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Seniors pancake breakfast

founders hanging up their aprons

by Deanna Mitchener "Bob Kneteman and I Bob said, "I will be
started the seniors turning 85 years old the
The Annual Seniors breakfast back in the late 2nd of July, I feel like I
Pancake Breakfast that 1980's. Bob came up have been retired for 100
was held on June 4 at the with idea, and he and I years. I had open heart
Edson Fire Hall was a have been partners in surgery three months
great success with many planning and organizing ago, but still needed to be
seniors turning out for the event since day one. here to help out. This is it
the event. Bob has been retired for team Elfie and Bob
The annual event was from Fire Chief for we will be retiring from
originated 27 years ago. around 20 years and he is helping at the pancake
Elfie Montanus, Edson's s t i l l c o m e s a n d breakfast after this one."
FCSS coordinator, said, volunteers to flip our The Town of Edson,
"The town of Edson pancakes every year. It The Fire Department,
sponsors the meal for the has been our tradition and EMS along with
seniors and it takes over the years, we have m a n y s p l e n d i d
between 25 and 30 been a team, but after volunteers that come out
volunteers to organize, today we will be hanging to help will still be Bob Kneteman and Elfie Montanus started the annual seniors
cook, and serve the up the aprons and hosting the event in
breakfast". retiring," said Elfie. years to come. pancake breakfast 27 years ago. This will be their last year helping at
the event. Photo Deanna Mitchener

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Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority has authorized the issuance of the following Development Permits in accordance
with the Town of Edson Land Use Bylaw #2070 as amended:

Permit # Address / Location Development Use Date Issued Zoning
035-2015 4605 – 4 Avenue (Plan 3364 AC, Blk 55, Lot 11 & 12) Commercial Building 3 Bays Permitted June 10 2015 C-3
042-2015 4404 – 5 Avenue (Plan 6384 AC, Blk 126, Lot Pt9 & 10) Owner Occupied Secondary Suite Dictionary June 10, 2015 R-1B

Any person who deems to be affected by the issuance of any one of these permits may appeal to the Subdivision and Development
Authority by 4:00 p.m., on the 14 day after the date of issue. On Permitted Uses, grounds for appeal must relate only to interpretation,
variance, or relaxation of the Land Use Bylaw. On Discretionary Uses, all aspects of the proposed development may be challenged upon
appeal. Written notice of appeal, accompanied by the appeal fee as established by Town Council, shall be filed through the Office of the
Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board at Box 6300, Edson, AB T7E 1T7.
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