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for local farmers by GEORGE VANDERBURG
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
Tower has historic value
Alberta's foster care success story videos

Letter to the Editor: My
Remembering heroes In a system often embroiled in accusations, grief, few resources and life skills to take on the ViewPoint
pain, anger, and tragedy the Alberta's Child and challenges of caring for themselves. by Adrienne Tait Rob Merrifield
Family Services Authority has recently shared some From the What they need is greater continued support in Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
positive videos on Youtube of children who aged out Publisher’s Desk the transition to adulthood, such as counselling, life
Letter to the Editor: of the foster care system successfully. Dana McArthur skills training, and a leg up when they falter or
Foster children are among the most vulnerable. make a mistake.
With no parents or having been removed from their Many U.S. states have extended foster care Alberta organ and tissue
Longtime Edson resident and newspaper-man passes parents by the child welfare system and courts, they The Goldings were recently honoured as Foster support to age 21 and beyond. Aging out of donation –registry agent launch
are totally dependent on that system for their care
Alberta's system happens at 18 years old, although
and wellbeing. Parents of the Year. support and financial assistance related to
Yvonne said she wants to pay it forward for the
Children brought into the foster care system all
Robin Campbell, MLA come from a place of trauma. They have varying Goldings, who opened their hearts to her and the achieving independence can be accessed for several Rob
more years.
West Yellowhead special needs including abuse and neglect, prenatal gifts they gave her. She has become the program There is no doubt that there are countless foster
exposure to drugs and alcohol, and attachment supervisor for a group home for teenagers. stories where lives do not have the happy endings Merrifield Whatever happened to fiscal responsibility?
disorders, to name just a few. Many will not be able “Most kids just want to be listened to. They often of these highlighted stories. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
Tip to live independently as adults. don't want to be fixed, they need to be listened to, What these videos do offer is some hope that Dear Editor:
Unpaid leave to The videos, titled “How far you've come”, depict and they need to be heard,” said Joyce in the video. there are kids who are surviving and moving important to note that Campbell and the Stelmach
government didn't arrive in that ocean of red ink by
Common threads in these videos include how
care for seriously of former foster care children with stories of how important it is for these kids to have a place to call forward with their lives thanks to their resilience, In a recent letter to the editor, West Yellowhead MLA, accident. They got there through conscious, calculated, West Yellowhead MLA Robin Campbell
ill relative caring foster families made a difference in their home, and someone that will be consistent and never and their caring foster families. Robin Campbell, accused me of being unrealistic when I and deliberate overspending.
the Hat lives. suggested that the bulk of the province's fiscal crisis Stelmach, and his entourage of MLAs—including
Yvonne's story depicts a child who suffered family give up on them. (The videos can be found on Youtube by searching Rob could be addressed through spending cuts rather than tax Campbell—had absolutely no qualms about crazy
violence and was placed in foster care with Joyce The children who are deemed able to live 'How far you've come: by YourAlberta') hikes. He claimed if the government did as I proposed, it spending or cuddling up to a deficit. At about that same
Building Canada Plan and Brian Golding, who live on a farm near Edson. independently, and are aged out of the system, have Merrifield would require every single teacher in the province to be time, just to be sure the largesse was thoroughly spread

Member of Parliament for Yellowhead fired three times over. around, PC Cabinet Ministers gave themselves a
Alberta's annual budget—operational and capital—is
$42,000 annual pay raise. Stelmach hiked his own pay
Letter to the Editor: SEE PAGE 4 around $50 billion. To achieve $5 billion in savings by $54,000. A few principled PC MLAs eventually grew
Rob would therefore require a spending cut of about 10%. so loathsome of the government's runaway spending that
Interestingly, when confronted with a very similar fiscal
an internal revolt seemed imminent. West Yellowhead's
Merrifield Volunteer Income crisis, Ralph Klein cut provincial spending by 18%, and Campbell was certainly not one of the revolters. Man in the
Red Hat
The PC Party's internal struggle forced Stelmach to
Member of Parliament for Yellowhead Letter to the Editor he didn't lay off all the teachers even one time—let alone resign. That ushered in the era of Alison Redford. On the by Craig McArthur
three times over. Surely Mr. Campbell isn't telling
Tax Program (CVITP) Albertans that the Klein administration was more adept day Redford resigned, her legacy was captured by a
at governance than our current crop of government
Calgary newspaper. It stated: “Alison Redford—14th
premier of Alberta—is premier no more. She leaves
The fiscal track record of the PC government (of which
Tax season is P r o g r a m . Views & News 2015 Canada Day behind her a trail of fiscal wreckage.”
