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Fun ONLY RUNS IF AFTERSCHOOL PROGAM Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

for Kids
Did you know that the Edson RBC has been a long term supporter
of the Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District?
The month of April will be filled with many different afterschool
activities . The club will transform into Italian theme. Play around
with different arts. Learn new games .Homework help is available .
AN ARTICLE A BIG thank you to RBC for your support and dedication to the
children and youth of the Boys and Girls club and the Edson

Submitted photo community! Holy Redeemer has some hot chicks! Members of the Science 9 class proudly hold up one of the
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT fourteen chicks that they are taking care of for the next few weeks. The class has been taking care of the
Friday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 12-16 eggs for the past 21 days. The eggs and the incubator were donated to HRH by grade 9 student
year olds that want to be part of the Club's programming one Greyson Pole's family. In addition, the Industrial Arts class constructed the chicken box that they will live
night a week. The program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable
place for youth to get together. in for the next few weeks. (left to right) Greyson Pole (holding one of the hot chicks), Ethan Gole and
Samantha Oliver.
Check out Edson Teen Centre Facebook page
The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub programming on all non-
kindergarten days. The program is offered 8:00am to 3:00 (with Egg-ceptional new arrivals
the opportunity to join the after-school program from 3:00pm to
6:00pm). The Club will be offering kinderclub trial days in June for
pre-kindergarten kids. Please call the Club for more information

DID YOU KNOW?: at Pine Grove School
The Club has a very popular AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM! Why?
First the Club provides a safe bus and walk system from each
school, then provides a healthy after-school snack and then there submitted within. The students have been learning about the
is a ton of fun and interesting programming each day! All of this
for a low monthly fee of $100.00. Spaces are still open call the whole process in a hands-on experience within the
club today for this quality child care program. École Pine Grove Middle school had some new classroom.
arrivals show up on the scene as 13 new baby chicks Parents have been expressing their excitement as
An upcoming babysitting course is tentatively booked May 14 & 15, were successfully hatched to everyone's surprise in they hear of the progress via social media or their
please call the club for more details and to register. 780-723-7240 the early morning of March 14. kid's updates. This is a first for École Pine Grove
It began with just one, and then another as the Middle School, but likely will not be the last.
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE! students and staff welcomed the new hatchlings two
whole days earlier than their expected arrival March
A good place to be to teacher, Mrs. Tina Kruse-Taylor, as she and her
The idea to incubate and hatch baby chicks came

723-7240 7A LA class were participating in a novel study of
“Flipped” where the main character hatches chicks for her science project.
Within no time, Mrs Kruse-Taylor had made
contact with a local Edsonite, Bubba Janish, who
Proud Sponsor of the was willing to help her with her idea. He provided
her with 42 fertilized eggs and an incubator. He also
Edson Boys & Girls Club brought in an aquarium with a heat lamp, chick food,
and a water dispenser for the chicks as they hatch.
The week prior to their expected arrival, Mr. Janish
did 'candling' with the class which revealed if the
eggs were viable and had life. “The students really
enjoyed that whole experience,” said Mrs. Kruse-
Taylor. Mrs. Tina Kruse-Taylor, teacher at Pine Grove
The students have enjoyed experiencing the real- School, had the idea to incubate and hatch baby
life hatchings take place over the last two days as the chicks. She is seen holding one of the hatched
eggs moved and cracked and life sprouted from baby chicks.


Skyler Bodner is 10 years old. Skyler said "I Mannix Kennedy is five years old. He enjoys
go to Vanier Community Catholic School eating watermelon the best and his favorite
and I'm in grade five. I would have to say colors are blue and green. Mannix said "I have
math is my favorite subject in school, I like three cats, and I want to be like my dad when I
working with numbers. I would like to be a grow up. He is a race car racer, and he wins
pro-hockey player when I'm done school. every race and I want to be like him. I like to
Right now my hobbies are hockey, figure play all the time, inside and outside."
skating and pretty much any sport out there.
My favorite food is steak and I like the color

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