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$12.1M in funding

for Parkland Lodge

continued from front
Affordable Housing Agreement is a a great thing to have. The bigger issue
joint effort between the two is the demand that's out there. It's great
g o v e r n m e n t s t h a t w i l l s e e that we're having this announcement
approximately $202 million over the but every time we start adding to the
five year period between 2014 and lodge or increasing beds we always
2019 invested to help those in need of seem to be two to three years behind as
housing. soon as we build the facility. The
West Yellowhead MLA Robin downside is that we still need more
Campbell said, “Seniors are very beds coming in the future. I know that's
important to our Premier and he some of the things that Evergreens
reminds all of us that the best measure Foundation really needs to be looking
of a society is how we treat our elders. at. As our senior population grows we
We are pleased to announce this $12.1 are going to reach the point where West Yellowhead MLA and Alberta Finance Minister Robin Campbell announces
$12.1M funding for Parkland Lodge March 19. Photos Dana McArthur
million funding to renew the Parkland we're going to start seeing a decline. So
Lodge. Overall 18 units will be we also have to make sure that
413 50 St., 780-723-6220 renovated. The new three story facility wherever we're creating today has
will offer 62 lodge units and 22 one multi-purpose uses for the future. The
and two bedroom market units on the buildings are probably going to last a
Great Easter Ideas!
Great Easter Ideas! third floor. This will make Edson and lot longer than the future demands.”
area a truly aging in place Alberta's new Minister of Seniors,
community.” Jeff Johnson thanked those attending
Mayor Greg Pasychny, chairperson and said it was “the seniors who built
of Evergreens Foundation, said, “It's this province and its time we built
Beanie Boos very exciting for the town of Edson something for you.”
Beanie Boos
The federal government through
and our region. The Evergreens
Rainbow Loom Foundation is definitely addressing the CHMC (the Canadian Mortgage and
Rainbow Loom
Housing Corporation) invests
needs in Hinton. With Edson the larger
New Lego of the two projects it's a fantastic approximately $2 billion in housing
New Lego
annually to “improve the quality of life
opportunity considering we have 48 on
the waiting list and we are going to be
for low-income Canadians.”
Schleich adding at least that may rooms. With contributed over $220 million towards
The provincial government has
the expansion of the extended care at
Estes Rockets the hospital we are definitely taking seniors housing over the past four
Estes Rockets
care of the needs of our seniors.”
years, including the $144.5 million in
federal-provincial funding to renew or
Yellowhead County Mayor Gerald
Kites Soroka, said in an interview, “Any expand 14 senior's lodges.
time you're making improvements it's
Mayor Greg Pasychny, chairperson of Evergreens Foundation addresses
Individual opinions sought seniors during the funding announcement for Parkland Lodge’s expansion.
on facility partnership We specialize in protecting and maintaining
the appearance of your vehicles
continued from front
council's request that q u i c k e r f a c i l i t y in and attached a school
the project include a completion date, and to the facility” and the Stop paint chips with Xpel Films
walking track and not would free up some result was a significant
just a gymnasium. financial leverage for i n c r e a s e i n u s e . Computer Generated Kits
continued from front Councillor Brian other projects such as G o m u w k a s a i d to ensure an exact fit.
Boyce said, “There is enhancements to the Athabasca is currently
real potential here to pool, leisure centre, or considering a similar HAVE YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED TODAY!
continued from front have some synergy…. o t h e r a l t e r n a t i v e option and similar
We w e r e n ' t e v e n projects. partnerships are already
t h i n k i n g a b o u t The council had not in place in Edmonton 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
continued from front s y n e r g i e s w h e n m e t w i t h and other major centres. 780-723-5353
Parkland was enlarged.” representatives from the C o u n c i l i s n o w
While Yellowhead Fieldhouse and said looking for community Like us on
continued from front County representatives there are no firm plans at f e e d b a c k a n d
were not present for the this time but believes engagement to hear
discussion between the the opportunity to what residents see as a
continued from front GYPSD and the Town partner with the school n e e d i n t h e i r
of Edson, councillor division an option that community. Councillor
B o y c e s a i d t o w n needs to be considered. Gean Chouinard said, “I
continued from front council will advise the Councillor Boyce am hoping we get the
county of the new said, “This doesn't public engaged. The
p o s s i b i l i t i e s a n d preclude the Fieldhouse public needs to come
continued from front encourage cooperation b u t i t w o u l d b e forward and voice their
between all three irresponsible, in my opinion to help us, help
parties. opinion, if we didn't me, determine what we
continued from front There are a number of pursue this possibility.” want.” Several council
benefits to the town Councillor Gomuwka members noted that
should the financing be said the model is they wanted to hear
continued from front available and the project already being used in f r o m i n d i v i d u a l
be approved. Some of other areas of the residents to ensure
t h o s e a d v a n t a g e s province, including Lac decisions are made
include no annual La Biche which he based on what people
operating costs for the called a “poster child for w a n t a n d n o t
town, no additional fieldhouses gone awry.” necessarily group
staffing requirements, a The province “stepped lobbying efforts.
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