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HRH athlete receives invite to North American
Aboriginal Games The Weekly ANCHOR
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U18 Girls Strikers defeat Jasper

SPORTS for Edson, as Hinton won the game
The Weekly ANCHOR by Mikaela Kuefler Unfortunately, it was too little too late

On June 11, the U18 Girls Strikers
team and the U18 Boys Vipers team with a final score of 4-2.
In the afternoon, the Vipers played
played on the Edson Minor Soccer Whitecourt on Talisman Field. During
fields by Parkland Composite High the first half, Edson was leading 2-1
School. with some successful slide tackles and
The Strikers played against Jasper in some good through balls up to their
the morning and walked away with an forwards.
easy win of 6-0. During the ladies first As time went on, the boys became
match, Edson passed well and found it more hesitant to the ball and had a hard
difficult to get the ball past the Jasper time being first to. Three quarters in,
goalie. Edson lead the game after the the referee called Edson on an illegal
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR “Parkland end of the first half, with a score of 1-0. tackle in the goal crease. Whitecourt
As luck would have it, Jasper ended
gained a penalty shot and scored, tying
Custom T-Shirts! Perspective” up switching goalies, enabling the up the game.
A Student View
Strikers to score another five goals.
Just before the end of the first half,
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say... "The girls have worked hard during the Whitecourt chipped a ball over Edson's
discounts available season. We got their conditioning to the defence. Edson tried to head it, just as
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? point where they're above average, the goalie was coming out, but the ball
compared to most teams. We had better
bounced off at an odd angle and went
commitment as well. They (Jasper) over the goalie's head. Whitecourt got a
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! only had nine players, where as we had toe on it and scored, making the score
No additional cost fifteen and could play eight a side," 3-2.
reports U18 Edson head coach, Troy In the second half, Edson continued to
BORN Claridge. have trouble jockeying defensively but
Unfortunately, the girls didn't get to
held the score. When the referee made a
GOLF play in the afternoon due to poor call against Edson again, Whitecourt
took a direct kick and scored. Final
weather conditions.
The U18 Edson Vipers Boys team
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE played Hinton in the morning and then Score was 4-2 for Whitecourt.
"Whitecourt is a very tough team.
Whitecourt in the afternoon. We've lost to them in the past but the
In the morning, Hinton played the
G a r d eners Vipers. During the first half, Hinton boys have made a dramatic
improvement. We ended up switching
CEREAL was leading the score by 3-0. At the some players around and the positions
start of the second half, Edson coaches
they are playing in now has improved
KILLER!! switched around some players and the entire game for the whole team. The
placed them into different positions.
dynamic of the team has really come
The strategy was a success as the together," states Viper Head Coach,
Spread the Best Dirt Vipers dominated the field, scoring two Rodney Smith.
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 and holding Hinton to one.

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