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New programs planned for Community Garden

by Mikaela Kuefler

The Edson and District Recycling Society
hosted their third annual general meeting at
Repsol Place on March 16. During the meeting,
the society went over its rules, finances, and
This year's Community Garden theme is bugs,
butterflies, and bees. Over 40 plots were rented
out anywhere from $5-$25, based on the size of
the plot.
The garden offers a pond that has its own marsh
land ecosystem, in addition to garden plots. It also
has native fruit trees (apple and cherry) that are
free for the community to share.
"People can go have their Sunday coffee in the
trees while sitting on the benches. The garden is
there for people to enjoy the space," said society
member Patty Redman.
Programs are now open for booking and include
a variety of community groups such as the
schools, the daycare, Reflections, and many
others. The depot runs the drop in program to
allow people to have tours.
"Schools come in and work with the pond when
their biology classes come out. There are also
tours where classes can make bird and bat houses.
Last year, we had about 800 kids come," said
coordinator of vegetable plots Megan Conlon and
Depot Manager Anne Auriat.
"The area is more for school groups. When they
come, we'll pick some carrots for a snack. Kids
will also be able to have hot dogs," Auriat. Megan Conlon, Patty Redman, and Janai Redman co-organize the Community Garden's
This year, the garden will have an outer rim that annual general meeting on March 16 at Repsol Place. photo Mikaela Kuefler
encompasses five or six gardens to make a plot for
the Edson Food Bank.
"Depot staff will plant and maintain the garden. kiosk in the garden. "We're pretty excited," said
Some potatoes will be given to the daycare and Auriat. Traffic collisions top
Reflections. In September, the community will There will also be a new addition of security
harvest for the Food Bank," said Auriat. lights in the garden. "Last year, we had a bit of a list of RCMP calls
Another new program will occur one Saturday a vandalism so we're going to be installing some
month as the Depot and Fish and Wildlife talk lights and hopefully that'll make a difference.
about various topics in the garden. More community awareness will be a big thing as March 13 to 19 saw 113 calls for
"The first topic is about large carnivores, such as well," said Conlon. service by the local RCMP detachment.
bears and cougars, forest health and nature walks, "We are relying on donations too. A number of
and ponds and pond life. In August, we'll have a businesses help us out with the garden. It's more Topping the list of calls was 21 Traffic
bonfire and observe bats," said Auriat. than just a garden for individuals. It's also for Collisions.
Recently, the depot had confirmation that they those learning experiences and hands on programs Other calls include 18 Traffic
received the CFEP grant to build the interpretive for kids and adults," said Auriat. Complaints, 11 Theft Complaints, 10
Assistance Calls, 8 Fail to comply
w/conditions, 8, Suspicious Persons or
Vehicles, 7 Mischief or Damage, 4 Fraud,
3 Alarms/False Alarms, 3
Harassment/Criminal Harassment, 2
Assault, 2 Child Welfare, 2 Trespassing, 2
Wellbeing Check, along with various
other requests for service.

photo Deanna Mitchener

Shell Canada donates $4,200 to the Edson Fire Department on March 14. The donation will be
used for new infrared sensors units. Seen here are Tyler Robinson, Al Schram, AJ Jawad from
the Edson Fire Department, along with Sarah Aubin, Charlene Parker, and Scott Borton from
Shell Canada. The units have already proved to be very useful finding fire hot spots.

March 11was the last crib session in Parkland Lodge until after they get moved over to the old
hospital. IT was a very good turn out and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Winners
for 1 place went to Doris Straub and Jean Aide, 2 place was Dan Labarsky and Doreen Tanghe,
and a tie for third place went to Roza Grant and Tom Smith, and Estelle Tilby and Faye Stotts.
Booby prize was awarded to Bonnie JoAnne and Evi Paschak. photo Deanna Mitchener
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