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Yellowhead County’s emergency preparedness plans

by Adrienne Tait departments that may be with life and property mock exercises are a r r a n g e m e n t s f o r been accounted for.
available, as well as protection. conducted to ensure assistance to anyone Yellowhead County also
Wildfire season is in R C M P a n d o t h e r As much advance personnel are trained. having to evacuate their h a s s p e c i a l i z e d
full swing and although available manpower,” warning as possible Mutual aid agreements property, including equipment to try and
there are several fires said Felsing. would be given to w i t h n e i g h b o r i n g having shelter and other protect homes in the path
still burning in the Edson A m a n d a t o r y residents. communities, agencies, requirements available of Wildfires that will be
wildfire management evacuation may only be The Town of Edson and and private contractors a t a n e m e r g e n c y deployed in these cases.”
area, they are currently called if a state of the Yellowhead County are also in place so that reception centre, and It is recommended that
under control as of June emergency has been both have Emergency a s s i s t a n c e , h e a v y having call centers set up residents have a 72 hour
4. d e c l a r e d b y t h e Response Plans (ERPs) equipment, and required to assist with keeping plan in place which
Should the need arise municipality. Calling a in place that address the resources are available evacuees and their includes where they
local municipalities have state of emergency gives possible wildfire threats. when needed. families informed on would go and what they
a plan of action to keep the municipality extra- The ERPs are based on Felsing said, “The what is happening and would need to do in order
residents safe. ordinary powers to assist hazard assessments and county also will make which evacuees have to evacuate.
There are two types of
evacuation orders:
suggested evacuation
a n d m a n d a t o r y
evacuation. Either
order, type to be
determined based on the
degree of the threat,
would be issues in
coordination with other
agencies and the Alberta
E m e r g e n c y
M a n a g e m e n t
“We would send
information notices out
through the media and
Alberta Emergency
A l e r t o p t i o n o f
Information Alert which
goes out to subscribed
media and anyone who
has signed up for Alberta
Emergency Alerts and a
Critical Alert which will
override all television
and radio in the area,”
said Stefan Felsing
c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
coordinator for the
Yellowhead County.
“In a mandatory
evacuation we would
also have people on the
ground getting the
information out - this
m a y i n c l u d e
loudspeakers and door to
door methods with
information handouts.
This may be done by
Yellowhead County
protective services
including members from
the fire department,
county peace officers,
and staff from other



June 13
Eddie's Big Run
starting at Talisman
Place (1021 – 49
street). Register
online at or
www.running or
in person at the
Town of Edson
For more info call
780-723-4403 or

June 13
Raise the Roof
Fundraiser at the
Edson Legion.
Live entertainment,
silent auction and
Tickets available at
the Church office.
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