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Stimulate economy Train whistle draws complaint

with Edson bypass Yellowhead County received a letter from a resident W5M) from Rural District to Rural Industrial District.

says writer requesting the County to contact CN to stop the train This rezoning allows for the expansion of current
industrial developments and aligns with the
whistle from blowing at the Leaman Road railway
crossing near Chip Lake. Council will wait until the Evansburg Area Structure Plan. A Public Hearing will
With our economy in the tank and everybody CN requirements are known before considering the be held on April 12, 2016.
Road Closure Allows for Consolidation – Council
blind view talking about stimulating the economy why request to stop the train whistle from blowing at this passed Bylaw 26.15, allowing for the closure of 1.643
doesn't the government do the highway bypass
Peers Lagoon Upgrade Tender – Council awarded
around Edson? They have been talking about it the tender for the Peers Lagoon upgrades to BTO acres of road plan, perpendicular to Hwy 16 near the
Jasper Park gates. The road closure allows for the
window for years and we need it now more than ever. Contracting in the amount of $526,996.50. BTO adjacent landowner to purchase the property and
We keep hearing about the Liberals fast-tracking
consolidate it with his property. No concerns were
Contracting's submission was the lowest of the
infrastructure money for Alberta and needing
brought forward regarding the road closure bylaw at a
accepted bids. The work to be done includes the
fashions Conservative 'shovel-ready' projects. Well, this is one. construction of a new cell, raising the berm height, Public Hearing.
Besides, pushing all the Highway 16 traffic
Amendment To Bylaw – Council amended Bylaw
and constructing a truck dumping site.
iews through the middle of town has always been Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Authority's Evansburg to be registered at Alberta Land Titles. The
19.15 to allow a recent road closure north of
Regional Waste Management Budget – West
dangerous and there have already been accidents
closure allows the unused road to be consolidated
2016 Capital & operating Budget were formally
– even two fatalities that I can remember. Lots
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
of times I have seen hazardous situations adopted by Council. The Regional Authority is with the adjoining property. A Public Hearing was
held prior to Council passing the initial bylaw.
comprised of Yellowhead County, Town of Edson,
developing because of pedestrians trying to
January 4, January 25 cross the busy one-way. Town of Hinton, and Town of Jasper. next Committee of the Whole Council Meeting is
The next Council Meetings is March 22, 2016. The
Rezoning For Industrial Development – First
People say that a by-pass will hurt the Edson
March 21, 2016. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the
reading was given to Bylaw 05.16. The bylaw would
February 15 businesses, but most of the traffic is just going rezone an area near Evansburg (SW of 19-53-07- Council Chambers.
through anyway. If travellers need gas and a
meal they will pull in and stop for it. Most of
March 7, 28 iews the town's business comes from the oilpatch and
that won't be affected.
If we have the money and the plans are
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser already made, why not go ahead and get the job
Yours truly, Darcy Paul, Edson
May 9, 30
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