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Town discusses Codes of Conduct

including Social Media

by Adrienne Tait Mayor Zahara said the policy, as
written, “Puts the CAO in a bad
Town Council reviewed codes position to investigate and make
of conduct draft policies at the decisions regarding code of
Committee of the Whole meeting conduct breeches. Mayor Zahara
on February 27. suggested mirroring the county's
The first is a social media policy policy of having a third party
which would cover Town staff's handle integrity situations as
use of social media, privacy appropriate.
concerns, and how it should be Councillor Chouinard said he
used when representing the Town thought the overall policy was
of Edson. The second social good but asked why the
media policy covers use by attendance of mandatory training
councillors and offers guidelines within 90 days of an election
and best practices intended to would include incumbent
coincide with the proposed councillors. Chouinard indicated
council code of conduct policy. it would be unnecessary as they
Communications coordinator were already familiar with the
Steve Bethge said in the past rules, roles, and responsibilities of
social media conduct expectations being on council.
were part of employee CAO Derricott said, “Actually I
orientation. Under the new policy think it is really important that all
training will remain informal with councillors attend at the same
best practices identified and
time. Policies change, provincial
HALF PAGE issues handled on a case by case regulations change, four years is a
lot of time. It is also helpful to
Mayor Kevin Zahara said a
have incumbents there to share
social media policy is standard
but found the policy “a bit their knowledge and Jim Eglinski
REPSOL concise language. that training be offered it is not MP Yellowhead
lengthy” and requested more
While the province mandates
CAO Mike Derricott cautioned
mandatory to attend and therefore
councillors regarding making
address that clause.
statements on social media and up to council how they wish to
Councillor Bevan had concerns
said, “Occasionally councillors
MUST STAY HERE will state opinions prior to public regarding the acceptance of gifts
hearings. I would caution council and said he would prefer council
against this. You are required to
to have to pay for event tickets.
approach any such meetings and
CAO Derricott said that section of
FOR ALL 3 WEEKS issues with an open mind.” the policy is intended to address
Council is also reviewing a
gifts at a level which would
Council Code of Conduct policy. indicate an obligation or bias; or
One of the challenges of a council when a gift is inappropriate.
code of conduct is that it's
enforced by council. CAO Derricott suggested that tickets to
local events may be best given
Derricott said, “There are many through the Town or executive
examples of councils who have office rather than directly to
struggled with this. My one big councillors. Councillor Baier said
picture piece is, don't pass a code some companies have placed a
of conduct policy you are not dollar amount on gift acceptance
willing yourself to live up to and and questioned if perhaps that
use.” would be appropriate.

Town council slated to

start live streaming

by Adrienne Tait of the microphones or cameras
should accidentally turn on while
With Town council slated to in-camera. Such situations could
start live streaming on their result in the violation of FOIP or
meetings in 2018, administration release of information that should
presented a policy to outline the not be public. Mayor Zahara
use and guidelines for live said, “Even with the house
streaming and recording of legislature when they break they
public meetings as well as some go to a logo. We have to be on
of the risks. top of it.”
Communications coordinator The videos would be made
Steve Bethge said there are not a available for six months after
lot of policies to draw from which time they could be
regarding live video streaming archived. Should someone in the
across the province but there are community wish to view a video
guidelines. in five years time it would be
The live streaming will start accessed via the records policy.
one or two minutes prior to the The video is to be set up in such
meeting and should council go a way as to minimize the view of
in-camera will go to a blank the gallery but anyone who
screen or logo until the meeting attends a town council meeting
is finished. will need to be aware their
Some concerns were raised image, voice, or comments may
regarding equipment failures or be captured.
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