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Parkland student visits the United Nations
s UMMER s CHOOL an article was published “Parkland trip was the friendships I

My favorite part of the
Back in March 2015,
Fun Times titled, “Edson's Own Perspective” made. I am still in

contact with some of the
Sarah Bowman Places
for Kids
kids from the trip on a
A Student View
Second in Edmonton
weekly basis thanks to
s UMMER EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Speech Competition”. Skype and texting. My
There were seven
new friends are in
speakers that she
Switzerland, Norway,
competed against in
Iceland, United States,
February 2015 and Sarah
Fun ONLY RUNS IF SPRING BREAK Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada won second place. She and Alberta.
I love how this trip
won a trip to New York in
opened my eyes to world
July 2015 where she
for Kids
What is your child doing over spring break? Why not join
events, built lifelong
participated in another
the fun activities at the Club! Daily rate $35.00 ($30.00 for
friendships and allowed
each additional child) Field Trip extra fee . open 8:00am-
the UN.
6:00pm, snacks and fun provided. Call to register and
wonderful places I hadn't
“The trip was amazing
secure your spot! speech competition at me to see so many
AN ARTICLE Wednesday March 30 Spring Break on so many levels. The York, Philadelphia,
seen before like New
days we spent at the U.N.
FIELD TRIP ALERT . Wednesday we are going to the Telus
Washington D.C. Niagra
opened my eyes to issues
5:00pm . Come explore the science garage and Imax with
Submitted photo World of Science. Bus leave 8:30am and will return the world is facing today Falls, and Ottawa.
us! Cost 45$ and sparked an interest This truly was a trip of
in world politics. The Sarah Bowman’s speech won her a trip to New a life time that was
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT sponsored by the Odd
Friday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered sessions we took at the York where she visited the UN.
to 12-16 year olds that want to be part of the Club's U.N. were informative Fellows and Rebekahs'
programming one night a week. The program will offer a and gave us all new students from all over these sessions. We were of Edmonton who are a
safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to get together. perspectives on the the world who studied our own mini United wonderful group of
world. There were 100 and worked together in Nations. people!”
The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub programming on
all non-kindergarten days. The program is offered 8:00am
to 3:00 (with the opportunity to join the after-school Eggs in Space or maybe in the face
program from 3:00pm to 6:00pm). The Club will be
offering kinderclub trial days in June for pre-kindergarten
kids. Please call the Club for more information 780-723- by Deanna Mitchener intriguing project.
"Groups of grade seven students got to work using
DID YOU KNOW?: On March 3, Ecole Pine Grove Middle School an imaginary $5 and were able to buy supplies from a
The Club has a very popular AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM! grade seven students participated in Eggs in Space. set list only to construct their designs. Although there
Why? First the Club provides a safe bus and walk system The project, which has taken place for the past 10 are some basic principles which must be considered
from each school, then provides a healthy after-school
snack and then there is a ton of fun and interesting years, originated with Mrs. Kruse Taylor surfing the in order for a structure to be successful, there are an
programming each day! All of this for a low monthly fee of internet to find cool ideas for the 'Structures and endless number of creative ways to combine supplies
$100.00. Spaces are still open call the club today for this Forces' science unit. into an egg holder," said Mrs. Kruse Taylor.
quality child care program.
The idea of giving students the opportunity to To add to the fun of the event, one member from
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE! create a free standing structure that would hold a raw each team wore goggles and a garbage bag, then laid egg 10 cm out and 30 cm up from a table was an underneath the structure as the raw egg is placed upon
it. The egg may stay or the
A good place to be egg may end up in space
723-7240 falling on their face.
Eggs in Space has become an event the grade
seven students look
forward to each March.
Proud Sponsor of the students build different
Throughout the unit
Edson Boys & Girls Club structures such as a golf
ball tower, straw tower,
and bridges.
“This is how we end
with their final structures
unit. We have over 100
grade seven students that
participate in this event,"
said Taylor.


Jakobie Wegren is 13 years old and attends grade seven at Brayden Ploentzke is 13 years old as well and is in grade
the Pine Grove Middle School. “I would say English is my eight at Pine Grove Middle School. He says "My favorite
favorite subject in school, I really find writing a lot of fun and subject in school is math. I like playing basketball and
it's a good class to be creative. Honestly I have been
absorbed in a new book series, Harry Potter. I'm obsessed the best part about going to school is seeing all my
what can I say, I read the first three books in three days. friends. I think for Easter I will be going to B.C. I love
Favorite color happens to be purple, and really I love pretty eating pizza especially with extra cheese, pepperoni and
much any type of pasta other than pasta salad, that just bacon. I have two younger sisters, and I like the color
doesn't taste right to me for some reason. I'm not into purple too. I hope to be a surgeon when I'm all done
sports, I'm accident prone so I don't join sports at all. school."
Basketball hit in the face, volleyball hit in the face,
badminton hit in the face, you know my face draws a lot of
different things that always seem to hurt me."

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