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Grande Yellowhead Athletic Track and Field Conference

Edson students race to victory

by Mikaela Kuefler
blind view athletes from grades seven to nine competed in the 4
Parkland, Holy Redeemer, and Pine Grove school

window by 100m racing event and the 1500m long distance
race at the Grande Yellowhead Athletic Track and
Field Conference in Hinton on May 25.
During the 4X100m relays, Pine Grove received
fashions Conservative second place in the junior girls (1:05.04),
Intermediate girls (1:01.44), Junior boys (1:01.35),
iews and Intermediate boys (54.68).
The senior girls relay was won by PHCS, with a
time of 1:03.15. Grade nine student, Avery Pelz,
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
started the race and had the corner. She passed
Grande Cache and was on Hinton's tail. With a
January 4, January 25 rough exchange to the second runner, Tori Correia
managed to catch up to Hinton and remain neck and
neck with them. Leah Ford was the third runner and
February 15 had a slow start. She soon gained speed and Grade nine students from Parkland Composite High School show their first place ribbons after their 4X100m
surpassed everyone to gain the lead by 2m. The
Anchor, Brooklyn Blundell, held the lead after a
March 7, 28 iews smooth handoff and increased the lead at the finish Relay race on May 25, at Hinton. Listed from left to right: Brooklyn Blundell, Avery Pelz, Tori Correia, and Leah
by about 1.70 seconds apart from second place.
HRH captured second in the Senior boys relay in
second place as well. He was just 11.78 seconds
time of 6:40.53. Madilyn King, also from Pine
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser 55.36. Grade nine student, Jordy Robinson started Grove, was second and finished at 6:48.30, just 7.77 from first place.
the race in second place, handing the baton off to
In the senior girls category, A. Pelz captured first
seconds from Reid. Everett Pelz, another student
Justin Breault, who maintained the position. Junior,
from Pine Grove, finished in 6:30.10 and received
place with a time of 6:57.86. Ford finished in second
Ben Rogers, was third to race and handed off the second. place in 7:11.94. During this race, neither girls had
May 9, 30 baton to Cody Pape. The Anchor, Pape closed the representing Pine Grove, finished second in her race trained and Ford quickly took the lead, sprinting for
Liza Tynina, in the intermediate girls category
lead between him and first place (Hinton) but Hinton
the first 800m. She slowed to a walk for the last lap
managed to finish in first place.
in 6:36.78, just 4.73 seconds behind first place. Ben
and was eventually passed by Pelz. Ford finished at
For the 1500m race, the junior girls runner from
June 20 Pine Grove, Kirsten Reid, ran to first place with a Rogers, an HRH student in the intermediate boys a walking pace without knowing there was someone
behind her. Third place came in approximately 1:41
category, finished his race in 5:50.37 capturing
minutes behind Ford.
Students and teams receiving first and second place
July 11 From javelin to high jump at GYAC look forward to attending zones in St.
Albert on June 2.
August 1, 22 Edson students hit their mark
Sept. 12 by Mikaela Kuefler first place. In the senior boys category, Breault

received another first for his jump of 9.78m –a jump
On May 25, Holy Redeemer High School, Parkland
October 3, 24 Composite High School, and Pine Grove Middle competitive with second place, with a difference of
School participated in the Grand Yellowhead Athletic
Linda Hawke, a grade eight student from HRH,
Track and Field Conference in Hinton. Students from threw a record breaking 9.70m in shot put and
November 14 grades seven to nine registered for events such as the received first place. Her throw was a whopping 1.53m
javelin throw, the long jump, the triple jump, and
from second place. Leyton Smith, a junior from Pine
much more.
Grove, received second place for his throw of 9.55m.
Alex Beckmann, a junior student from HRH, threw
December 5, 26? the javelin at a startling 18.95m and got first place. Carly Curry, an intermediate from Pine Grove, placed
first with her throw of 9.30m. Guenette, threw 9.85m,
Kirsten Reid, from Pine Grove, received silver for her
throw of 13.60m. just 0.01m away from first place. Senior, Emma
Bowman from PCHS, also received first for her throw
In the intermediate javelin category, Anika Parslow, of 9.48m. Hees received first for his effort of 10.75m,
Blind View from HRH, had a huge throw at 20.50m, and received a close distance of 0.15m away from second place.
first place. Her throw was 4.40m farther than the
During the high jump, Beckmann set the Junior girls
Window Fashions throw from second place. For the boys, Hudson record at 1.43m, a full 0.18m higher than second
Guenette, from Pine Grove, received first place for Maddie Stanley from Holy Redeemer High School
his throw of 34.80m –a whole 7.55m ahead of second place. Curry jumped at 1.33m to get gold, with Ashley shows her first and second ribbons for her 100m long
jump and discus events during the Grande Yellowhead
Custom Window Treatments place. Tuttle, an intermediate from Pine Grove, clearing at a Athletic Conference for Track and Field in Hinton.
since 1988 Grade nine student from PCHS, Brooklyn Blundell, close height of 1.31m to receive second.
threw her javelin at 20.44m and received first place. In the discus event,
"It was an okay throw but it wasn't my best. I can do Stanley received second W
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember better than that and I know I can," states Blundell. For place for her throw of 20m,
780.542.0898 the boys category, Justin Breault, a grade nine student just 0.15m shy of first F
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from HRH, threw a GYAC record breaking 48m, 2m
past the previous GYAC record, and received first place. Smith threw at new home in 2016.ew home in 2016.
place. Brayden Hees, from PCHS, struggled with the 21.81m, which was more *Some conditions apply
light weight of the plastic javelin and threw 39.25m to than one meter away from This wonderful home
receive second place. second place. Bowman wants to welcome you.
During the long jump, Beckmann also received first threw over a meter past You will appreciate the
for her distant jump of 4.17m. Stanley won first place second place as well, to get open concept, three
for her jump at 3.93m. A close finish with second first at 21.02m. Hees bedrooms and two full
place on her heels by 0.20m. Finally, Breault received captured second place with bathrooms. The master
bedroom can be your
second place for his jump of 4.75m, just 0.05m away special retreat.
from first place. his throw of 30.85m.
In the triple jump, Targan Nykyfork, a junior from Students winning first Don’t hesitate.
Pine Grove, won first place for her jump of 7.66m. and second place will be Let’s make Creekside
Dalanie Williams, also from Pine Grove, got second attending Track and field your new home in 2016.
zones in St. Albert, on June
for her jump of 7.08m. Stanley received a second 2.
place for her distance of 8.80m, just 0.45m away from Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110
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