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Mutual aid agreement

accepted between

Town and County

by Adrienne Tait during the town council
meeting and said, “The
Both town and county current agreement is
councils have accepted being terminated but
a memorandum of both municipalities
agreement for mutual recognize that during
aid services. an emergency help may
The current fire be needed.”
agreement between the Town councillor Jim
two municipalities is set Gomuwka said, “I have
to expire this fall, and always felt uneasy with
the new mutual aid what they're doing and
agreement provides the changes in the
guidelines which allow county fire department.
for mutual aid if I was concerned about
requested. Both parties liability.” Gomuwka
expressed a desire to went on to say by
provide assistance to e n d o r s i n g t h e
each other should agreement it puts those
Mayor Greg Pasychny presents Vera Walsh with several plaques and a happy birthday messsage on circumstances require. concerns to rest for
her 100th birthday June 20. photo Sue Ann Common. Edson fire chief Al him.
Schram was present
Vera Walsh celebrates 100th birthday

by Deanna Mitchener community such as the curling rink and the Royal
Canadian Legion.
Family and friends gathered at the Edson Pioneer Vera was a great mentor for those in the
Cabin on June 20 to help Vera Walsh celebrate her community, and still is asked from time to time from
100 birthday. The hall was packed even with those at the cabin about different things, and she is
bringing over extra chairs people had to sit across in more than happy to help.
the adjoining room. Mayor Greg Pasychny was there to wish Vera a
"Although it is overwhelming it is nice seeing happy birthday and give acknowledgment from
people I haven't seen for a long time, some I didn't others that could not be there.
recognize. I have two children, five grandchildren "It is very exciting as the Mayor of Edson to be
and some great-great grandchildren, it is getting here today. Many may not realize it but we have
harder to keep track of everyone," said Vera quite a few people that have lived 100 years young
emotionally. here in our community. We have three in the lodge
In Loving Memory of
Vera is still living at home and has been waiting to right now, and Vera so that is really exciting. It In Loving Memory of
get onto Parkland Lodge. "There's no room at the shows the strength of our community and how
inn. I have been waiting a long time to get in there, people can live here and make this mile-stone," said
but never got a call. Now I am supposedly number the mayor. DARWIN SPRACKMAN
five on the list to get in. My son is here from The mayor gave presentations to Vera from her who passed away June 13, 2015 of
who passed away June 13, 2015 of
Vancouver Island and he doesn't get home that often, Majesty the Queen, the Governor General of cancer in Edson.
cancer in Edson.
but he went down and checked into it for me," said Canada, and the Right Honorable Steven Harper.
Vera. "Our MP was trying to get here, but had the
I’ll miss you deeply, but I’m glad
"When I was 21 years old my dad gave me a ambassador from the Philippines here and I’ll miss you deeply, but I’m glad
message, it was to love everybody and love will unfortunately was unable. Because of the change of you’re no longer in pain.
you’re no longer in pain.
come back to you. Laugh and the world laughs with government recently we don't have a plaque from
you, cry and you cry alone," said Vera. our province at this time. I am honored to be here
Love and missed by Ann Eby and
Vera came from Clover Bar into Carrot Creek and congratulate you personally on behalf of the Love and missed by Ann Eby and
living on a homestead in the hungry 30's. She had a community of Edson on turning 100 years young. friends.
son and daughter all while looking after the May you live to be another 100, that would be
homestead while her husband worked away. The awesome," said Pasychny.
Rest in Peace Darwin.
family moved to Edson in 1952 where Vera worked Other presentations were given from the Ladies at Rest in Peace Darwin.
at Eaton's for many years, and worked at the jewelry the Legion and from the Pioneer Cabin. You’re suffering is over.
You’re suffering is over.
Vera was always busy, keeping herself involved OBITUARY
with the many activities happening around the
SPRACKMAN, Luna is a 4-5
year old
County passes Darwin Clark female who is
available soon
for adoption.
On June 13, 2015,
amendment to Darwin Clark Our wonderful
momma Luna
Sprackman of Edson,
restrict revisiting items Alberta passed away at has done a
great job
the age of 74 years.
Darwin is survived by raising her
kittens. She is
County Council passed spoke against the motion his partner Ann Eby of a very affectionate and attentive mom and loves
a bylaw amendment that when it first came to Edson, Alberta, his son Jason Sprackman of people. Luna really, really loves the outdoors and
will prevent council council and again on Calgary, Alberta and his daughter Barbara would do best in a home with access to outside.
from revisiting an item Tuesday saying, “I don't Sprackman of Vancouver, British Columbia. She will be spayed and finished vaccines and then
for a minimum of six support this. To me it is Darwin was predeceased by his parents up for adoption! She is a 4-5 year old Bengal mix.
Her adoption fee will be only $50.
months should the not showing good Leonard and Justina Sprackman and his
matter already have governance. We want brother Leonard Sprackman.
received a decision from citizens to be engaged In keeping with his wishes, cremation has UPCOMING EVENTS
council. and come forward and taken place and there are no services planned EARS Annual Genera Meeting
The amendment does this restricts that at this time. Tuesday, June 30 at 6 p.m.
include a caveat that a b i l i t y … i t ' s In lieu of other tributes, donations if desired Best Western Hotel.
allows a matter to be cumbersome.” may be directed to the charity of the donor’s EVERYONE WELCOME.
reintroduced should the Mayor Soroka as well choice in memory of Darwin Clark Sprackman.
council agree there is as Councillors Berry and To send condolences online, visit our website Visit
sufficient and new Cherniawsky voted at for more information.
compelling evidence against the motion with The Foothills Memorial Chapel Sponsored by:
that could result in a Councillors Williams, “Serving West Central Alberta for more than 65 years” CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
reversal of the previous Giezen, Russell, and Satellite TV sales, installs, service
decision. Velichko voting in favor “Semper Fidelis” John’s cell 780-723-0147
Mayor Gerald Soroka of the moratorium. Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
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