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3V programming expands course options for students

by Adrienne Tait could be monitored.” and extremist groups such as ISIS. Global
Last year, in partnership with the Telus Spark Education Motivators, whom the division has used
Technology has enabled students in today's Science Centre in Calgary, a video game extensively in other series, offers the sessions which
classroom the ability to take part in courses, construction short course was developed and then would connect GYPSD classes with classes in the
webinars, and video conferencing opportunities that delivered to ten division classes this school year. USA and Saudi Arabia with experts in the field from
otherwise would not be available. According to Gordon, “We are currently working on the Middle East and the USA. The course is
A total of 51 courses have been offered through the an advanced level program to extend student skills targeted to start the end of April.
GYPSD this school year in a wide variety of subject in this area as well as an introductory Robotics short 3V technology has also been used to enhance long
matter ranging from kindergarten music programs to course. We hope to have both available for delivery standing programs such as the DiscoverE science
grade 12 science and mathematics courses. for the next school year.” program group from the university of Alberta, as
Gordon Booth, videoconference coordinator, In addition to utilizing the tools and capability well as literacy and early childhood literacy
reported to the GYPSD board that at this point in the teachers are also advocating for more input into the programs.
school year over 400 sessions of single or short content of the sessions. Courses such as art, photography, stop animation
series videoconference sessions have been booked or Division schools have been able to conference with and potter involve weekly or bi-weekly conference
used by teachers to enhance classroom learning. a variety of cultures including Inuit hunters, and web connections with experts in their fields and are
Among the most popular are video game based video conference skype calls to the Ukraine, followed by studio activities between sessions.
construction and programming courses. With the Israel, India, Spain, and France depending on what According to the report, “This model has been
use of the Zoom platform, video game construction best fits with that grade's curriculum. used successful for the past five years -providing
is offered as a short course with connections to One course that has generated interest within four access to expert instruction for our students and
England. area high schools is education regarding extremism great professional development for our teachers.”
Booth said one advantage the Zoom platform
provided with the video game construction series
was, “Each desktop was visible to the presenter and


A heartfelt thank you to Marilyn Oishi N.P.,
all the wonderful home care nurses, hospital
staff and doctors who helped and supported
Steve and I during his journey this past 18 months.
Your care has been fantastic.

Thank you,
Photo Deanna Mitchener
Mrs. Miluch’s grade 4 class at Evergreen School getting ready to head back to school after playing
some hockey hooky on March 13. Mrs. Miluch and Crystal Freeman, parent volunteer, escort the class.

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