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Aboriginal Days featured Blind View

fresh bannock demonstrations Window Fashions

by Deanna Mitchener put that underground to cook with the heat from the
fire," said Ida. Custom Window Treatments
As a part of Aboriginal Days, Ida Spencer was at "Now day's bannock can be made in a verity of since 1988
FCSS recently to give some history and a ways. If you were in the bush and had the ingredients
demonstration on homemade bannock. in a plastic bag all you would have to do is add the
"Every culture in the world has their own form of liquid, knead the mixture, and wrap some on a stick to 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
bread or biscuit that they make. The way bannock cook over an open fire. You can be really creative and 780.542.0898
came about with the Native people was a form of make it however you like, it always turns out nice. You
bannock. But they didn't make it with flour. Their can add raisins, cranberries or whatever you like to the
bannock was made with whatever they could get bannock before you cook it. Serve it hot or cold, again
from nature and they would grind up plants. Once your choice of butter, jam or both," said Ida.
they were introduced to flour and corn they started Ida used to work at the schools from 1999 to 2009,
to grind that up to use," said Ida. she would sometimes make bannock for different
"The Native people adopted the flour and started classes from Jasper to Evansburg. When anyone
making bannock two ways. They would fry it or bake would request having bannock Ida would come and do
it. When they first started baking the bannock they a demonstration. Bannock is very tasty and is easy to
would build a fire underground and wrap the bannock make, find a recipe and try some if you haven't already,
and place it in the rocks. Later, they would have a cast you will be hooked.
iron pot they would put the bannock in with a lid and

blind view


fashions Ida Spencer was a guest speaker on June 19 for FCSS at the Red Brick and gave a demonstration on
how to make fresh bannock. Photo Deanna Mitchener
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