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Letter to the Editor
When politicians create economic obstacles

Dear Editor: wage earners, but to all of the people on the payroll truth is that energy prices are having an impact on the
In the past six months, nearly 80% of the 800 structure who proportionately deserve or command a whole Canadian economy. What's also true is that the
businesses participating in an Alberta Chamber of premium. obstacles businesses face often have just as much to do
Commerce survey said they've experienced negative In other words, the NDP's new minimum wage law with bad government policy as it does with commodity
business repercussions or events. They also say that
blind view lower energy prices are not the sole cause of their affects far more people than those earning minimum prices.
Saskatchewan is heavily energy dependent. Yet unlike
wage. It affects employers and those who pay wages in
problems. Right up there in the top five reasons Alberta
Alberta, it is holding the line on business taxes,
business is hurting is what the Notley government did a way that is not always considered or understood. incomes taxes, the minimum wage, and on introducing
Last fall, the Notley government increased the
window with the minimum wage law. minimum wage to $11.20. Plus, it announced that a multi-billion-dollar carbon tax. As a result, while
On average, the surveyed businesses indicated that
Alberta's unemployment rate is nudging 8%,
within two years, it will push the minimum wage to
last fall's minimum wage hike added $21,500 in costs
Saskatchewan's is between 5% and 6%.
$15. Without question, this is going to further increase
The Chamber of Commerce says the bottom line to its
fashions Conservative to their operations. That being said, it's important to unemployment and slow down the business sector. report is that continued action by the Alberta
note that a minimum wage hike never applies only to
In the Chamber's survey, the 800 respondents said
people earning minimum wage. It always has a
iews multiplier effect that reaches deep into the payroll. many will have no choice but to lay people off. One in increase the cost of doing business in our province yet
government to hike the minimum wage law is going to
when they are faced with the full $15 minimum wage,
Think of it this way:
again. By layering more obstacles on the job creators,
ten businesses indicated that they may close up things
If ability and experience means a person is earning
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
$2, $4, or $5 an hour over and above the minimum entirely. the provincial government is only going to make our
current economic situation worse.
Alberta's unemployment rate stands at almost 8%. It's
wage, and then all of a sudden the politicians above the Canadian average. It's certainly true that
January 4, January 25 dramatically hike the minimum wage, this proficiency energy prices are having an impact on Alberta, but the Stuart Taylor, Hinton
premium will either shrink or completely disappear.
The manager or employer is compelled by sheer
February 15 circumstance to give pay raises not just to minimum
Letter to the Editor
March 7, 28 iews Agrees with bypass
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser Dear Editor:
I agree with Mr. Paul on bypassing town [see letter
May 9, 30 March 14 issue]. Since society is in such a safety
mode these days a bypass could and will prevent a
disaster or deaths of pedestrians. Also materials and
June 20 Blind View labour are at bargain prices now.
On the other hand, the County should pave some
Window Fashions
heavily used roads. Pavement is the only way to
July 11 Custom Window Treatments properly control dust. Roads such as Grande Prairie
Trail, Wilmore and especially Pinegrove Road,
which has already had a lot of money invested on
since 1988
engineering and surveying, should be paved now
August 1, 22 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember while pavement will be lower due to the low oil cost.
That is only common sense. But governments are
not known for common sense.
Sept. 12 Have a nice day.
Albert Deacon
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