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HRH principal Desmond Kilgannon retires

by Adrienne Tait this is where some of our students find
out what they are passionate about. He
It was an evening of mixed emotions has attended every show and makes an
with laughter and tears as staff, students, effort to encourage our students to
and community members attended the pursue their artistic talents. He is one of
retirement party for HRH principal the main reasons why our drama
Desmond Kilgannon on June 12. program has been so successful over
Prior to becoming a teacher Kilgannon the last twelve years,” said Taylor.
studied psychology at the University of Kilgannon not only showed support
Alberta and studied world religions and for long time colleagues but also
philosophy in India. inspired those new to the professional.
He returned to the U of A and obtained HRH teacher Danielle Unger said,
his teaching degree. After earning his “As a staff member, Desmond
degree Kilgannon accepted a teaching Kilgannon was always willing to jump
position at Vanier 1988. In 2003, Holy into a problem with both feet in order to
Redeemer Catholic High opened its find a solution. He is consistently kind
doors and Kilgannon moved to the new and courteous, and is someone who
school. leads by example. He truly cares about
In addition to being the school the students that he teaches, and wants
principal, Kilgannon taught calculus, to make sure they are successful in life.
website design, and flash animation This is refreshing to see as someone
(multimedia). who is new to the profession of
Peter Taylor has worked with teaching.”
Kilgannon since moving to Edson in The Kilgannon's have raised three
2002, working one year together at children in the area and enjoy hiking,
Vanier before HRH opened in 2003. camping, pond hockey, and cross
“Mr. Kilgannon has always been country skiing.
extremely supportive of the drama HRH principal Desmond Kilgannon and HRH teacher Danielle Unger at the
program at HRH. He understands that retirement party held for Mr. Kilgannon at HRH June 12 afternoon. photo
Adrienne Tait

Parkland students help support Nepal

by Isabella Sellar Voll When students heard news of the earthquake in
Weekly Anchor Copy Depot Nepal, they went to work with a new intensity,
The Environmental Science, Politics and Ethics planning approximately six different fundraisers with
Program at Parkland Composite High School is made
PASSPORT PHOTOS up of a group of thirty to thirty-five highly motivated, the proceeds going to Nepal earthquake relief. Three
simultaneous barbecues were held on June 6 and 7 at
academically minded students. Students from grade
Edson Sobeys, Walmart, and Independent Grocers
& MORE ten through to grade twelve make up the program and from 10:30am -5:30 pm, supported with a donation
these students are hand-picked by teachers to
from Mint Homes to get their barbecue supplies. The
participate in an experiential learning program which group has plans to sell Sundaes and Banana Splits on
Digital passport system photos will be ready in 5 allows students the opportunity to earn extra credits June 16 at the high school as well as bringing ice
based on involvement.
minutes while you wait! Students spend time at the Goldeneye Centre at cream sales to local elementary schools, including
Evergreen on May 29 and Ecole Westhaven
Goldeneye Lake near Nordegg four times each year to Elementary School on June 12 from 12:30-1:10, all in
participate in wildlife studies, water studies, compass support of Nepalese earthquake relief efforts.
work and leadership skills development work.
A group of 17 Parkland students also participated in a
two week trip to Nepal, from March 28- April 11, as a
i part of their involvement in the program. While in
i Nepal students connected with local Nepalese people,
Rifle Arms
i managed a study of environmental issues in the region
Licence and did a comparison study with local environmental
i issues. The students also had the opportunity to help a
Resident community with rice planting, and to work in a factory HRH Grad
Photos &
i which recycles elephant dung to make paper. Students
also helped with community garbage clean-up.
Two weeks after their return, on April 25, 2015, a Class of 2015
DROP IN AND SEE! violent earthquake measuring 7.8Mw hit Nepal, killing
8,800 people and injuring more than 23, 000.
Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes,
avalanches triggered by the earthquake occurred on Would like to thank the following individuals
Please wear Mount Everest killing almost 20 people and & businesses for their support. You helped
5040 3rd Avenue, Edson dark colors aftershocks continued for weeks afterwards bringing make our graduation such a HUGE success!
780-723-5787 Nothing white. more and increased devastation and death.
Students from Parkland were already looking for
ways to maintain connections and support the Mountainside Sales & Rentals
community that they had visited. Students were Vanier Community Catholic School
pursuing opportunities to bring some of the recycled Country Boyz Oilfield Services Ltd.
elephant dung paper - a construction style paper made
in the factory which they had worked at in Nepal - to Don Neiffer
Edson to be used by local elementary schools. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Tews
The students of Westhaven and their families can be Additionally, students created a program for
very proud of themselves. They set a goal of $9000.00 elementary school children to participate in - which
for the Jump Rope for Heart Event. Guess what….they included a video of their participation in the paper ALL the grad parents
raised $15,129.00 to donate to the Heart and Stroke recycling process and lessons for grade 4&5 students
foundation. Thank you so much for the community which they are hoping to ask a local school to pilot in & students who
support. the coming year. volunteered their time!
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