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s UMMER O n M a y 1 0 t h e S s CHOOL s CHOOL
ACES visit Telus World of Science Centre

Fun Parkland Composite Times Times
High School ACES
(Academic Center for
for Kids
Educational Success)
s UMMER p r o g r a m w e n t t o To those who purchased Sobeys
Edmonton to the TELUS
World of Science Center.
grocery cards, Mountain Steak
At the center we
enjoyed looking at a
and Pizza gift cards, and/or
Fun ONLY RUNS IF variety of different donated to our bottle drive...
interactive displays
(ranging from a wind
for Kids
tunnel, to a dance floor
that produced electricity,
investigating the body
and also how weather
AN ARTICLE works) and also saw the YOU
IMAX "Humpback
Our sincere gratitude to
T h e t r i p w a s
ADVENTURE AWAITS - Summer Camp Outings Submitted photo Whales". JAMES KAZOLEAS for his
2016 thoroughly enjoyed and
A variety of activities fill the camp day to keep will create memories for extraordinary support
your child interested and entertained all summer years to come.
Grand Trunk Parkland Environmental Science Students
Call the club for more information!
· Canoeing- July 5 , $50 per child renovates
Bus leaves 9:00am & returns by 4:00pm
· Golf Camp- July 18 -21 ,
· $200 per child entrance Congratulations!
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns 10:30
· Launch Pad- July 27 , $50 per child Wow, it is hard to
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns by 5:00pm believe that it is June
· Edmonton Zoo- July 10 , $50 per child already. The year has
Bus leaves 8:30am & returns by 5:00pm flown by once again and
· Jasper Palisades- August 25 , $45.00 per we are busy making
child preparations for the “Parkland
Bus leaves 9:00am & returns 4:30pm 2016-17 school year.
· And Much More! One of the more notable Perspective”
changes that staff,
Registration is Open. Government Subsidy are students, and parents A Student View
available will find at Grand Trunk
High School for the
Its back again! Raffle Tickets Time A chance to upcoming year is the Steven Marcoff, Samantha Parnall and Jennifer Henkel with Parkland
win a Disneyland trip/ $4000 travel voucher! renovations that will be School’s ACES class visit Telus World of Science. Kyra Martin Quinn Campbell
Tickets on sale now at the Club and Jensen's taking place at the
clothing store, only $10 each. Get yours soon school's entrance. The Both girls were awarded $2,000 Edson
before they sell out, only 1000 tickets printed. current staffroom will be Healthcare Auxiliary Scholarships in 2015.
Kinder Club Call the Club to reserve your spot transitioned into the new Kyra is studying Nursing at Grant MacEwan
for the free Kinder Club trial. student gathering area. in Edmonton and Quinn is studying Dental
The brick wall that is Hygiene in Ottawa.
****Annual General Meeting ***** currently in place will be
Please join us in celebrating another year of removed, opening the This $2,000 scholarship will be available in
providing a safe place and positive relationship space up and allowing 2016 to suitable applicants.
for kids and teens. If you would like to take an some natural lighting to On Behalf of your family and ours,
active part, please come join the board of shine into the building.
directors. The current student Congtratulations on your graduation For more information please contact your
June 16, 2016 7:00 pm at the club. lounge area will be con- From Bannister GM guidance counselors at the Edson High
verted into the staff Schools or phone Joanne at 780-723-2674.
workroom, holding the
photocopier as well as
paper supplies.
The space behind the Janet & Joan’s
office will be changed
into the new staffroom.
At the same time, the RETIREMENT
public library will be
getting a separate
entrance. PARTY!
All of this work will
begin as soon as classes
are finished at the end of Thursday,
June and is scheduled to
be completed by the time June 23, 2016
staff and students return
to school in September. Kirstyn Shayler Parker Beard 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
June also brings about
the last of the major Ecole Westhaven School
sports events that the
school participates in. Gymnasium
Track and field practice
has been taking place for Please join our staff in a
a couple of weeks and
the students went to the celebration of many years of
zone meet in Edmonton dedication and teaching to two
at Foote Field in May. wonderful teachers:
T h o s e a t h l e t e s BANNISTERGM Janet Wilkinson & Joan Kelly.
q u a l i f y i n g f o r
provincials will head 214 58th Street, EDSON
into Edmonton during Please RSVP Gail at
the first weekend of June 1-888-227-0566 780-723-3351 Ecole Westhaven School
and compete there. at 780-723-3397
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