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Homelessness group Concerns raised at public

seeks commitment

for town land hearing of offsite levies

continued from front province. We received subdivision developable
grants, I think somewhere by Adrienne Tait potential buyer or area (or development for landholders in the
assist 26. between $1.5 and $2 developer of placing the west end of Edson.
The feasibility study now million, for social The second and third application of the offsite area as the case may be) Mayor Pasychny said,
being proposed is to housing. We looked at a readings of the revised levy fees at the time of b y t h e t o t a l o f “The value of the land
determine what, if any, number of different offsite levy bylaw were subdivision, rather than transportation, water, has nothing to do with
type of facilities would models and chose Habitat passed following a at development when the sanitary, and storm water the value of offsite
best address the situation. for Humanity.” public hearing at the increased load comes on charges as set out in the levies.”
Gomuwka said they have Gomuwka said the regular town council the system. offsite levy bylaw To w h i c h H a n n i
looked at container group is not looking for meeting on March 15. Councillor Boyce said, schedule B. replied, “But the value of
housing, tiny homes, funds from the town but Local businessman “The Offsite Levy bylaw Councillor Gomuwka the offsite levies
shelters, and work camp w a s s e e k i n g a Larry Hanni spoke at the was first applied in 2013 said the town tried to decreased the value of
trailers. commitment to find an public hearing and called and there was a year of collect the cost of the the land.”
Mayor Greg Pasychny appropriate piece of town for more changes to the work that went into it offsite infrastructure It was acknowledged
said that the Evergreens land. At the conclusion offsite levy bylaw. “You beforehand. This is not after development but that there are a small
Foundation has seven of the study, which is to a r e p u t t i n g a new information. The there was no guarantee number of landowners
socialized housing units be funded by CMHC (the s t r a n g l e h o l d o n adjustment this year was they would be paid or the with large parcels of land
that are not designated for Canada Mortgage and development,” said taking storm water out of development would and the biggest offsite
seniors and those units are Housing Corporation), Hanni. it.” proceed. levy costs who are most
oversubscribed with a there is no obligation for H a n n i i d e n t i f i e d Boyce said the town Councillor Bevan said affected.
waiting list. He asked if the Town to provide the several areas within the hired experts to help the town has held open Hanni suggested the
Gomuwka was aware of property if it does not bylaw with which he had develop the policy and is houses and public town charge offsite
the success found in deem the future project to concerns including lack working to get the costs hearings but he did not levies at the time of
Medicine Hat. be in the best interest of of easily accessible down. “The residential believe they were well development with a
Gomuwka said Medicine its residents. offsite levy in Hillendale attended. payment schedule that
Hat's system is based on The Housing First information, lack of is in the neighbourhood Mayor Pasychny said, makes it possible for
timeline for when
the same Housing First group plans to use the services will be put in of $7,400 per lot. We've “Until people are people to purchase and
model as Edson is using, ARDN's consultant. place, and the short always had offsite levies affected they don't come develop the land.
h o w e v e r, “ B e c a u s e Council voted in favor length of time allotted to we just didn't call them out. In most cases large “We are working on
Medicine Hat has seen a of considering a piece of that.” developers know offsite different ways to make
500% increase in food property for the project pay the levies as they The removal of the cost levies are a cost to the development possible,”
bank requests they have should the feasibility cannot be financed. He of storm water reduced development line. Once said director of planning
retracted the statement that study determine a facility also raised concerns with the offsite levies by we take those levies we s e r v i c e s A n n
they have eliminated is warranted. the added strain on a approximately $50,000 are responsible to get the Dechambeau who said
homelessness.” per hectare. services to the property s h e e n c o u r a g e s
To house someone line. This does speed up
overnight in the hospital Mama Madeline came to us in Offsite levies are the process.” developers to bring their
costs the health care June/15 heavily pregnant and soon c a l c u l a t e d b y Hanni said the offsite concerns to the town if
system approximately gave birth to a litter of kittens. m u l t i p l y i n g t h e they are looking to
$1,100 per day said Pavan levies devalues the land develop.
Sonpar-Pahwa as opposed At first shy and skittish, through love
to approximately $50 per and patience she has blossomed out
d a y i n c o m m u n i t y of her shell and is a very affectionate
housing. girl. Edson Family Dentistry
In the past Gomuwka Maddie is fostered in a home with
said she has heard other cats, dogs and kids and she’s
suggestions of sending excellent with them all. is pleased and excited to
people to Edmonton as the
city already has facilities She loves to rub up against the other WELCOME
and services to address animals every chance she gets. She's also highly addicted
homelessness. “What to kitty treats.
people don't realise is you Maddie’s adoption fee is only $50. Dr. David Gunderson, DDS
have to be homeless in
Edmonton for one full year All EARS foster parents are required to attend one to our new office location at
before they [a homeless of two Foster meetings. Please choose Apr. 6 from
person] can access any 6-9pm or Apr. 17 from 2-5pm at Century 21. 5020 - 6 Avenue
Councillor Boyce said, Visit
“I don't want to see Edson for more information or 780-712-6788. Dr. David Gunderson was born in Southern
get involved in running Sponsored by: Alberta and lived in Grande Cache for
homeless homes.” Boyce Elementary School before finishing grade
said the town has already school in Fort Macleod.
done work to help address 780-712-9493 Following High School he pursued a
t h e n e e d s o f t h e Bachelors of Science at the University of
community. “We used to Fax: 780-723-2213
get grants from the Call 780-723-9493 for information Lethbridge and was employed as a
framing carpenter off and on for 6 years.

Lordy, Lordy In 2008 he was admitted to the University
of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and

Kosmo is 40! Dentistry and completed his Doctor of
Dental Surgery in 2012.
In 2010 he enrolled as an officer in the
Canadian Forces and, upon graduation, worked as a dentist at the
Stadacona Naval base in Halifax for 3 years. For the past year, Dr.
Gunderson has been working on the Air Force base in Cold Lake.
As his obligatory service to the Canadian Forces was coming to an end,
David and his wife looked for a smaller community such as Edson in
which to settle with their 3 children.

The Gundersons look forward to meeting the people in Edson and
Love Liela getting involved in the community.

and Payton For an appointment please call 780-723-5221
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-4:30 pm
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