 the hospital was becoming a One of the patients liked the place so much he Province funded the third and fourth hospital. Sadly
serious problem maintaining it. As the town was stayed on and worked there for many years," both the two old hospitals were demolished," said
rapidly growing a long term solution was needed in Kirkahm Kirkahm.
Edson. The Town Council approached the Victorian "The need for an updated facility became evident. "The Nursing Home Facility opened in 1980. This
Order of Nurses to come to Edson to start a small In 1931 at an enormous cost of $90,000 a 38 bed, was separately owned and operated by the Edson
hospital. The VON were custodians of the Lady brick built hospital replaced the old building and the Nursing Home District Board. The whole facility
Minto Fund, a fund for the building of cottage Sisters of Service used the old building as their got the new name of St. John's Healthcare
hospitals in remote districts across the country," said residence," said Kirkahm. In the 20 years the Complex," said Kirkahm.
Kirkahm. hospital was running patent admissions from 243 in In 1991, sixty years since the first St. John's went
"It was started by Lady Minto (sister of Earl Grey) 1927 to an increase of 1,100 in 1946. into service, the Sisters of Service handed ownership
whose husband was the Governor General of The Ladies Auxiliary of St. Johns Hospital came of the complex over to the District Board, and once
Canada from 1898 to 1904. Throughout Canada into operation in 1957. "This wonderful organization again the centre had a name change to the Edson
there were 44 hospitals built from funds established has dedicated time and service to brightening up the District Healthcare Centre.
by Lady Minto and the VON. Two of them still bear
the name," said Kirkahm.
By 1914 the Edson Construction Company had
built a 10 bed, two story framed building on 6th
Avenue to be know as the Lady Minto Hospital.
The hospital was used during the 1918 flu
epidemic. It then sat unoccupied till 1921 when the
VON operated the hospital for one year. It was
renamed the Edson General Hospital.
The Sisters of Service, a missionary apostolate of
the Catholic Church, seeing the plight of people in
the region without a hospital, bought the building in
"They described the building as a large,
dilapidated, two story square building with
numerous windows that only a few had escaped the
expert stone throwers of the village," said Kirkahm.


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