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Province announces 30%

weighting for diploma exams

by Adrienne Tait the Evergreen local's Alberta Teacher's Association announcement of the weighting of the diploma
(ATA) policy which has been advocating for exams.”
Alberta Education Minister Gordon Dirks amendments to the weighting system since 1990. Kevin Zahara, press secretary for West
announced, in a release on Monday, that as of The change in diploma exam weighting is Yellowhead MLA and Minister of Finance Robin
September 1, 2015 diploma exam weighting will designed to provide “a more accurate reflection of Campbell confirmed that Campbell's office had
shift from a 50/50 to a 70/30 weighting with the student performance” by placing greater emphasis received messages from teachers from within the
school-awarded grades worth 70 per cent. on teacher assessments rather than the single exam constituency in support of the change.
“We want students to benefit from classroom mark.
assessments that reflect their abilities over a longer The new weighting system for diploma exams for
period of time, rather than relying so heavily on one the grade 12 core courses of language arts, social
assessment lasting only a few hours,” said Minister studies, mathematics, and sciences will be applied as Letter to the Editor:
Dirks. of November 2015.
The Alberta School Boards Association has been Kelly Smith, local ATA president and teacher at
advocating for the change to Alberta Education. The Ecole Mountain View School in Hinton said, “We Settle down
changes to the weighting system are in keeping with are extremely happy with Minister Dirks

High school students can now with spray..

Dear Editor,
earn post-secondary credits I have a no-spray agreement with

Yellowhead County from last year (the new
by Adrienne Tait completing high school Over the past few provide financial
w i t h 2 4 n e w years the board has benefits to the student. year begins April 1) and there are no weeds or
It has been almost two partnerships. f o u n d t h a t s o m e While a deposit is bush between the road and the fence-line
years in the making but For example, students university programs, required at the time of along my property. Yet today the spray team
s o m e G r a n d e can now take high such as the U of A registration, the tuition came out, spraying trees up to 20 feet from the
Yellowhead Public school courses in medical program, are costs are covered by the road, driving into the ditch to do so. They
S c h o o l D i v i s i o n carpentry, welding, giving preference to G Y P S D u p o n should have at least let me know to put up the
(GYPSD) high school e s t h e t i c s , a n d students who have successful completion no-spray signs already, even though it is still
s t u d e n t s h a v e accounting and get already completed of the course. winter.
completed the first credits at a post- some college level Students interested in Why are they so eager to spend our tax
round of the dual credit secondary institution.” courses. taking advantage of the money on spraying trees we don't want
p r o g r a m m i n g A memorandum of I n a d d i t i o n t o opportunity will have to sprayed and are on private property.
partnership between the understanding was increasing admission be more diligent in
GYPSD and Grande reached between the chances, the ability to s c h e d u l i n g a n d I'd like to be able to let the dog romp in the
P r a i r i e R e g i o n a l GYPSD, GPRC, and have some courses researching their ditch as I take her for walks, without getting
College (GPRC.) Shell Canada Inc., completed can help programs of choice. contaminated with this spray. I'd like to be
Five GYPSD students during the spring on ease students into the As of September 2015 able to eat the raspberries that grow along the
have taken six credit 2014. The decision college workload. all of the GYPSD high fence line on my property. Not to mention the
courses via video was made to offer dual Sandy said, “For schools will offer a garden which they didn't notice because it is
conferencing mainly credit courses centred e x a m p l e t h e number of dual credit still snow-covered. And where do all those
f o r m e d i c a l on office assistance i n t r o d u c t i o n t o courses including, but chemicals end up eventually? In the water
terminology and/or with a focus on either psychology class is an n o t l i m i t e d t o , table, in our wells? And then what?
psychology. petroleum terminology elective in a number of p e t r o c h e m i c a l Can you please settle down with that spray.
Courses are offered or medical terminology. different institutions for t e r m i n o l o g y ,
either online or through Shell Canada and the a number of different bookkeeping, basic
evening classes and as Edson Medical Centre programs.” psychology, business Sincerely
more courses are added a g r e e d t o j o b The dual credit communications, and
s t u d e n t s m a y shadowing placements program will also material handling and Geraldine Kowall
eventually have the for students in the warehouse operations.
ability to achieve programs.
certification in certain Since that time Essence Parents Society thanks
Essence Parents Society thanks
fields, such as health interest in the dual
the following for their generous
care aid worker, by the credit system has the following for their generous
contributions to our 3rd annual
time they complete grown and while it is contributions to our 3rd annual
high school. considered to be in its St. Patrick’s Dinner/Dance
St. Patrick’s Dinner/Dance
The pre-requisites for “infancy stages” Sandy
college course are in Axmann, curriculum Fundraiser:
place as they would be, supervisor, told the Pine Grove Hall Ruston
Pine Grove Hall
should the student board that it has created Edson Taxi ConocoPhillips
Edson Taxi
attend the course at the “huge opportunities.” Spirits in Edson Jensen’s Mens Wear
Jensen’s Mens Wear
Spirits in Edson
college. Alberta Tourism has Dynamic Entertainment Farmers Daughter Country
Dynamic Entertainment
Farmers Daughter Country
The shift to a dual expressed interest in TWR Contracting Decor
TWR Contracting
credit system is one the working with the Edson Bowl Riderz
Edson Bowl
province in endorsing school division to Essence Dance Co. Randy Hexter
Randy Hexter
Essence Dance Co.
Diana’s Pets and Trophies
and is already in place provide programming Acklands Diana’s Pets and Trophies
Jamie Davis Trucking
Backwoods Resources
in certain “pockets” of f o r i n t e r n a t i o n a l Jamie Davis Trucking Backwoods Resources
Special Touch Hairstyling
Northside Motor Sports
t h e p r o v i n c e . students as well as the Special Touch Hairstyling Northside Motor Sports
Anchored Apparel
Formula Powell
According to a news possible creation of a Formula Powell Anchored Apparel
Blue Wave Energy
Patterson Parts
Patterson Parts
release from the tourism and hospitality Blue Wave Energy Safety Store & More
Safety Store & More
Flowing Energy-Wendy
d e p a r t m e n t o f industry program. Flowing Energy-Wendy Midwest Glass
Midwest Glass
education, “New dual- O t h e r e n t i t i e s Gerald Soroka Edson Chrysler
Edson Chrysler
Gerald Soroka
credit partnerships will including the Grande Lindsey Schmidt/Scott Gelmici Jewellers
Gelmici Jewellers
Lindsey Schmidt/Scott
mean that students have Prairie Construction
more opportunities to Association and Trades
If we missed anyone,
earn post-secondary Alberta have also If we missed anyone,
credits or workplace discussed partnership
our heartfelt thanks!
certification while opportunities. our heartfelt thanks!
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