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County asks for seniors lodge or may
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withdraw from Evergreens Foundation
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the Wildwood area to address the needs of go up and down. are adamant that we need to do this and I don't
county residents to support progression from "Yellowhead County is requisitioned for more think anyone is opposed. But what are our
rural and private homes to self-contained than 50% of the operating capital for the five options to getting this done?"
facilities and to a lodge within Yellowhead lodges. Edson and Hinton, with comparable County CAO Jack Ramme said, "We have two
County," said Priestley-Wright. populations to Yellowhead County, are paying options. Work with Evergreens on the
"Why? —I think it's necessary to minimize the considerably less. However, Yellowhead County importance of this or lobby the provincial
greater risk of social isolation and depression and has only one vote on the Evergreens board," said minister and put forward our case."
to minimize the risk to personal health and Priestley-Wright. Councillor Shawn Berry said, "I have a lot of
The councillor stated that Evergreens is focused seniors in my area and they don't want to go to
Misadventures safety," said the councillor. "Homecare is not too on expanded facilities for Edson and Hinton and Edson."
effective out in the county. There are just not
Council agreed to draft a letter to the
enough workers out there."
The councillor pointed out that there isn't it was unlikely that a new facility in the Evergreens board asking for more development
Wildwood area would get approval under the
sufficient spaces at the existing lodge in the current structure, despite the County's similar in the County to serve county residents' needs.
county, and there are currently 14 people on the needs. "If they are not agreeable then we can move
waiting list. There are 40 on waiting list in Mayor Gerald Soroka said, "The issue is, we forward to the minister," said Soroka.
Edson, but he said, these lists are fluid and can have a need and we know it exists. We definitely

‘Human Library’ experience at Pine Grove School

by Miranda L'Hirondelle made their way inside to start the Human indigenous related stories, but we wanted to open
Library. Instead of reading a book like a regular this up and invite our community. People around
Pine Grove Middle School celebrated National library a person is the book and they tell students us with different cultural experiences and
Aboriginal Day with a smudging ceremony and a their own personal story they have experienced religious experiences were sharing everyone's
Human Library Experience on June 21. in life. This is an opportunity for students to truths on truth and reconciliation,” said Jocelyn
The event was opened with a traditional listen to oral stories, encourage conversation in a Pettitt the Library Assistant at Pine Grove.
smudging ceremony and a prayer presented by safe environment and celebrate differences The students could choose two titles that
Elder, Freida Maynard. within the community. interested them. The different topics varied from
A smudging ceremony is a Native American There were 23 live books with no groups larger air cadets, a story of a boy from West Africa who
custom and used by other indigenous cultures. than five so the students could feel safe asking had a passion for sports that helped him get
For centuries many cultures have used smudging questions and break down barriers also, quiet, through university, to a teenagers story about
as a way to create a cleansing smoke bath that is and calm conversational environment. leaving home, her involvement in substance
used to purify the body, aura, energy, and a The live books were the community members, abuse and finding faith. “It gives the students an
ceremonial or ritual space. teachers, RCMP officers, town councillor Trevor experience in a human library event with real
After the smudging ceremony the students Bevan, and even a published author. “Some are people from our community of diverse
backgrounds and experiences,” said Pettitt.

Sid's Safety

& Janitor al

5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567

Stocking a variety of accessories for

your rigging and hoisting needs

Students at Pine Grove Middle School gather outside to watch the
smudging ceremony before the Human Library Experience began on
June 21. photos Miranda L'Hirondelle

For After Hours Service call

Isabel Dong told her story “Get to Know China” to grade six students for
the Human Library Experience on June 21. 780-517-6575
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