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Canadian Citizenship Act – Bill C-6
Lower commodity PAGE 6 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016
prices and tighter
margins expected T he Weekly ANCHOR
for local farmers
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Relevant to Canadians… My MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
Remembering heroes ViewPoint
Unpaid leave to Parks Canada recently serviced campgrounds by Adrienne Tait Rob Merrifield
care for seriously released their 2016-2017 From the $27.50 (avg.), fire permits Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
ill relative report on Plans and Publisher’s Desk $8.80, and fishing permits
Priorities outlining the need Dana McArthur $9.80. On top of these
to make national parks daily fees is gas, supplies,
more relevant to Canadians. food, wood, and added Alberta organ and tissue
With the current economic downturn many entertainment. donation –registry agent launch
Canadians will be looking towards a vacation at And if you are lodging and eating out in the
Weekly Anchor home. And with the difference in the US dollar park, you may find a tropical all-inclusive Rob
many Albertans will be thinking carefully before
vacation cheaper for a week's stay.
Mail Subscription Building Canada Plan heading south of the border. Canada's Confederation, Prime Minister Justin Merrifield
With the upcoming 150th anniversary of
A Canadian vacation is a fantastic idea. After
If you would like to receive your Anchor by mail, all, people from around the world come here Trudeau has mandated that all national parks Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
please fill out the subscription form below: because we have one of the most spectacular have free admission throughout the celebration
1 year subscription: $35.00 (+GST) and diverse topographies in the world. And year in 2017. And beginning in 2018, admission West Yellowhead MLA Robin Campbell
Seniors $30.00 (+GST) Alberta has more than its fair share of beautiful for children under 18 will be free.
parks, regions, and cities. This will go a ways to help make the parks more
But regarding a more relevant role the national relevant by helping families afford a Canadian Rob
Tip Canadians? Relevance may have a lot to do with
ADDRESS parks like Jasper could play with average wilderness getaway.
POSTAL CODE the often well-earned reputation of being a very Now, if Prime Minister Trudeau could see his Merrifield
of way clear, in this tough economy, to include free Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
PHONE the Hat expensive place for a family getaway. park admissions for 2016 –it would help boost
local economies (like Edson and area) with the
Daily fees for even basic camping can add up
Rob PAYMENT __VISA __MASTERCARD quickly for a family: Day passes $19.80, un- added tourism. the NDP invoking closure on Man in the
Tourism is too important to the local economy
Merrifield __ INTERAC __ CHEQUE to let it pass-by. debate for Bill 6 despite Red Hat
RETURN TO: The Weekly Anchor,
Member of Parliament for Yellowhead Letter to the Editor: Wildrose MLAs tabling a
petition signed by over
Box 6870, Edson, Alberta, T7E 1V2 30,000 Albertans who are by Craig McArthur
or email Great local service…says writer against the bill.

THE WEEKLY ANCHOR Letter to the Editor
Ph: (780) 723-5787 Email: I went through last year's golf season with my golf help me get this cart ready in time for this golf line. The cart was repaired and ready to go before
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, Alberta push cart needing a new tube/tire and brake line season. Kevin was optimistic they could repair it the end of the day.
(corner of 51st Street & 3rd Avenue)
replacement. and requested I leave it in their hands so their bike The bill? –so reasonable I felt the need to double
Alas the tire shops in Edson couldn't help me with repair technician could look it over and determine check as I thought maybe a charge was missed.
the tire as it was much smaller than what they deal what was needed. Thank you Ron's Outdoor Source for Sports Independent seniors’ advocate needed
with. I was informed he wouldn't be in until Tuesday (Edson) for the wonderful service –you made my
Finally with my thinking cap on, I decided to try and he would get back to me then. True to Kevin's day.
Ron's Outdoor Source for Sports to see if they could word, I received a phone call Tuesday afternoon. to fix long-term care: Eggen
Letter to the Editor Policy They indeed had a tube in stock, along with a brake Cheryl Kochan
The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor.
All letters are published at the discretion of the editor- Letter to the Editor: The Weekly Anchor
publisher who reserves the right to edit for clarity, length Member of the
and libel. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the Edson & District Chamber &
policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All letters must bear the Cure-tailing cow flatulence -seriously? Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber
name of the writer and include the address and telephone Views & News
number, which will not be published.
by Deanna Mitchener Dear Editor, her buddy Barak has bean-there-dung-that when, a studies (adding garlic to fodder cuts down on gas,
few years ago he had his Environmental Protection with the added benefit of pre-marinating the meat)!
A couple of our local papers reported recently on Agency (EPA) emit a plan to charge farmers an Are you seriously ruminating a 'carbon-hydrate'
the NDP government's plan to throw Alberta's annual 'gas' tax of $175 for each dairy cow, $87.50 tax for Alberta, Rachel? You must realize this is an
considerable weight behind the Canada-US methane per head of beef cattle (can a farmer help me here: is 'issue' that cud 'blow' up in your face -- trying to
Jim Eglinski Letter to the Editor emissions reduction statement issued jointly by our Holstein flatulence twice as noxious as Herford's?) cure-tail Bossy's natural pun-gency or to pun-ish
farmers and ranchers who simply want to air their
and $20 for each hog. Holy cow! Talk about taxing
Prime Minister and President Obama.
beefs. Remember Bill 6? When you leave the
In my youth I worked in a gas plant for a couple of
MP Yellowhead months and have to say, it didn't agree with me; not the rich! When the rest of the provinces get wind of Premier's office in 2019, don't you want your Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
this they will want their own progressive taxation
least because of the quality of air in and around the scheme just like our NDP; except for the PC's who Climate Leadership Plan to be remembered as a
plant. I am, and will always be supportive of prefer a 'flat' tax! work of art rather than a work-o-fart? Just asskin'! by GEORGE VANDERBURG
measures to cut industrial emissions of methane or Rumor was, the EPA was also working on a foul MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
Conservative other gases harmful to the environment or human tax for chickens, but the whole thing stunk so badly Sincerely,
Clyde Corser, President Wildrose West
health. So I commend Premier Notley for her
it fell 'flat' on its face, with endless cow fart jokes
iews eagerness to sign on to this campaign promoted by (poisonous dairy-airs), tragedy reports (German cow Yellowhead Constituency Association
her good buddies in Ottawa and Washington.
farts blow up a barn!) and tongue-in-cheek scientific
Indeed, reading her press release, it is they who
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
signed on to her campaign: “We are very proud to
have been able to play the leadership role that we are
playing on a continental basis.” Whoever eventually The Weekly Anchor 5,868 Audited Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Canadian
Media Circulation
gets the credit, it is not a bad crusade to wage. Member of the Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Alberta
P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2
Weekly Newspapers
Edson & District Chamber &
Telephone: (780) 723-5787
Conservative though, when pursuing her quixotic plans to 'cut' Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber SERVING: TOWN OF EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 25 YEARS! Email: family-operated
I urge Ms. Notley to 'air' on the side of caution
OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.
Fax: (780) 723-5725
Locally owned
iews “other emissions”. Especially in view of a Calgary CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, 12:00 Noon Website: Dana McArthur
Fri.: 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.
Herald report last year (Jan. 17, 2015) about the
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
cutting edge research in southern Alberta “aimed at
finding a solution to a far earthier problem — cow
flatulence.” Craig & Elaine McArthur Sue Ann Common Cindy Weisser Sonia Roy Dawn Matheson Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
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