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Wildwood students learn new skills through curling

by Deanna Mitchener

Wildwood School recently had a group
of their kindergarten and grade one
students out learning how to curl.
Curling not only brings fun and
laughter, but it also fosters awareness of
sportsmanship at an early age. It also
builds confidence, balance, teamwork,
and hand-eye coordination.
Teacher Jonie Gerspacher, said, "We
went curling for three days this week at
the Wildwood Complex. The students
were guided and supported by a number
of parent volunteers and members of the
Wildwood Curling Club each day."
Curling dates back as far as 1511 in
Dunblane, Scotland. Back in those days
players used stones with flat bottoms
from the river. They were inconsistent in
size, shape and smoothness. Today
curling stones are precision made of
"It was such a truly fantastic
experience for our students that we are
now looking to access some grant money
somewhere to purchase some junior Jet Daines, grade one student from Wildwood Volunteers and Wildwood Curling Club members help the
rocks so that they can become even more School, proves she is more than ready for kindergarten and grade one students at Wildwood School to
successful," said Gerspacher. curling. She can throw rocks that reach the learn curling basics. photos submitted
house now.
Tipple Park Museum seeking student

artwork for display and auction

submitted Shayna Powell our subjects, so that the viewer is Please call Museum Manger enquiries. We are open from
able to ascertain clearly what it is Shayna Powell at 780-727-2240 for Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00-5:00
A few years ago, I was instructing that we drew. Tipple Park Museum all rental booking, museum and art pm. for public viewing.
my grade four class on the life cycle does not want your artwork. We are
of a frog. I drew a passable tadpole however on a quest to discover
and then rendered a cartoon frog on local artists and showcase their
the board. work in our museum. We are
“What is that suppose to be?'” actively searching for artwork to
asked one of my more precocious display in our museum.
students. Adults are encouraged to submit
“It is a frog,” I answered. their work to be viewed in a gallery
“It doesn't look like a frog,” he setting. When submitting a piece of
criticized. your work please submit the name
“Fine, I will draw a couple of of the art piece, the medium that
more legs in.” I frantically drew a was used, the artist's name and a
couple of front legs in and for sport, short biography of the artist. Please
I drew in a fly over his head. choose two to three pieces of art
“It still doesn't look like a frog.” work to show. All art will be
I then drew a large arrow to the displayed from April 5 to May 26.
frog, at the end of the arrow I Student artwork is also being
printed, 'FROG!' in capital letters. sought and on May 26 an auction of
Just then the recess bell rang for their artwork will be held at the
the class to be dismissed. museum. All proceeds will be going
“How would you draw a frog?” I to the student artist's school. Adults
asked him on his way out the door. I may choose to sell in the auction,
handed him the marker and in two minus a 5 % commission fee for the
quick flourishes my “frog” became Pembina Lobstick Historical
a frog that was presentable enough Society, with the rest of the
to grace any worthwhile comic proceeds going to themselves. This
book. He then continued to add an is a great way for a varied group of
assortment of surrounding animal people to view and appreciate your
and plant life, soon his friends pieces.
joined in and before we knew it A variety of art workshops will
recess was over and the board was also be offered from April to May to
covered in a mural of lifelike pond the public. If you would like to
creatures. The obligatory P.L.O. instruct an art workshop, please let
(please leave on) was posted and it us know. We are always seeking
graced our classroom board until new and exciting workshops to
the next inevitable Mathematics bring to the community.
class. Check the local bulletin boards,
I learned a valuable lesson that the neon sign in Evansburg, the
day, some people have an artistic website, or
eye and an innate sense of Tipple Park Museum on Facebook
proportion, colour and light and for details. We are currently
some people don't. booking spots for a Paverpol
There are some of us that still sculpture workshop on April 8. The
need to draw arrows and labels to cost is merely $35.
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