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Daniel Handford, Ethan
Handford, Hannah Rowe and
Lorraine Symes gave a talk to
Rotarians and guests about the
RYPEN program students
participated in at Jasper.
Photo Deanna Mitchener

Rotary youth development Moving away sale

camp a hit with students for

by Deanna Mitchener creating awareness and w o r k s h o p s , t e a m Jack & Babe Astley
communicate to students building courses, and
Three students from a series of ideas, games that are done in an June 20 thru to June 25
Edson took part in problems, and social informal atmosphere,
(RYPEN) Rotary Youth experiences which will where questions and
Program of Enrichment assist them in forming debate are encouraged. 9 am to 7 pm
recently. The program is their own values and "I am going back again
a Rotary sponsored moral standards. next year. There is no Peers, Hwy 32 North to RR 544
D i s t r i c t N e w Daniel Handford said, way I'm even doubting
Generations program "Even if you have gone not going, it was great, I East 1 Mile
that took place in Jasper. to development camps loved it," said Hannah
Students participated like this before, I would Rowe.
in a weekend long camp still highly encourage "I would defiantly go 780-693-2126
designed to develop their students to go to the back again and would
potential through a RYPEN Program. It was say anyone that is Horse Tack- Bridles, bits, halters, shanks,
mixture of lecture-style a v e r y d i f f e r e n t considering going, just
sessions and adventure experience than any go. You have no idea s. blankets, h. blankets, misc.
based learning. Aimed at other camp I attended. I how much this camp will
really enjoyed the help you know your self, Panels, fencing supplies, wire, tools, feeders,
UPCOMING learning experience, so I even if you think you shop tools, grinders, saws, house hold goods,
k n o w a l r e a d y .
EVENT went back as a leader the Wonderful opportunity lawn mowers garden tools,plant pots and more.
second year. You can see
REMINDER so much growth in the and experience," said
students that go there Ethan Handford.
June 21 from their first day to the Rotary Edson sends Electric fence, posts & wire, post hole auger,
end of the weekend." information packages to shop tools & misc.
Fathers Day BBQ The program consists the schools in late
at the MacKay of thought provoking J a n u a r y, A n y o n e
Community Hall at s p e a k e r s , s o c i a l interested in going can Scrape metal, 3 part woods rotary mower, 3 part
12pm. $10. Per situations, and personal fill out the information rototiller, harrows, welders, horse trailers
and Rotary will sponsor
person, 6-12 years c h a l l e n g e s w h e r e up to six students each
R o t a r i a n s a c t a s
old $5, 5 and facilitators for the camp year. Rotary will cover HD sewing machine, desks, computer desk,
under free. For and lead groups of the cost of attending the misc. kitchen supplies, flower stands, CD
more info call students and running the four day camp and will stands, book cases, front room furniture,
Karen 780-795- sessions. l o o k a f t e r t h e ornaments, lots of other items
2462 Activities include transportation.


good things growing...

Seed and fertilizer blends
Seed and fertilizer blends
for lawns, gardens,
for lawns, gardens, The family of
agricultural and
At Panda Plumbing and agricultural and Vera Walsh
reclamation use
Heating we offer: reclamation use would like to invite
friends to join in
Boiler service and install
25 kg bags and mini-bulks
Tankless unit service and install 25 kg bags and mini-bulks celebrating Vera`s
Furnace repairs bags available 100th birthday!
bags available
Renovations and repairs June 20
New construction 1 pm to 4 pm

Drain cleaning Call anytime at the pioneer cabin
Phone or text: 780-234-9289 Trenton and Kim Stanley There will be a light lunch,
Seed and Fertilizer
cake and coffee.
780-693-2436 Fax 780-693-2802 Cell: 780-728-9190 Well wishes only, please no gifts
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