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Fun Times Times

for Kids

s UMMER Parkland Composite High Schools ACES
(Academic Center for Educational Success)
class took a tour at Templeton's
Greenhouse west of Edson. The tour took
place recently, where the kids were able to
Fun ONLY RUNS IF walk through all the greenhouses, learn
about the varieties of plants, and some
facts about care of plants. At the end of the
for Kids
tour Brad and his staff provided each
student with their own package of Pansy's
to take home. Destiny Pockett, Jordan
Eastman, Samantha Parnall, student
assistant Haylee Shand, (sitting) Bradley
Sankey during Parkland ACES tour of a
AN ARTICLE local greenhouse.

Summer Camp Outings 2016 Submitted photo
We have limited spaces! CAP Award for Excellence goes to locally-raised teacher
Call the club for more information!
“It was a heartwarming surprise when my students within his student – he inspires the capability to
Canoeing- July 5 , $50 per child and colleagues nominated me for this award, and think for oneself. As one of his students has said, “If
Bus leaves 9:00am & returns by truly an honour to be selected. I share this award you have a question that you can't find the answer to,
4:00pm with them – they inspire me to keep learning, go to a teacher. If that fails, try the internet. If that
Golf Camp- July 18 -21 , $200 per encourage me to try new approaches, and doesn't work then go ask Mr. Goldie. If he doesn't
child continually remind me of the joy found in teaching know the answer, it's because it is being addressed at
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns 10:30 physics,” said Jeff Goldie, teacher. CERN.” Jeff Goldie is perfect for this award in that
Launch Pad- July 27 , $50 per child The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is he is a teacher who has made permanent differences
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns by pleased to announce that the 2016 CAP Award for in the lives of his students. Those who attend his
5:00pm Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP lessons discover what makes physics by far the most
Edmonton Zoo- July 10 , $50 per Physics (Prairies and Northwest Territories) is beautiful science. Those who seek his guidance will
child awarded to Jeff Goldie, Strathcona High School, for find an enriching and matchless experience.
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns by his 30-year track record of teaching excellence, his Jeff Goldie will receive the 2016 CAP Award for
5:00pm mentorship of other teachers, and his leadership in Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP
Jasper Palisades- August 25 , $45.00 physics education in Alberta. Physics (Prairies and Northwest Territories) before Jeff Goldie, teacher, receives 2016 CAP Award
per child Jeff Goldie has the ability to instill critical thinking the end of the 2015-16 school year, if possible. for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP
Physics (Prairies and Northwest Territories).
Bus leaves 9:00am & returns 4:30pm
And Much More!

Registration is Open Interactive presentation on residential schools
Government Subsidy are available
by Jocelyn Pettitt
Its back again! Raffle Tickets Time
A chance to win a Disneyland trip/ Last week, students at École Pine Grove

$4000 travel voucher! Tickets on Middle School were given the opportunity to
sale now at the Club and Jensen's learn more about Indian Residential schools
through an interactive presentation by the Cree
clothing store, only $10 each. Get Language and Culture teacher, Ms. Sandra
yours soon before they sell out, Davenport, who is also a Social Studies teacher
only 1000 tickets printed. at the school.
The multimedia walk through display for
students included many personal stories of both
Kinder Club herself and her mother's experience at Indian
Call the Club to reserve your spot Residential Schools in Canada and included
for the free Kinder Club trial. storytelling of other Indigenous People's
A brief history of what the Canadian
government tried to accomplish by assimilating
the “Indians” into our Canadian Culture and
way of life, was both dramatic and horrifying to
students as they listened and learned of the
unsanitary conditions, lack of medical aid, lower
Pine Grove teacher Ms. Sandra Davenport gives an interactive presentation on residential schools to students. education, and the inability to keep any of their
own culture or language as part of their heritage.
The students learned if indigenous students
were caught speaking their native language at
the residential schools, they would incur severe
punishment. At one time more than 60
Indigenous languages were spoken in Canada
and now only three remain today. They
discovered that, only as recent as 1996, was the
last Residential School closed down and by that
time more than 150, 000 First Nation, Inuit and
Metis children were removed from their families
and communities to be boarded at these schools.
Ms. Davenport emphasized the facts that all
people are equal, no one person is better than
another. That Canada is a melting pot of many
cultures and religions, and we are all equal
despite those differences. It is what makes our
Mr. Meier’s grade three class at Evergreen School took part in dressing up for the Princess and country so unique, and despite this horrible
Super Hero Day that was held June 10. It’s always great seeing the teachers in dressing up. Love blemish on our history, that it is never too late
that tutu Mr. Meier. photo Deanna Mitchener for healing and reconciliation.
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