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Four young soccer players show true sportsmanship Do you have a story or pictures for the Sports Section?
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by Isabella Sellar Voll r u l e s o f s o c c e r, Organizers were have made friends, anchorwk@
providing a safe finding that the teams have begun bonding as Fax to 780-723-5725
Four young players playing environment, were not balanced and a team, and have
involved in the Under encouraging parent and it was creating an unfair become accustomed to or drop off at 5040 3rd
10 Boys Edson Minor c o m m u n i t y playing field for all the playing together. Avenue, Edson.
Soccer League, Brodie involvement with t e a m s a n d k i d s However, four boys
Schutz, Hayden Roth, youth, as well as to involved. In the interest Vanderveen, Roth,
Parker Vanderveen, and provide an enjoyable of providing a more Schutz, and Kehler
Caleb Kehler, have soccer experience e n j o y a b l e s o c c e r agreed to the request
recently shown the which includes an experience for all g r a c i o u s l y w i t h
Edson Minor Soccer e q u a l p l a y i n g players and an equal sportsmanship and fair
community what fair opportunity. playing opportunity for play in mind.
play and sportsmanship Not only that, but all, as per their mission, “I was a little unsure
are all about. evidently soccer is a Edson Minor Soccer of it at first, but after I
Edson Minor Soccer platform to teach about decided to pursue had my first game with
offers children and sportsmanship and fair making some changes the new team I had a lot
youth aged 4 -18 the play. to the team rosters in the of fun,” said Schutz.
opportunity to learn to But in the Under 10 hopes of offering a “I was happy that I
play soccer through a Boys league, four more balanced league. could be on a new team
variety of house and young players were the Switching teams can and meet some new
travel teams. Their o n e s d o i n g t h e be a difficult thing to friends, so that it's fair,
m i s s i o n i n c l u d e s teaching, when they ask a player to do mid- and it gives us all a
teaching outdoor were asked to switch season. They have been challenge,” Schutz said
soccer skills and an teams part way through playing on one team the about moving to a new
understanding of the the season. whole season. The kids team. Parker Vanderveen, Caleb Kehler, Brodie Schutz, and
“I am kind of excited Hayden Roth (not pictured) at the Pinegrove soccer
that I will play against fields on June 3. The boys recently showed great
my old team too!” said sportsmanship by graciously agreeing to switch to
Vanderveen. new soccer teams to help equalize the team and
benefit all the players. Photo by Isabella Sellar Voll

HRH Sports Day encourages

students to be active

by Adrienne Tait an opportunity to try the be active the day also
different sports as they helps teach them to work
Phys Ed 20 students at rotated through the together as a team.
HRH hosted a junior high events. “Students are very
sports day at the school on HRH teacher Danielle encouraging to one
Tuesday, June 2. The Unger said, “Sports day is another,” said Unger.
annual event is one that the part of our Health Days, Kick ball and flag
students look forward too. this focuses on being football were played on
Students were assigned p h y s i c a l l y a c t i v e , the school grounds,
teams and participated in a regardless of athletic volleyball in the school
variety of sporting events level.” gym, and Lacrosse at
including kick ball, flag I n a d d i t i o n t o Talisman Place.
Kick ball was just one of the sporting events at HRH's annual sports day. football, volleyball, and encouraging students to Students were also
Trent Parslow​ kicks the ball before running to the base. Photo: Adeienne Tait Lacrosse. Each team had treated to a lunch BBQ.

Photo: Adrienne Tait

Bradi Bailer​ hands the ball off to Riley Nycz during a game of flag football at HRH Sports Day.
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