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The Weekly

The Weekly ANCHOR

Outstanding performances from Panther

The Weekly ANCHOR basketball teams at Zone Championship

Mikaela Kuefler
King, and Zubin Pahwa".
Championship banner.
outside the three point
are to be commended for
On March 5, the boys C e n t r a l Z o n e sending them to the consistent ability to shoot PCHS/Pine Grove teams
On March 4 and 5, the played their semi-final This victory is the perfect The Panthers played in line. Morinville won the their sportsmanship,
Panther Jr 'A' boys and game against Hilltop end to the perfect season t h e f i n a l s a g a i n s t game 57-39, placing the c o m m i t m e n t , a n d
girls basketball teams H i g h S c h o o l . T h e with the boys finishing Morinville later that day. PCHS/Pine Grove Jr 'A' dedication to the game of
from Parkland/Pine Panthers consistently off the year with 22-0." Feeling prepared, they girls in second place. basketball and to the
Grove School played in controlled this game as Davidson reflected, "I've played to the best of their PCHS/Pine Grove Jr 'A' P a r k l a n d P a n t h e r
the North Central Zone 5 well, giving the second coached championship ability but had a hard time girls coach, Wade philosophy".
C h a m p i o n s h i p and third lines a lot of teams before but never w i t h M o r i n v i l l e ' s Magneson, said, "Both
Tournament. The boys action once again. The one this dominant with so
played in Morinville Panthers won with a many talented players.
while the girls played in score of 71-35. Every one of them would
Whitecourt. The boys entered into be an all-star on any other
The boys played their the gold medal match team we have faced this
first game on March 4, against the hosting team, year".
against H.W. Pickup Jr t h e M o r i n v i l l e The PCHS/Pine Grove
High School (Drayton Community High School Jr 'A' girls won their first
Valley). Coach Brain Wolves. Both teams zone playoff game on
Davidson was able to sub played hard with a lot of March 4 against Edwin
in his second and third intensity throughout the Parr Composite School
line players for most of game. The Panthers ( A t h a b a s c a ) , i n
the game and they were gained an early lead in the Whitecourt. The Panthers
a b l e t o d o m i n a t e first quarter and held on played strong and
throughout. The Panthers to it for the remainder of dominated rebounds,
won with an astonishing the game, winning with a finalizing the score at 59-
score of 75-21. score of 52-42. 25.
Coach Davidson said, D a v i d s o n s a i d , The semi-finals were
"Every player on the "Brayden Hees had played March 5 against St
roster managed to put another strong game, J o s e p h S c h o o l
points on the board. The a l o n g w i t h D y l a n (Whitecourt). Once again The Parkland/Pine Grove Jr. ‘A’ boys after their gold medal win against the
game also had some Dolonz, who dominated the Panthers played well
outstanding rookie d o w n l o w . T h e y and controlled the court, Morinville Wolves during the Zone Championships, Front row from left to
performances from controlled the rebounds making it a second win right: Zubin Pahwa, Anderson King, and Diego Espinosa. Back row: Ricky
D i e g o E s p i n o s a - to help bring home the for the Panther girls, with Raymundo, Rory Helleckson, Reese Saunders, Dylan Bussey, Brayden
Chambers, Anderson gold and the North a score of 56-28, and Hees, Dylan Dolanz, Brock Holt, Jaden Crozier, and Coach Brian Davidson.
Missing: Hudson Guenette, Jayden Kazmir, and Luke Steil.
PCHS Jr. ‘A’ girls win in final minutes Town of Edson
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR Mikaela Kuefler there wasn't a lot at stake because the Public Information & Notices 2016 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Office Hours
Grande Yellowhead Athletic
On March 2, the Parkland Composite/ Conference is already over. This game
Custom T-Shirts! Pine Grove Jr 'A' girls basketball team was more of a warm up game for us Monday to Friday
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say... played Hinton's Harry Collinge High and is a good prep for next weekend,
discounts available School at PHCS. which is why I couldn't get everybody
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? start and kept a steady lead by ten in since we really have to focus on
PCHS controlled the court from the
zones". Magneson also mentioned,
points up to the fourth quarter. When "Hinton came without their grade nines
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! there was three minutes left in the game because some retired early. I wish they
No additional cost HCHS gained some intensity and would have been here because it would
started to get more rebounds and force have been tougher".
more turnovers. They managed to come The HCHS Jr 'A' boys team also
BORN back with only four points remaining to forfeited their game with the
tie the game. With less than two
PCHS/Pine Grove Jr 'A' boys.
GOLF minutes left, PCHS managed to take and boys team look forward to zones on The Montreal Canadiens Alumni
Both the PCHS/Pine Grove Jr 'A' girls
control of the game again and beat
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE HCHS with a score of 47-38. March 11 and 12. The girls play in game was a great success and
Coach of the PCHS/Pine Grove Jr 'A' Whitecourt, while the boys will play in
girls team, Wade Magneson, Morinville.
G a r d eners commented, "It was a good game but the Town of Edson would like to
CEREAL Orcas on a mission of speed thank all of our Event Sponsors
KILLER!! at Age Group Championships for helping to make this game

ESCAPED submitted tapered and ready to go. the meet a little tentative
Spread the Best Dirt Brezovski, on the first but got stronger as the possible:
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 The short course season day of the meet, was a meet moved on. She also
has come to an end for the little bewildered by how made finals all three days,
Edson Orcas swim team. large the meet was and and on Sunday night Excel Projects Bannister GM
A g e G r o u p just how fast some of Desautels made her Top Choice Autobody Crafted by Ellen - Ellen Feldsted
Championships was these athletes are. It was biggest impact. She is the
March 4 through the 6th in her first A Provincials, 6th fastest thirteen and Best Western High Road Inn Edson Minor Hockey Association
Calgary. which is now Age Group fourteen year old female Golden Honey Restaurant Apple Fitness
The swimmers that have Championships, and the in the province in 50 back.
their times to go to this nerves were there for her Desautels also set two The Galloway Lounge Cimco
m e e t a r e l i k e to fight with. club records in her 50
thoroughbred horses As the meet moved back and 100 IM. Beaupre Bus Service Ltd. The “Refs”
…get them to the starting further along she felt more Moving forward for the Lydell Group Inc. Talisman Place Staff
blocks and just see how relaxed and her true speed Orcas our little ones swim
fast they can go on that started to show. Brezovski in a one day meet in Ron’s Outdoor Source for Sports The Town of Edson
day. made finals all three days Rocky Mountain House Edson Logo Repsol Canada
The Orcas had two of the meet and her 200 March 13 and then the
swimmers at the meet and breast on Sunday finals training begins for the Trail Printing Just Frame It Inc.
coach Fossheim sent them was amazing. She took off upcoming long course
to the blocks with a two seconds in prelims season that runs till early Wilson’s Skate Sharpening Chef Ramsey and staff
mission of shear speed. and in finals took off July.
Taeghen Brezovski and another five seconds.
Leah Desautels were Desautels also started
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