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The Scene

Upcoming 60 racers gear up for Annual Soapbox Derby


July 8-9
The annual Toy
Run and Camp Out
is starting at 9am
for camping
registration at Peers
ground, 10am
registration for
parade and poker
rally, 11am Parade,
12pm free BBQ
courtesy of
Weyerhaeuser, 1pm
Poker Rally, 5pm
dinner at Peers
ground followed by
music, biker games,
silent auction and
50/50. All money
raised goes towards
the Kinette
Christmas Hamper Kids lined up and waited for their turn to go down the ramps next at the 7 Annual Kinsmen Soapbox Derby on June 18.
program. Starts at
the Lions hall and photo Miranda L'Hirondelle
ends at the peers by Miranda L'Hirondelle by running the ramps and helping the There are over 100 cars in the Edson
grounds. kids. Mayor Greg Pasychny was also area that people have built and some
The weather was great for the kids there helping out with the event. people even donate them for the event.
July 14-21 and parents who had a lot of fun racing “Every driver that showed up receives Dwight Kennedy owner of Northern
Register for the in the 7 Annual Kinsmen Soapbox a licence that shows they can drive a Provincial Pipelines built the ramps and
Red Brick Arts Derby on June 18. soapbox car,” said Gean Chouinard donated them for the event. Clearstream
Centre Blast From There were approximately 60 racers who organized the event and is also a also donated some prizes for the kids who
the Past program, in the event including the parents who participated, and Trail Printing donated
where children ages raced their children. Parents and Town Councillor. Chouinard had 14
5-10 will have tons cars that anyone could use and offers the licenses.
of fun and learn volunteers helped out with the event kits for sale to build your own car.
about the good ol'
days by playing
games, making
crafts and
participating in
various day
activities. The Emily Eaton racing
camp will run from the HRH Art Cart at
1-4 p.m. starting the 7 Annual
Monday July 17 Kinsmen Soapbox
and ending Friday Derby on June 18.
July 21 . Please photo Miranda
contact the Red L'Hirondelle
Brick Arts Centre
for more
information at 780-
723-3582 or Brothers Dayin and Tristan Mitchell raced one
another at the 7 Annual Kinsmen Soapbox
July 29 Derby on June 18. They won the draw at the
Come enjoy Free library and received the Dr. Seuss car that
Yoga at Millennium Gean Chouinard had donated. photo Miranda
Park beside the Red
Brick on Saturday, L'Hirondelle
July 29 at 9-10 a.m.
Kids are welcome,
beginner friendly
and Food Bank
donations are

August 26
Come enjoy Free
Yoga at Millennium
Park beside the Red
Brick on Saturday,
August 26 at 9-10
a.m. Kids are
welcome, beginner
friendly and Food
Bank donations are
accepted. Codie Hazelwood and her daughter Deelya
Katelyn Rousselle and her daughter Avaya soaked up the sun and
See Classified Page for Langdon enjoyed a lunch together at Kinsmen
monthly meetings splashed around at the Kinsmen Spray Park on June 20. photo Spray Park on June 20. photo Miranda
and activities Miranda L'Hirondelle
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