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2016 Oilmen's Golf Tournament marks 53 years

by Deanna Mitchener
"The 2016 Oilmen's Golf Tournament was a
success," said Cyle Kerr, one of the many members
on the Oilmen's Committee. "We had 164 golfers
where 16 completed in stroke play in the
championship flight and first flight, and the rest
competed in match-play on Friday and scramble on
Other committee members were Justin Burns,
Daryl Beaner, Bryan Labrie, Troy Huntley, Zack
Donkin, Dave Gardiner, Einar Fossheim, Nathan
Corser, Neil Devolder, Riley Helleckson and Kris
“Darren Miller won the championship flight with
73 and 74, and Craig Materi won the first flight with
78 and 79. The top scramble team was Justin Burns,
Jason Canty, Todd Jesse, and Alan Charbonneau,
who shot 63," said Kerr.
"The weather this year was a little rainy, but then
this is May in Alberta. It wasn't as cold as some
years and frankly if you're not prepared for snow,
rain, and sun on the same day this tournament may Gibson's provided breakfast, lunch, and early dinner to Oilmen's golfers on May 27 and 28. Eric Earl, area
not be for you,” said Kerr. manager for Edson, said, "We are providing burgers and bacon wrapped hot dogs to all the participants. Gibson's
“Our biggest concern with the unpredictable has sponsored this for the past five years.” Serving up the food is area supervisor Todd Matthews, area manager
weather is with our volunteers who watch for hole- Eric Earl, Debbie Parker, Carol Elesko, and Trish Radicliff. photo Deanna Mitchener
in-ones on the par 3's. Our committee truly equipment, T.V, a log splitter, gold passes to Jasper
appreciates the work these volunteers do on behalf Chef Ramzi cooked Greek chicken, and roast beef Park Lodge, and many prizes that were won.
of the Oilmen's and their charities. The two charities for the banquet, with mashed potatoes, salads, The 50/50 was quite a bit lower than past years,
looking after the hole-in-ones and 50/50 ticket sales seasoned vegetables and a variety of desserts for but the winner was Justin Symes taking home
were the Edson Brain Care Centre and the Edson those attending the banquet Saturday night. $1,129. The same amount was spilt between both
Friendship Centre," said Kerr. Some great gifts included chainsaws, BBQ's, golf charities for a total of $564.50 each. Kerr said, “The
Oilmen's committee agreed to top the amount to
both charities to make them an even $1,000 each."
A Hole-In-One for Oil making the 53rd Annual Oilmen's another great
Thanks went to everyone for their support in

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Baldwin is a 5-year-
old Pitbull mix who
Deela Mueller hit the lucky hole-in-one during the 35th annual golf tournament that was held at the has been with us
Edson Golf Course on May 29. photo Deanna Mitchener since Nov/2014.
He is a special boy
by Deanna Mitchener “We would like to congratulate Deela on her looking for a home
fantastic hole-in-one,” said Bailer. that will provide him
The Annual Oils Ladies 2016 Golf Tournament Lloyd Cooper, owner /operator of Contour with the structure
was a huge success with 104 golfers and 13 on the Construction, said, "I have been sponsoring the golf and exercise he
waiting list. tournament for the past 25 years and I am thrilled for
A hole-in-one was the highlight of the event with the hole-in-one as this is the first time in all those He has overcome
Deela Mueller getting one on hole #17, sponsored by years.” horrific neglect and
abuse and is a happy,
Contour Construction for $5,000 cash. Other golfers About the hole-in-one, Deela said, "I know when a energetic boy.
on Deela's team were Leslie Miko, Becky person gets a hole-in-one you are supposed to keep
Barthelette, and Lonni Saken. the ball. But I decided to hit with it again. I This lovable, affectionate guy is good with
dogs, cats and kids and is so deserving of
Acting president for the Oil Ladies, Chantal happened to hit it out of bounds, so I had others a forever home.
Bailer, said, "There are five other wonderful ladies going through the bush looking for my ball.
that help make the tournament successful every year. Thankfully it was found. With the winning money I He will do best in a home with an
Their names are Terrill Reid, Lynda Hill, Colleen will be putting it towards a family trip to Mexico experienced pack leader who can continue
to work with him.
Wilson, Angela Nykyfork, and Theresa Carignan. I this winter.”
have been on the board for seven years and acting “We had prizes for the top six teams, 22 hidden Visit
president for the past five years.” hole prizes, door prizes and every player received a
“We had an awesome tournament. All the ladies special gift. Chef Ramsi prepared chicken royale for more information or 780-712-6788.
had fun and took part in our theme of 80's Girls' Just with garlic mashed potatoes, seasoned vegetables, Sponsored by:
Want To Have Fun, to celebrate our 35th salads and desserts that the golfers said were
anniversary,” said Bailer. absolutely delicious,” said Bailer.
The Edson Oil Ladies and Johnson and Herbert “A lot of sponsors, volunteers, commitment and 780-712-9493
Construction were the sponsors of the ladies entry work go into these golf tournaments and we really Fax: 780-723-2213
gift, which was a pair of golf shoes. appreciate everyone,” said Bailer. Call 780-723-9493 for information
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