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Great conditions and lots of fun at Mooseheart Loppet

submitted Marsh Hoke, Muskeg Flyers Nordic
Ski Club

The annual Mooseheart Loppet was run on
Saturday, February 24 at the Hornbeck Cross
Country Skiing Forest Recreation Area.
It was a nice day for a loppet and the
temperature was warm enough for the
volunteers, but not so warm as to soften the snow
and slow the skiers. The courses were in good Credit Union ad
shape. Passport•Citizenship•Rifle Arms Licence•
We had fewer competitive skiers than in past Permanent Resident•Photos & more
years, but more local kids and recreational skiers.
The provincial schedule of races and loppets is
packed with choices at this time of year, so DROP IN AND SEE! must stay on Page 7
competitive racers are inclined to be spread thin.
The loppet was kicked off with a mass-start 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson
signalled by a blast from a black powder musket.
The results were posted by distance skied. Young Caroline Haine and her mom Nadine Danard during the annual Mooseheart Loppet on February 780-723-5787
The first finisher on the 15K course got a garlic 24 at the Hornbeck Cross Country Skiing Forest Recreation Area.
sausage on a ribbon, and the first finisher on the
10K course was awarded a pepperoni on a The Weekly Anchor
ribbon. There were mooseheart cookies for all, as
well as chunks of garlic sausage and pepperoni.
In the 15K Freestyle Tomas Mark (19) of
Edson came in first with a time of 45:49. In the Edson Funeral Home
15K Classical Rob Haine (30-39) of Edson came
in first with a time of 1:10:45. In the 10K FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH
Classical Carol Wadey (60-69) of Edson came in
first with a time of 1:01:42. In the 1K Classical Must stay on page 7
Kayne McPhee (4) of Edson came in first with a
time of 8:59 —along with many other excellent As per Sue
results from Edson and area skiers.
Every skier got cheered across the finish line,
and those that wanted one were awarded a medal On right hand side
for completion of their course. A good time was
had by everyone, including the volunteers! of the page
Thanks to Lisa Wilkinson and Steve Bradbury Andrea Longman (#51) towing a chariot with one of her children in it, followed by her daughter Madison
for organizing this year's Mooseheart Loppet, Longman (#27) and her mom Pat Laboucane (#52). Behind them are Maligna Bachinsky (#8) and
which has been running for close to forty years. Caroline Haine (#6). All the skiers are from Edson who entered the annual Mooseheart Loppet on
February 24 at the Hornbeck Cross Country Skiing Area.

Volunteer Income Tax Program

gets your taxes done free

Yellowhead County's Family and Office. You will be contacted at a
Community Support Services later date to pick up your tax
brings you the Volunteer Income return. The program hours are as
Tax Program. If you're eligible, follows: 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon;
you can get your taxes done for then 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM,
free! Monday to Friday.
The Community Volunteer Please note that you will be
Income Tax Program (brought to asked to complete a questionnaire
you by Yellowhead County's and sign an authorization form to
Family and Community Support e-file your tax return by the
Services) has volunteers registered volunteers. No records or
with and vetted by the Canadian documents will be kept by the
Revenue Agency ready to help volunteers.
you with your taxes! To be eligible, your Tax Returns
If eligible, you can drop off your must be simple (no business or
T4s, T5s, donations, medical farm income, no capital gains, no
expenses and the previous year's depreciation and not a death
income tax return at the return). You must also be a
Yellowhead County Wildwood resident of Yellowhead or
Parkland County, and have a low
income, wherein a single Income
EVENT REMINDER is $30,000 or less, couples income
is $45,000 or less, and a single
March 4 adult with dependent income is
Come on out to Willmore Park
from 12-2pm for some fresh air $35,000 or less. As well, note that
fun such as tobogganing, hiking, a current tax return is required for
hot dogs, etc. It is free to attend federal benefits to continue
as it is sponsored by Bannister without disruption.
GM and the Weekly Anchor. For more information, please
call Yellowhead County at 780-
325-3782 or 1-800-814-3935.
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