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Challenges with

wastewater treatment

plant continue

by Adrienne Tait

Wastewater treatment plant upgrades were once
again a topic of conversation during the regular
committee of the whole meeting for Edson town
council on March 8.
This time concern was expressed regarding hiring
AECOM as the prime consultant on the project
without having it put forth as a request for tender.
Director of engineering Dawit Solomon said,
“They did the risk assessment for us. They have done
the preliminary work. The project itself has gone for
Mayor Pasychny said, “I am challenged with
millions of dollars going to one company. We want to
make sure it's fair. This plant is a sore spot for me
anyway.” Members of the Holy Redeemer Student Council hold up all the pop can tabs they collected during the month of
February. These tabs will be donated to the Tabs 4 Wheels campaign, which purchases wheelchairs to those in
Council agreed that the cheapest way is not always need. In the future, the Student Council will continue to collect the tabs by placing bags next to the recycling bins
the best way and Mayor Pasychny encouraged around the school. (left to right, back row) Austin Ulrich, Garret Thebeau, Leigha Pape, Julianne Baleja, Sydney
council to consider having requests for proposals Beaudry, (front row) Kirsten Landry, Keylan Frizorguer, Andie Vanderveer, Ashley Bischke, Tamara Haland, and
(RFP) sent for the consulting job. By utilizing the Abbie Proskow.
RFP method council is able to evaluate the proposals
based on more than just lowest bid but can also As a new kitten Raven was
include scores for other factors such as previous found along a railway track
experience. being attacked by Ravens.
The matter was referred back to administration for This little girl is a fighter and
further review. has bounced back very well
from her injuries (she lost a
couple of toes in the attack).
Town in mourning Raven will need a home that

after homicide of understands and will work with
her special needs. She’s
14 year old Edson girl approx. 10 months old now
and hoping to find her forever home soon because, much

always nicer.
continued from front as she loves her foster home, a permanent home is
firearm. She is good with dogs and ok with cats.
With the news of the homicide not being reported All EARS foster parents are required to attend one
in the media or on social media until Saturday, of two Foster meetings. Please choose Apr. 6 from
March 5 Sgt. Jack Poitras, of the Edson 6-9pm or Apr. 17 from 2-5pm at Century 21.
detachment, said it gave RCMP members the time
and ability to focus their man power on cleanly Visit
executing two search warrants simultaneously on for more information or 780-712-6788.
Saturday. Sponsored by:
The funeral plans for Desiere Herbert Johnston JASON HIRD TRUCKING JASON HIRD TRUCKING
were made for Saturday, March 12, at the Edson
Recreation Complex at 2:00 p.m. 780-712-9493
Perron's mother took to social media to express Fax: 780-723-2213
her sympathy for those involved and support for Call 780-723-9493 for information
her son. “Been trying to find the words for a few
days. Stuck in hell. Yes, this is my son Tyrell that
was charged. What do people see? What they
wanna see. My son is NOT an evil man. He is one
of the sweetest, most gentle, caring man. What
most people didn't see is that meth messed my son
up 2 years ago and although he wasn't on it long it
affected something in his brain,” said April Brideau
in her Facebook post, “Desiere was an amazing
bright girl who lost her life way to soon I love you
girl I'm so sorry, sorry my heart breaks for all
Perron is scheduled to appear on March 15, at
10:00 a.m. at the Edson Provincial Court.


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