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The solar electricity hype
Wildrose leader Brian Jean visits Edson

Opposition leader talks about current political climate

by Stephanie Babych loudly and clearly what I Jean said.
a m h e a r i n g f r o m Jean says that Premier
Leader of the Official Albertans across Alberta, Rachel Notley has made
Opposition party in and that is they oppose Alberta unattractive to
blind view Alberta, Brian Jean, the Carbon tax and the investors through many Dr. Willis retiring from practice
stopped in Edson on June
NDP should not bring it
of the actions she has
17 during a tour of
taken. By calling a
Jean also said that the
window various Albertan towns, Carbon tax will affect all Royalty Review and Looks forward to spending more time with family
i n o r d e r t o s h o w
increasing taxes to
Albertans that he is
c o r p o r a t i o n s a n d
Albertans, even though
listening to their political
fashions Conservative concerns, and answered Wildrose has petitioned i n d i v i d u a l s , J e a n
that the NDP make some
believes that Notley has
questions about key
made Alberta's market
exemptions to the tax,
iews issues affecting the such as an exemption for appear unstable and
community of Edson.
taken away Alberta's
charitable organizations.
After spending the
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
morning in Hinton, Jean Jean said that the NDP competitive advantage.
has turned down all
Jean said that the best
attended a family get- proposed exemptions w a y t o e n c o u r a g e Constable Doug Topolnitsky and Bonnie Topolnitsky (right) ask Wildrose leader,
January 4, January 25 together at Centennial made by the Wildrose investors is to keep a high Brian Jean (left), a few questions during the family event at Centennial Park on June
Park in Edson. With
level of competitiveness.
17. photo Stephanie Babych
C a p t a i n R e d
As the Carbon tax will
“You have to have low
February 15 Entertainment, free face cost the average family business corporate tax
painting, and a bouncy
rates, low individual tax
an additional $1,000 a
castle, Edson families
year, Jean is taking his
rates, in order to
came out to enjoy the
role as Leader of the
encourage people to
March 7, 28 iews afternoon and chat with Opposition seriously in come into our province
the Wildrose Party leader.
order to fight against this
and set up businesses and
Jean spent some time
tax increase.
to live here.”
During his speech at the
“We continue to ask
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser answering questions questions in the House dinner Jean said that he
about concerns people
within the community
whenever we get the
won the “lottery of life”
have about the political
when he was born and
opportunity and in the
May 9, 30 climate in the province. mean time we continue to raised in Alberta.
Later that evening, there
“The Alberta I grew up
have communication in
was a dinner at the Edson
in, was number one in the
any way we possibly can,
and District Recreation to affect a more positive world for education. It's
June 20 Complex, where Jean policy from the NDP,” not anymore, it's number
spoke and met with those
Jean said.
five in Canada. We were
in attendance.
proud of our healthcare
“If we don't have an
“Well what I'm doing
July 11 this summer, we just got Official Opposition that's system and we were Edson's Mayor, Greg Pasychny (left), sits with Wildrose leader, Brian Jean (right),
proud of our politicians.
out there explaining and
out of session here
during the family event at Centennial Park on June 17, to discuss the future of
e x a m i n i n g a n d
Not so much anymore.”
Alberta and the community of Edson. photo Stephanie Babych
r e c e n t l y , a n d
J e a n b r o u g h t i n
q u e s t i o n i n g t h e
August 1, 22 immediately I got onto government, then who's financial statistics to his
the road to listen to
going to tell the people of
speech, saying that in
Albertans. Whether it's
about one year the NDP
Alberta what's really
Sept. 12 Edmonton, or Drayton going on?” Jean said government has put the
Valley, or right here, right
province $38 billion in
when asked about the
across the province I am
W i l d r o s e P a r t y ' s
debt. He also said that in
going to go and listen and intention in working hard the next three years, the
find out the priorities of
October 3, 24 Albertans,” Jean said in to combat the tax. government estimates it &
Asphalt Parking
Coal is an important
will be $58 billion in
a n i n t e r v i e w a t
Centennial Park. industry in the Edson debt, which is about $2 We are pleased to welcome Dr. Mitchell Kavaner Lots & Patching
billion a year for interest
area, and many people
November 14 Blind View properly be an effective within the community are alone. Alberta's credit has to our team of dental health professionals. &
“The only way to
been downgraded four
Asphalt Driveways
employed in the coal
Window Fashions
o p p o s i t i o n , o r a n
times in the last five
industry. When asked
December 5, 26? effective government, is about his opinion on the months. appointments starting on July 5th, 2016. Call Doug at
Dr. Kavaner is taking bookings now for
to listen to the people and
Jean said that he does
NDP's proposal of
fight for their priorities,
phasing out coal earlier
not understand the need
Custom Window Treatments
since 1988 and implement what they than the Progressive for running such a high Mitchell grew up in Manning, Alberta and
want, not what you Conservative's plan of debt, as the province sits 780-723-4182 or Cell 780-712-6921
want,” said Jean. phasing out coal by 2050, on 50% of the free oil in graduated from the University of Alberta
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember At the park, Jean Jean said that his “heart the world, about 1.9 faculty of Medicine and Dentistry with a Visit our website
780.542.0898 answered questions goes out to those families trillion barrels. He also Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He or email us at
about several key issues that are affected by this.” said that Alberta has attended Grande Prairie Regional College for
that affect the community “I certainly will, at every natural advantage his undergraduate studies leading to his
of Edson, such as the every step of the way, b e c a u s e o f o u r Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree.
carbon tax and the phase fight the initiative by the agriculture, forests, and Mitchell spent his youth enjoying the
out of coal power. NDP to accelerate the other natural resource
“It's no secret that I've closure of coal in Alberta. industries. outdoors, playing hockey and high school
been speaking against the I'm mostly concerned With 44,000 jobs being volleyball and working as a lifeguard at the Dr. Mitchell Kavaner
carbon tax. The NDP, about the workers and the lost in Alberta last month local swimming pool. Other hobbies include
first of all, did not f a m i l i e s a n d t h e alone, Jean is worried for camping, fishing and any watersports.
campaign on the carbon communities themselves the future of the province Mitchell is also an avid traveller having recently backpacked across
tax. This tax is not a true that will ultimately be u n d e r t h e N D P China, Japan, and Thailand. He also teamed up with the charity dental
carbon tax, given that it is f a c e d w i t h e m p t y government. That is 170- group, Change for Children, on a dental mission to Nicaragua to
not revenue neutral and buildings, and it's just not 180 jobs every working provide basic dental care for locals.
the carbon tax is simply a a fair way to treat hour of the month that is
grab from hardworking Albertans,” said Jean being lost. Having grown up in a small town Mitchell is looking forward to joining
Alberta families that will about the accelerated Jean ended the speech the Yellowhead Dental team in Edson and getting to know the
go into the slush fund of phase out. to the 80 plus people at community in the months to come.
the NDP,” Jean said in “I will tell you, that if the dinner, by saying that
response to a question we do receive the he hopes Albertans see YELLOWHEAD DENTAL CENTRE
about the referendum the privilege of power in the the trouble that the
Wildrose Party is calling next election, we will province is currently in Dr. Julian Buchwald and Associates
a b o u t t h e N D P reverse, as clearly as and start getting more Box 6298, #201, 5013 2nd Ave
government's carbon tax. possible and as much as involved in the growth of Edson, AB, T7E 1T7
“ I ' m h o p i n g t h e we can, this and other the Wildrose Party.
referendum will speak policies of the NDP,” (780) 723-6623
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