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Wildwood Legion hosting pork chop dinner night

by Ellen Runn entertainment. do come on in and enjoy offered. We look meeting. tickets just give one of
I would Also like to let some of our many forward to seeing you L e g i o n S u p p e r our friendly staff a call
Finally! Old man you know that the activities. Welcome all there. night: June,12 , 2015 A at 780-325-2015.
winter has gone to bed. Legion is closed on of you to our Legion. Legion Meeting: The Pork Chop Dinner at Well I think that is it
Now we bask in warm Monday , Tuesday and Legion Lunches: next Legion Meeting 6:00 pm. our monthly for this edition of The
sunshine and sunburns. Wednesday. We are Legion lunches are up will be held at the supper nights are Royal Canadian Legion
It is also the start of open on Thursday , and running again on Wildwood Branch 149 always a treat and we News from Branch 149.
wildfire season so be Friday and Saturday. hursdays starting at on June 15. The w i l l h a v e l i v e This has been Ellen
safe out there folks! We have extended our 11:00 a.m. For a Executive meeting will entertainment provided Runn reporting. Until
Calving for most is hours on Friday and minimal cost you can be at 6:00 p.m. followed by our own DJ Lori next time - see you at
either done or almost Saturday for your enjoy a soup and immediately afterwards Rehn. To reserve your the Legion!
done and there are some enjoyment. So please sandwich or our entree at 7:00 with the General
beautiful calves out
there this year. As you
all know, I do the
writing for the legion
and I am always on the
lookout for tidbits of
information to pass
along to our faithful
readers, so with that
being said if you have
s o m e t h i n g e i t h e r
community related or
Legion news send me
an email and I will see if
I can fit it in.
For all you farmers
out there... with the rain
expected this month it
should be a decent crop
for hay this year.
Fingers crossed that we
get just enough rain for
the hay to grow but not
so much that we can't
get into the fields.
N o w o n t o t h e
The next event that the
Legion is hosting is on
June 12. This will be a
pork chop dinner with
all the trimmings. Our
own DJ Lori Rehn will
be the entertainment for
the evening and she
loves to see all you
folks have a great time.
So come on out and
show your support for
the Legion and have a
g r e a t m e a l a n d
wonderful music. To
book your tickets just
call our friendly staff at
The park is starting to
green up and look so
beautiful now. Every
time I drive past I look
on it with pride at what
t h e L e g i o n h a s
accomplished. Many
people have given a lot
of their time and effort
to get this park as far as
we have . Good job
And now for our
regular feature...
Legion President's
message, Lori Rehn: I
would like to encourage
all of you to come on
o u t a n d h e l p u s
celebrate Father's Day
on June 12 with a pork
c h o p d i n n e r a n d
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