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The solar electricity hype
Q&A with Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean

by Dana McArthur and Stephanie Babych Brain: My heart goes out to all of the Albertans and
small business owners who are struggling during our
Prior to the Wildrose Party Leader, Brian Jean's visit current economic downturn. The best thing that can
to Edson and area on June 17, The Weekly Anchor be done for those dealing with ongoing
blind view had the opportunity to ask the Leader of the Official unemployment as a government is to create the right Dr. Willis retiring from practice
policy environment to do no further harm. That
Opposition a few questions.
means cancelling risky and ideological policies that
window Q: What is the Wildrose's plan regarding the current the NDP government has put into place, like the $3 Looks forward to spending more time with family
billion carbon tax that will hurt everyday Albertans,
phase out of coal power generation and how does it
and to hold off on policies like a mandatory increase
differ from the other parties?
to a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage until an
fashions Conservative Brain: Wildrose believes it is absolutely devastating economic impact study has been completed. We
need to base policy decisions on economics and
iews phase out of coal power generation. The plan laid good sense rather than ideology, as the NDP has
to communities across our province to have a rapid
out by the previous federal government with a
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
timeline of 2050 was reasonable, and any
communities and stronger families.
acceleration by the NDP government provincially Q: What are some of the highlights of being the party that stands for smaller government, safer
leader of the opposition for the past year?
will only hurt everyday Albertans. The cost of an
January 4, January 25 accelerated phase out will be downloaded onto Brian: It has been a pleasure to travel all across the Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean will be hosting a
Free BBQ and Family Fun event June 17th between
Alberta consumers at a time when they can least
afford it. province to meet with everyday Albertans, like I'm 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Centennial Park next to
February 15 Q: How would have Wildrose handled the drop in oil doing today in Edson. What I hear wherever I go is Galloway Station, and later a dinner where you can
how important it is for Wildrose to be a voice of
also meet with Brian. Call 780-723-1420 for details.
everyday Albertans, and to stop the NDP
prices in order to get better results than the NDP
March 7, 28 iews have gotten? government from making things worse for our Read all about Jean's time in Edson in next week's
issue of The Weekly Anchor.
Brian: The key tenant during an economic downturn
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser like the one we are currently facing is for the Q: How can Wildrose stop a conservative split of
votes in the next election?
government to do no further harm. While no
government can control the price of oil, they can
control the policies that are in place. The NDP Brain: I have been unwavering in my commitment to Blind View
May 9, 30 government has signaled to investors that our grow Wildrose and consolidate conservatives into Window Fashions
one party. The vast majority of Albertans that I speak
province is not the place to invest – we are losing
much needed capital to our neighbours in BC and to want to see Wildrose broaden our tent and
consolidate conservatives heading into the next
June 20 Saskatchewan, and south of the border. election. It's been a primary focus of mine and of our Custom Window Treatments
since 1988
talented and hardworking group of Wildrose MLAs.
Q: How would Wildrose assist the Edson region
July 11 struggling with ongoing unemployment? Wildrose is focused on presenting a principled 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
conservative alternative to the NDP government – a
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