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The solar electricity hype
Town briefed on consultation with facility users

by Adrienne Tait Dechambeau explained that while the town has last year and while there were some noted concerns
waived fees for property owned or used by non- regarding the length of time the project took to
Director of Community Services Jim Desautels profit or government organizations, such as school complete, Solomon told council, “We shortened the
provided an update to town council regarding the divisions, the process was previously unwritten. number of days they have to complete the project.”
The 2016 project will not affect the lights or traffic
consultation meeting with facility users during the West Yellowhead Waste Management budget on 50 Street but will replace or upgrade utilities on
regular committee of the whole meeting for Edson
blind view town council on March 8. th whole meeting that both the operating and capital 5 Avenue from 49 to 52 Street, on 52 Street
It was recommended at the Town committee of the
between 5 and 6 Avenue, and upgrade and remove
The invitational meeting held February 29
involved key staff members from the town along budgets for the West Yellowhead Waste Management bottlenecks on the sanitary sewer system at the 10
window with representatives from community groups that Authority be sent to council for adoption. Street and 56 Street intersection.
consistently rent the facilities such as Edson Minor
Airport Fee Schedule
hockey, the Orcas, and curling club.
Town council reviewed the proposed airport fee
Desautels said there are plans for future meetings
The town council agreed to recommend to council
fashions Conservative that will be open to the public to address core areas schedule revisions during the committee of the to renew the ATCO gas franchise agreement.
iews meeting that would include arts and culture was the introduction of terminal charges for aircraft Edson RCMP
whole meeting. Among the changes to the schedule
and concerns. There are also plans for a future
with six or more passengers. Previously the rate
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
Councillors Bevan and Wilkinson requested
less. The new structure still allows small private
written summaries of any meetings and asked if structure had no charge for aircraft carrying nine or conducted 88
aircraft to land for no charge.
January 4, January 25 council would be welcome to attend. flight rates but as there are no international flights in investigations
The previous schedule also included international
CAO Mike Derricott cautioned that while council
would be welcome to attend they would be there for
February 15 observational purposes only. “Council engagement or out of Edson this was removed from the revised by Adrienne Tait
structure. The new fee schedule is simplified.
is different at different levels,” said Derricott, “It is
Council also heard that scheduled air service out of
okay for you to be there as long as you realize
Edson to Calgary is a possibility in the near future
council doesn't belong at operational meetings.”
Edson RCMP conducted 88 investigations between
March 7, 28 iews elected by the community to represent the for a small nine seater plane but no formal February 29 and March 6 including one case of
Mayor Pasychny disagreed and said, “We are
agreement has been reached or announced to date.
assault, two indecent acts, 12 theft complaints, eight
community. Council represents all of Edson.”
traffic collisions, four incidents of harassment or
2016 deep utilities upgrade project
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser observer. You can't represent council. It is a double from administration to engage High Mountain How criminal harassment, and 13 traffic complaints.
Councillor Gomuwka said, “The key word is
Town council reviewed and discussed a request
RCMP responded to five alarms or false alarms as
edged sword – when you make a statement it can be
well as five false or abandoned 911 calls, three
May 9, 30 perceived as council making the statement.” Services Ltd. for the 2016 deep utilities requests to locate a missing person, two animal calls,
upgrade/replacement program.
six reports of a suspicious person or vehicle, and one
The contractor agreed to maintain their 2014 rates
Planning Fees
call for assistance.
Council discussed the waiving of planning fees for for 95 % of the work. However, their mobilization Other investigations include six mischief or
June 20 development projects under certain and specific rate increased from $8,000 to $33,000. Director of damage incidents, five mental health act violations,
engineering Dawit Solomon said the original rate
five municipal bylaw investigations, three
was considerably lower and the $33,000
complaints of causing a disturbance, two failure to
Director of planning Ann Dechambeau said, “It is
July 11 important to approach these situations in a clear and mobilization rate was more in keeping with other comply with conditions, two lost or found property,
consistent manner so it doesn't appear as though we
one drug charge, one failure to stop or remain at a
High Mountain How Services completed the work
are treating anyone differently than anyone else.”
collision, and one noise complaint.
August 1, 22
Sept. 12 Sid's Safety
October 3, 24 & Janitor al
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