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Trails build community

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The desire for appreciation of by Deanna Mitchener
From the
more walking Publisher’s Desk natural
and biking trails Dana McArthur environments in
within local youth. And
Yellowhead by providing
County hamlets and access, trails are also a powerful
campgrounds has been identified connection to local heritage.
as a high priority for residents. Last week the Yellowhead
And with good reason, there County unveiled its Trails Master
are few affordable outdoor Plan outlining a capital
activities as enjoyable as investment of $13,000,000 over
exploring outdoor tails by the next 20 years with 141 kms
walking, hiking, or riding. of trails developed within each of
Community trails are places the Hamlets, and around county
where entire families, friends and campgrounds and lakes.
neighbours can gather and enjoy With so many trail enthusiasts
the outdoors together, safely. across the county, each trail can't
Well maintained, designated be all things to all people. But
trails are a meeting place for an whether you're young or old,
Riding Update: entire community. walking and biking trails have a
Trails can also help build particularly beneficial role in the Letter to the Editor Policy
Open Letter: community pride through health and enjoyment of a
working together to successfully community. The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor
complete a trail project. With So, this week we tip our hats to
careful planning, signage, and the council and staff of All letters are published at the discretion of the editor-
Misadventures mapping trails are a very real Yellowhead County for having length and libel. Letters published do not necessarily
publisher who reserves the right to edit for clarity,
tourism attractor, which benefits
the vision to create a Trails
local businesses. This outdoor
reflect the policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All
recreational asset can also Master Plan that sets the long- letters must bear the name of the writer and include the
term goals for trails in the
enhance local property values. County for generations of address and telephone number, which will not be
Hiking and walking trails offer residents to enjoy —now, and
teaching opportunities as well, into the future. published.
instilling respect and


Eric Rosendahl NDP more out of touch with Albertans says UCP Party

Today’s Third Quarter Fiscal Update again not sharing the NDP’s enthusiasm,” said United misguided policies,” said Kenney.
shows the NDP collecting less money than Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. “While the NDP tries to talk about spending
My anticipated, despite tax hikes on income (-$322m) “Everywhere I go, I hear from Albertans whose restraint, today’s Fiscal Update shows that
ViewPoint and job-creators (-$66m) as the NDP continues to household incomes have plummeted since the spending has actually increased by over a billion
deter economic activity. The Update notes that
NDP came to power. With their numerous tax
dollars from Budget 2017. The NDP planned to
by Adrienne Tait total real business investment is forecast to edge hikes and increased red tape, the NDP has made find $200 million in savings. Instead, they spent
down 1.9 per cent this year, hardly indicative of day-to-day living more difficult in our province an additional $173 million on operations. In fact,
the NDP’s supposed ‘recovery.’ Meanwhile, new while at the same time driving away much- in its first two years in office, the NDP increased
Statistics Canada data shows projected needed job-creating investment.” spending by 11 per cent, leaving a mountain of Jim Eglinski
investment in oil and gas in Alberta this year is “The NDP was repeatedly warned that its tax debt for our children and grandchildren,” said
down by $35 billion versus 2014 - a staggering hikes would have the opposite of the intended United Conservative Finance Critic Drew MP Yellowhead
61 per cent drop. At the same time, oil and gas effect by driving economic activity out of Barnes. “The biggest beneficiaries of the NDP’s
investment has risen in Saskatchewan, while Alberta. Today’s fiscal update once again policies are not the people of Alberta, but
Letter to the Editor: Texas and North Dakota are also experiencing a confirms this, with the government collecting bankers and foreign bond holders who are now
boom. hundreds of millions of dollars less than planned. collecting billions of Alberta taxpayers’ dollars in
“It’s astounding to see just how out of touch the At a time when competitiveness is increasingly the form of interest payments - money that
NDP is with everyday Albertans. While the important, the NDP has told the world that it’s should instead be going towards funding
Finance Minister acts triumphant, Albertans are better to do business elsewhere, and Albertans essential programs and services like health care
continue to suffer as a result of the these and education.”

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Apologies on my behalf to the Edson Cycling Association for a
misqoute of projected full cost build of the new Bike Park that is
going in out at Willmore. In the last issue my article incorrectly said
$350,000 when actually it is a $624,000 projected cost for the full
build. Please accept my apologies and I take full blame, not the
Weekly Anchor. Deanna Mitchener
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