Robin Campbell is a part) is well-documented. The year-
Now Albertans are being told by Finance Minister
MP Jim Eglinski announces once again upon Jim Eglinski That's why we by Deanna Mitchener by-year budgets are even posted online. These budget Robin Campbell, one of the designers of this financial
us, and our
are investing
documents indicate that the pivot year for a change in
demise who also served as Alison Redford's personally-
Government is
MP Yellowhead
an additional
Alberta's finances was 2007, which was Ralph Klein's
appointed house leader in the legislature, that the
support for seniors in Yellowhead partnering with $1 million in K last budget. In that budget, Klein spent nearly four times looming fiscal crisis and deficit exist solely because of
communities to
the national average on infrastructure, yet still posted an
base funding
oil prices. That simply isn't true. The facts prove
Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
help seniors,
newcomers and our neighbours of annually. These new funds allow us to by GEORGE VANDERBURG annual surplus of more than $8 billion. Our legislature otherwise. And whether Mr. Campbell likes it or not,
expand the use of technology in the
was awash in money.
facts are stubborn things.
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
modest means. Through the program and provide additional MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne Klein resigned to be replaced by Ed Stelmach. In
Community Volunteer Income Tax support. We want to build an even Stelmach's first budget (2007-08) he wiped out a big Stuart Taylor, Nominated Candidate,
Program (CVITP), we are ensuring that stronger network of free CVITP clinics chunk of the surplus Klein had left. He and his crop of West Yellowhead, Hinton
taxpayers have access to all the benefits across the country. MLAs hiked annual spending by 20.4%.* And let's ----------------------
and credits for which they may be The valuable service volunteers remember that in 2008, Robin Campbell was elected. He * Government of Alberta Annual Report, 2007-2008, Page 2. The report
entitled. provide allows taxpayers to take was in fact part of the PC administration that in 2008 states: “Expense [spending] was $35.7 billion. This was $6.1 billion, or
20.4%, higher than in 2006-07.”
Now In Effect: The CVITP helps taxpayers who need advantage of our Government's tax drove the province's finances into the red. It is also
assistance to complete and file their
relief measures. In fact, every
Enhancements income tax and benefit returns. Most Canadian family with children will
participants have modest incomes and
benefit from the new Family Tax
a simple tax situation. Eligible program
Credits and Benefits Plan, introduced
to the Universal beneficiaries include: seniors, by Prime Minister Harper last October.
students, Aboriginal peoples,
On average, $1,140 will return to the
Child Care Benefit newcomers to Canada, recipients of pockets of families with children THE WEEKLY
social assistance, and persons with a
through this initiative. Low and
disability. middle-income families will receive Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
There are 2,000 community two-thirds of the overall benefits
organizations from coast-to-coast-to- provided by the package. ANCHOR by GEORGE VANDERBURG
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
coast providing these free tax As a result of our Government's MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
preparation clinics and the volunteer improvements to the CVITP, families Serving Edson & Yellowhead County for 26 years
power – collectively assembling a will pay only the taxes they owe, and
nationwide team of over 16,000 they won't miss out on the many credits
volunteers. In 2014, CVITP volunteers and benefits they are entitled to receive.
CORRECTION helped over 600,000 Canadians file
In last week’s Viewpoint Column their tax returns. CVITP clinics in our region include
FCSS Town of Edson 780-723-4403
Katie Barnes job title was Our Government believes strongly in and FCSS Yellowhead County 780-
incorrectly stated. Katie is the the Community Volunteer Income Tax 325-3782.
p ool programmer.
We apologize for any confusion The Weekly Anchor 5,898 Audited (paid & controlled) Canadian Independent seniors’ advocate needed
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