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Town’s road construction season begins

Road construction season is upon roads that have had the shoulders
us, and so are the closures and other pulled recently. This was necessary
issues that are associated with it. to improve the road without full
The Town of Edson is aware of the reconstruction, help fix drainage
concerns surrounding the gravelled issues, and to reclaim some gravel Misadventures
roads in areas where deep utility and material from the ditch. Work
work was completed in 2016. Our on those roads will continue,
general process following deep however, there will be some issues
utility work, where the road is dug until the material settles. This will
up to that extent, is to leave the area be especially evident after rainfall.
unpaved for a season to compact The weather this spring has been
prior to paving taking place. The very hard on many unpaved roads
Town of Edson is now awaiting our in the area, but the Town of Edson
paving contractor to commence is committed to continuing to
work on those areas. It's expected improve and maintain these
they will be in Town around July 15 roadways. Crews will be out as
and will be done by about July 27, necessary to help alleviate the
2017. concerns. Thank you for your Rains wreak havoc with the gravel roads around town as seen on
There has also been concern patience.
expressed regarding some gravelled Glenwood Drive near RR 180. Several vehicles were stuck on the
muddy road after a June 10 weekend of heavy rain.
blind view Town considers amending portable signage bylaw

window fashions by Adrienne Tait p r e v i o u s l y b e e n adopted as well as a T h e f i r s t location fee. proposed that the bylaw

Dechambeau said amendment be passed
identified including penalty structure to recommendation was a
The Town of Edson is maximum size and a l l o w t o w n per location permitting when speaking with within the next few
2017 Ads c o n s i d e r i n g a n height, the number enforcement to fine, fee and the second other municipalities months to become Edson Funeral Home
Must stay on page 7
amendment to its allowed on a property, remove signs, or would see the business one piece of advice was effective January 1,
Portable Signage land placement within potentially revoke the owner requiring a consistent – to be 2018.
use bylaw. The current c o r n e r v i s i b i l i t y licence of businesses licence which would effective, the bylaw The matter will return
b y l a w p r o v i d e s triangles, contact for maintenance, weed a d d r e s s m u l t i p l e must have some “teeth” before council at a As per Sue
minimal guidance with information for the control, safety hazard, l o c a t i o n s . T h e when it comes to r e g u l a r c o u n c i l
regards to specification company that owns the d i s r e p a i r , o r recommendation for enforcement. meeting. On right hand side
June 19 and is silent on upkeep sign, secure fastening, u n s i g h t l i n e s s the time being was a per Town administration of the page
and maintenance.
permitted land use violations.
D u r i n g t h e districts and more.
Dechambeau outlined
July 10, 31 Committee of the A d m i n i s t r a t i o n two possible scenarios The Family of Larry Sape
Whole meeting on June r e c o m m e n d s a with regards to a
13, town administration l i c e n c i n g f e e b e licencing structure.
proposed the section
August 21 regarding portable Would like to thank the 911- E.M.S - RCMP and
everyone else that helped with our emergency. Dr.
signs be revised to
include portable free-
standing signs, bench Blind View Gous, Dr. Zedall, Edson Hospital Staff, Town and
Country Funeral Home, Legion and Legion Ladies,
September 11 signs, and chloroplast Window Fashions Pastor George Stone, Harry and Gladys Rusk, Ron
o r o t h e r s i g n a g e
and Janet Deleeuw, all the friends and neighbours
temporarily attached to
October 2, 23 lamp posts and poles. that helped with food, flowers, phone calls and visits.
Director of Planning
Ann Dechambeau said
her department has Custom Window Treatments Thank you all!
since 1988
November 13 been reviewing similar Mint Homes
bylaws from other
communities. The
bylaw aims to address 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember Kate and family
December 4, 25 i s s u e s t h a t h a v e
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