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rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene
The Scene
A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
The Scene

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

February 8 – March
Red Brick Arts Centre
Community Building
Block Art Exhibit.
Monday to Friday, 9
am to 4:30 pm. For
more information call

March 12 March 7
Evansburg Art Club painting with Tammy Taylor 10 am to 4 pm at Heritage House Evansburg. To An Edson Women's
register and for more information contact Janice at 780-727-4340. Day Fair is being
individually organized
March 12 including a bake sale,
Knights of Columbus Irish Stew Dinner at Sacred Heart Parish Hall at 6:30 pm. For tickets contact vendors, door prizes,
Wally at 780-712-8017 or Knights of Columbus Parish Office at 780-723-3661. and raffles. At the
Edson Library 10:30
March 18 to 3 p.m. Funds raised
Edson United Church will be having their Annual Stew Supper. Supper starts at 6 p.m. For tickets will go to the
contact Syb at 780-723-3034, Anne at 780-723-2487 or the church office at 780-723-3418. Everyone Yellowhead Woman's
is welcome! Shelter. Contact photo Adrienne Tait

March 19 Devin at 780-723-
Family Fun Night March 19 at Beaver Meadow Hall. Supper, magic show featuring Magic Mike and 5191 Gypsy Jazz musicians Christine Tassant et les Imposteures performed at the Red Brick Arts Centre on Saturday, February 27.
Family Dance. Call 795-2206 or 795-2203 for tickets.
March 12
March 19 St. Patrick's Day Gypsy Jazz quartet perform at Hatlen Theatre
YAS Youth Rodeo from 10 am to noon at the Y.A.S. Riding Arena. For more details contact Joanna at Celebration supper,
780-723-0940. silent auction and
dance at MacKay by Adrienne Tait started out as four group for the tour. performance created an t h e a u d i e n c e t o
Community Hall. women, making them Lead guitarist and atmosphere that seemed concentrate on the music
Doors open 5:30 p.m., Québécois performers unique among gypsy jazz vocalist, Christine part musical performance itself.
supper 6:30 p.m., 18 Christine Tassant et les musicians. However, Tassant's fingers flew and part jam session. The next Chautauqua
& over. Silent auction Imposteures performed one of the women was over the frets and with a The majority of the performance is scheduled
donations greatly in the Hatlen Theatre at unable to attend and a smile that remained on lyrics were sung in for March 19 when
her face throughout the
male guitarist joined the
appreciated. For the Red Brick Arts Center French leaving many in Bridget Ryan takes the
on Saturday, February 27.
ticket information call The Gypsy Jazz quartet
Karen 780-795-2462 performed a variety of
or Darlene 7890-795- original compositions Princess and Superhero party
2350. along with compilations
of favorites including a
March 12 medley that featured a hit with families
Yellowhead Ag “Putting on the Ritz”, the
Society Mini Broncs theme from “Mission by Deanna Mitchener They had crafts where kids could make their own
for youth from 1 pm Impossible,” and the masks or crowns to wear, glitter tattoos, a free photo
to 5 pm. at the Y.A.S. theme from “James On February 27, the Edson Boys and Girls Club and with their favorite characters, and parents were
Riding Arena. Must Bond.” the Edson Kinettes teamed up to bring some of the welcome to take as many pictures as they liked.
Gypsy Jazz is a blend of
pre-register with swing and rhythm with a prettiest princesses and charming superheroes together Snacks were supplied and each child left with a goodie
Travis at 780-723- gypsy flare played on in one room. bag and a toy. “We had all kinds of raffle prizes to be
0805. strings. Their latest Like a living fairytale, families gathered at the Royal won with the purchase of tickets, a 50/50 draw for a
album is a tribute to two Canadian Legion from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. so that chance to win some money back, and spot dances with
artists - Félix Leclerc and parents' little princesses and superheroes could mingle lots of prizes for the participants up dancing,” said
See Classified Page for and meet their favourite characters. Children had the Bittner.
monthly meetings Django Reinhardt. opportunity to have their photo taken, talk, and even “It is a great time for families after Christmas and
and activities The group originally
dance with their favorite princess or superhero. Family Day is over to come and hang out with
A couple of mothers even said their children had been princesses and superheroes. It gives families another
dressed up all morning anxiously waiting to join in the event to look forward to attending each year," said
fun. Bittner.
Some parents said that they attended the event last One of the characters in attendance, Spider Gwen,
year and this year was even better, and they stepped it up said, "This is my first year being a character and it is a
a notch with decorations and prizes. One family even lot of fun traveling to different events."
drove down from Whitecourt just so their daughter Ariel from the Little Mermaid, said, "This is my first
could come see some princesses. year here as well, seeing all the kids so happy is exciting
Mary-Anne Bittner, with the Edson Kinettes, said, to see and be around." Princess Anna from Frozen, said,
"This is our second annual Princess and Superhero "This is actually my first year doing this. All the
Party and with each year we hope to get bigger and characters come and volunteer their time; some come
better.” from Spruce Grove, Edmonton and Calgary."

Armchair travelling at Edson Kids from
Edson and
and District Public Library area enjoyed

an afternoon
March 8 , 2016 of fun with
their favorite
7:00 pm characters at
the Princess
with Julian Buchwald in Peru, Superhero
Cambodia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Party in
Nicaragua. Julian Buchwald will be Edson on
giving tips on photography and February 27.
volunteering in foreign countries
photo Deanna Mitchener
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