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Council awards $14M waste water

treatment plant construction to Alpha

by Dana McArthur contract agreement with the Town of Edson and the province for the wastewater treatment facility
Alfa Construction Inc. for the project. upgrade.
A Special Meeting of Edson Town Council was Previously, Edson was awarded $4,754,100 from The next Town Council meeting will be June 21at
held at 9:30 a.m. on June 14 in order to make a 7:30 p.m.
motion to move forward with the construction of
Edson's waste water treatment plant. Town recommends new Anti Drug
Chairing the meeting was Deputy Mayor Brian
Boyce who introduced the motion that Council and Alcohol policy
authorize Administration to prepare a contract
agreement with the Town of Edson and Alfa by Callie Hermanson Failure to notify the employer may result in
Construction Inc. in the amount of disciplinary action up to and including termination of
$14,774,266.83 (excluding contingency) + GST. Bridgett Lemieux, Assistant CAO with the Town of employment.
continued from front And that this was the best value bid for the Edson, outlined the importance of safety in the In the event of an employee's conviction for charges
construction of the Edson Wastewater Treatment workplace at the town's Committee of the Whole relating to the manufacture, possession, sale, use,
Plant Upgrade Project based on the tender scoring meeting, on June 14. distribution, receipt of any illegal substances the town
continued from front process. Lemieux explained how the Town of Edson will determine whether disciplinary action will be

The Deputy Mayor then opened the motion up employees are their most valuable resource and for taken, including the appropriateness of continued
that reason the health and safety of employees are a
to questions from Council. Dawit Solomon, top priority. The policy raised questions from council members.
continued from front Director of Engineering with the Town, briefly The purpose of the Anti Drug and Alcohol Policy is Councillor Gean Chouirnard, asked, “If we suspect
outlined the scoring process used to determine to clearly outline the Town's position on its an employee to be under the influence does it give us
best value. intolerance of any drug or alcohol or illegal substance the right to go to the individual and say we want to
continued from front Boyce then asked about the weighting standards use which imperils the health and wellbeing of its test them?”
used to determine the winning bidder. Solomon employees, or threatens the organization. Lemieux explained how the policy will not allow
explained, “These are very normal standards that The assistant CAO outlined the town's policy which mandatory testing, “It will allow us to go to the
continued from front the bidders know beforehand.” details behaviors that are prohibited by the employee and say you are showing signs of
impairment and at that point you could remove the
There were six bids received for the project organization and provides employees with a set of individual from work.”
ranging from over $14.6 million to over $20.1 expectations. “If the employee says, 'I didn't smoke or I didn't
The policy states that in the event an off-duty
million. “Alpha can do this job and they have a
continued from front employee is requested to come into work, and the drink', we could say to them, look if you like you can
very reasonable price,” said Solomon. employee is unfit due to the influence of alcohol or take a voluntary drug test. There's a place in town we
Council Gean Chouinard stated, “I'm just drugs, it is their responsibility to refuse the request will escort you, we will drive you, but we cannot
surprised that prices aren't dropping a bit. and ask that the request be directed to another person. mandate a drug test,” said Lemieux.
continued from front
Obviously contractors aren't that hungry in today's In the event that an employee's operating license is The policy ensures that any substance abuse/misuse
economy.” In which Solomon replied, “This is a suspended under the motor vehicle administration act is dealt with fairly, consistently and in a positive
very specialized project and these types of or the highway traffic act, or any law court with in manner.
Councillor Tammy Strang made a motion to
contractors are specialists that remain busy.” Canada the employee must notify their supervisor recommend to council the new alcohol and drug
Council authorized Administration to prepare a immediately following any suspension of driving
privileges. policy. The motion was carried.

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