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Edson Chamber faces challenges
Thank You!

by Adrienne Tait “The Chamber has been going downhill for a Thank You!
couple of years now. I don't think as the board, as
The Edson and District Chamber of Commerce the executive, we realised it. I think the executive
have been faced with challenges over the past director was doing everything just trying to keep
couple of years about its future. up. I don't think we understood as a board exactly A BIG THANK YOU
It is a familiar story to not-for-profit groups; a what the focus of the Chamber was and what it To all my friends, family and
To all my friends, family and
few people doing a lot of the work, with increased should be,” said Spencer-Miller. acquaintances who attended my
acquaintances who attended my
expenses, and decreased revenue from events and Once the seriousness of their financial situation
100th Birthday Party and made it
functions. was understood the Chamber held a meeting to 100th Birthday Party and made it
such an awesome day.
According to board executives, “The new face of ask their members “do we fold?” such an awesome day.
the Chamber” will involve encouraging active When asked about the manner in which the new
board members and more participation from fees were implemented and businesses notified, Also to the ladies from the
Also to the ladies from the
members, board members, and executive in events Spencer-Miller said, “If we didn't act when we did Pioneer Cabin for such a
Pioneer Cabin for such a
and functions. the Chamber would have closed by the end of the great lunch.
great lunch.
“Inactive board members we are going to thank year.”
them for their service and then ask for active Despite the need for an increase in revenue there Sincerely
board members,” said executive board member are regrets regarding the manner in which the
Vera Walsh
Karen Spencer-Miller, “And an active executive.” information and request was handled. “I wish we Vera Walsh
Chris Valliere-Kowalchuk is the current had been able to control that. That should not
president elect of the Chamber, a position which have happened. Chris did a nice letter as to what
he has held for over a year and a half. Valliere- we were going to do, what was paid. There are a
Kowalchuk said he has been researching other few regrets. It was sent out very premature. We Summers Drilling Water Well DrillingSummers Drilling Water Well Drilling
Chambers in order to best determine how to move very much regret it but as the new face of the
forward and said, “I have taken a strong interest in Chamber that won't happen again,” said Spencer- A pr
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers oud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
Jasper.” Miller.
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
Chris has met with the executive director of the The Chamber had not raised its rates since 1992. Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
well r
Jasper Chamber of Commerce to help offer A number of influences and decisions led to the well repairs. epairs.
direction and support. current financial state including increased costs,
Setting short, medium, and long term goals as decreased attendance at events, and the decision
well as developing a clear vision of what role the by a former executive board to turn over the
Chamber should take both with its members, and visitor information centre to another group.
in the community, has been identified as critical to There is a government grant of approximately
establishing a “new face.” $40,000 supplied to Visitor Information Centres.
Before strategic planning, bylaw amendments, When the centre was managed by the Chamber
and hiring a new executive director to fill the role they received the funds but chose to forfeit the
left by former executive director Wendy grant in favor of the visitor information centre 4405 50 streeteet
4405 50 str
Holobuch, the Chamber is focusing on hosting the being housed at the museum. 780-963-1282
Stony Plain, AB
upcoming annual Sidewalk Jamboree. “We gave it up and it went to a really good Stony Plain, AB
“In previous years we have fallen back on the cause…. They really deserve it and they work
executive director, Wendy, which meant she was really hard over there to have that place. And they
doing a lot of work herself,” said Valliere- have staff there to be able to run it. But basically
Kowalchuk, “Now instead we are going to have we shot ourselves in the foot,” said Valliere-
individual people on the board chair an event.” Kowalchuk.
The Chamber has traditionally hosted a number One of the changes the Chamber has already
of events in Edson including the Sidewalk made is to have bills and payments maintained
Jamboree, Small Business Week and awards, and offsite with a book keeper who reports to the The Day Care Society of Edson
the Trade Show. executive.
“We're hearing that people would like to be There will be a new director hired at some point Congratulates
involved because maybe they're not happy or whose job description will include coordinating
maybe they have something more to offer. That's with businesses and not necessarily focus on Cheryl Kochan
how we're trying to structure it, to get people in administration. At this time it is still unsure if the
the business community more involved,” said position will be full or part time. Winner of Our
Valliere-Kowalchuk. The Chamber is planning to host their Annual
Spencer-Miller said, “We're looking for new General Meeting in October. In the meantime the Father’s Day
ideas, fresh ideas, and utilizing our membership. new executive has expressed a desire to keep
That's what the focus and purpose of the Chamber everything “transparent and available for media, Raffle 2015.
is – to serve other businesses.” town, county, and membership.”
Among the new ideas the Chamber is looking at
are ways to better advertise, increase membership,
and increase networking opportunities. S. McLean
There are approximately 280 Chamber members
and the group is hoping changes will encourage CONTRACTING
The Chamber recently sent a letter to its
members notifying them of a retroactive
membership increase. The letter came after the GRAVEL SALES
annual membership fee invoices were issued and EDSON VET CLINIC
included a new invoice with the increased rates.
3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
What sparked the immediate need for funds? 3/4”, 1”, 1 ½” & 2”
AGM Also riprap & pitrun
gravel for sale
gravel for sale
Also riprap & pitrun

Annual General Meeting
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Residential and

Carrot Creek Hall
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