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S s CHOOL s CHOOL Inspiring message from
Times Times teacher before head shave

by Deanna Mitchener step of the way. That is a really hard thing to do s UMMER
when you have to deal with pain and sickness,” said
The A.H. Dakin School participated in an inspiring Redman.
event that touched the whole school last week. Many “They have shown such love and positivity in Fun
teachers and students shed some tears while the facing such a tough time that I wanted to let them for Kids
event unfolded. know I care about them and supporting them. Since I
Teacher Patty Redman had her hair dyed pink then have known Pam she has always openly shown love
on February 20 and in front of all her colleagues and to others and has taught her girls an important lesson
early in life. That people are beautiful for who they
students had her hair stylist Collette Armour shave
ONLY RUNS IF off all her hair. are, how they treat others, how they care about
others. Beauty is not an outside entity,” said
Redman shared her speech before having her hair
shaved off. “I want to thank you for joining me in
“People fighting cancer have to deal with many
this very important cause. You may think, wow a girl Redman.
THEY SEND IN teacher is shaving her head bald, but it is more than hard things, like spending time away from family,
treatments that can be unknown and scary, being
that. Cancer is an evil, ugly disease, and
sick and having no energy, having to stay away from
unfortunately, it is most likely to affect everyone in
this room in some way. You may have a family their friends and activities because they have no
AN ARTICLE us in this room know a family in our school their hair, opening showing the world that they are
immunity to illness and more visibly, having to lose
member that battled cancer or a friend. Sadly all of
sick with cancer,” said Redman.
community that has had to face and fight, head on,
this ugly thing called cancer.” “Hair and outer appearance are not important. By
“The reason I took on this fundraiser was of Pam losing her hair and having to show the world
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS course to raise money to find a cure for cancer and that she is fighting, she is also showing her strength
to support those battling the disease. But it was also
and inner beauty. I am inspired by her, proud of her,
CLUB NEWS more personal for me. I was touched and inspired by and we are here for her while she works so tirelessly
the positive, courageous, and honest way that our
to cure her cancer. I am excited to say that thanks to
friend Pam Giroux and her family have challenged
everyone supporting my Hair MassaCure we have
this disease. They are open about what is going on, raised $2,822. Thank you all, we are the Dakin
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada and are always looking for something positive every Family,” said Redman.
PRINCESS AND SUPERHERO PARTY: Dakin teacher Patty Redman having her head
This fundraiser is presented in partnership with Kinettes of Edson. shaved by Collette Armour to show support for a
Grab your cape or best gown, this party will be the best in town! cure for cancer. Photo by Deanna Mitchener Dakin students tower at speed stacking
Meet and dance with your favorite character, crafts, food, 50/50,
door prizes, raffle baskets and much more! Tickets are $40.00
each and are on sale at the Boys and Girls Club of Edson- 5414 6 by Deanna Mitchener stacking is a competitive a few seconds now. “This activity causes
ave Mon-Fri sport where you stack Right now the students both sides of the brain to
1-6pm, 780-723-7240. Only 250 tickets available. This is a costume A.H. Dakin School and then un-stack cups in are up to a ten cup stack work at the same time.
and semi-formal event for children and adults!
grade 4/5 split class were t h e s h o r t e s t t i m e which goes four, three, Research has shown that
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT practicing cup stacking possible.” two, and one. Once the this activity improves
The Club is excited to announce that there is a Teen Drop-in on February 18. “The kids are getting tower is up they have to mathematical abilities,”
program on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is P r i n c i p a l M i k e so good at it and can take down as fast as they said Belecky.
offered to 13-16 year olds that want to be part of the Club's Belecky said, "Cup complete the task in just can,” he said.
programming one night a week. The program will offer a safe, fun
and comfortable place for youth to get together. Some Teen Night
activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and of course
food. If you or your business wants more information or to
become involved in this new project please call the Club at 780- Abigayle
723-7240 or email
McDougall, Keira
What is your child doing over spring break? Why not join the fun Taylen Nixon,
activities at the Club! Daily rate $35.00 ($30.00 for each
additional child) open 8:00am-6:00pm, snacks and fun provided. Candin Butler,
Call to register and secure your spot! and JB
MacDonald with
The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub programming on all non- Principal Mike
kindergarten days. The program is offered 8:00am to 3:00 (with Belecky at the
the opportunity to join the after-school program from 3:00pm to A.H. Dakin's
6:00pm). The Club is starting to take registrations for the
upcoming 2015-2016 school year. We will be offering kinderclub grade 4/5 split
trial days in June for pre-kindergarten kids. Please call the Club for class practicing
more information cup stacking on
Dakin students Alexis Kashmere and Rayan February 18.
Armstrong hold up a sign showing the class's
FACEBOOK PAGE: support for teacher Patty Redman who was Photo Deanna
Please check out and like the Club's Facebook page: Boys and Girls having her hair shaved off. Mitchener
Club of Edson and District!
Photo Deanna Mitchener
A good place to be

723-7240 KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Tristen Manning is in grade five at Evergreen Adison Kiland is 10 years old and attending Vanier

Proud Sponsor of the School. This 10 year old says the best part of School in grade five. He says he likes to play hockey
school is gym class. His favorite color is blue, he
and enjoys gym class at school. Adison hopes to
Edson Boys & Girls Club likes to eat biscuits and gravy. Tristen enjoys become a great NHL hockey player when he graduates
from school. His favorite food to eat is steak,
playing hockey and said, “When I’m done school I
hope to become a professional bull rider and although he is unsure how he likes it cooked. Stating
become a PBR Champion.” he was unsure how his parents cook the steak.

Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by: Contributions to
“Kids Make A Difference” focusing on youth in our
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