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MLS 33333 $1,000,000 MLS 35732 $154,000 EXCLUSIVE $700,000 MLS 36197 $270,000 OFFICE LEASE $1155 OFFICE LEASE $1100
660 sq. ft. 550 sq. ft. RENOVATED

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MLS 35731 $174,000 MLS 36134 $88,500 MLS 35638 $429,000

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Town encourages businesses

and residents to clean up properties

by Adrienne Tait they are responsible for the boulevard and alley or public spaces looking beautiful. They need help
back lane access abutting the property. keeping on top of the garbage that is blowing around
Upwards of 60 bylaw notices went out this week The nuisance classification may be done by either town.”
notifying owners of the need to clean up their council or a bylaw enforcement officer. In such cases In order to address the garbage issue the town is
properties. the owner may be required to complete any number moving away from the open faced concrete garbage
As the preparations for the Tour of Alberta come of actions including remove debris, construct a fence, cans towards animal proof containers. In partnership
into full swing, the town is encouraging all residents or other measures as directed. with the Edson and District Recycling Society, the
and businesses to do what they can to beautify the Failure to comply could result in the town town will outfit the downtown core with new trash
area. completing the necessary work and billing and recycle containers.
Lack of maintenance to local properties has been an accordingly. “The fine for unsightly clean-up is “We encourage business owners to follow this trend
ongoing concern but has become a focus as Edson steep in that if the town sends a crew to do the work as well. It makes it impossible for birds to remove
prepares to be represented on an international stage. the owner is given the bill,” said Desautels. garbage which is a big issue. Ravens are very smart.
With millions of motorists driving through Edson “Many properties in town are near park areas which I think they can read fast food labels! They most
on highway 16 each year second and fourth avenues, is what I oversee with my parks manager. It's certainly have their favourite open faced garbage can
businesses are being asked to take a leadership role. frustrating knowing that we have such a huge event smorgasbords from one end of town to the other,”
Businesses on 2nd, 4th Avenues, and 50th Street will coming to town in the Tour of Alberta and so many said Desautel.
see a lot of exposure this summer,” said community places in town are in dire need of attention due to out “We're asking all residents to showcase their pride
services director Jim Desautels. “We are counting on of control weeds, grass, and garbage. Things are not just for their town but for their own personal
local pride and corporate leadership to help make coming together slowly, but appearances still need to spaces and to help out where they can. It's as simple
Edson look great. We seem to only have a short be worked on to represent a good image for the town. as picking up a piece of litter and dealing with it
window of summer to make our town look fresh, If you're a business owner or home owner, or renter before it blows away. Many local businesses and
green, and vibrant.” and you have two feet of weeds on your lawn or residents have already stepped it up and have shown
Weed control, litter, and unkempt properties fall boulevard, it's time to kick it up a notch and take care tremendous personal and corporate leadership in this
under the unsightly premises bylaw. of it. Show your customers or neighbours some curb regard. I hope it rubs off even more. We encourage
The town nuisance bylaw, designed to prevent the appeal. Show some pride,” said Desautels. and challenge our youth, our environmental
continuance of conditions which may constitute a The town of Edson does have a weed spraying ambassadors to take on a leadership role in this
nuisance, also addresses dandelion and noxious program for town owned lands and will be looking regard. If you go to a park and need to dispose of
weeds, needed repairs or demolition of structures, for more funding to increase spraying in the future. garbage, make sure it's done appropriately in the right
grass cutting and pruning of trees, opaque or dense Property owners are permitted to utilize herbicides so receptacle. Make it a habit to dispose of whatever
smoke emissions, and litter or clutter which creates long as they meet regulatory requirements. else may be in your area that maybe you didn't leave
an unsightly condition. Town crews are also hard at work. Desautels said, behind. If we all chip in, it won't be so
Residents and business owners are reminded that “Our parks crews are working hard trying to keep our overwhelming,” said Desautel.

Vera Calvert, Nicole Connolly, Peggy
Schooler, Mark TerBerg, Ida Spencer,
Taylor McCallum, Laurie McCallum,
Heather McToner, Tina Clifton, Chloe
Connolly, Marleen LaVoie, and Erica
Snook-Penning gathered for a potluck
lunch at the Edson Friendship Centre
on June 16 say a farewell to well-
known local volunteer Marleen LaVoie,
who is moving to Christopher Lake,

Photo Deanna Mitchener
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