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Parkland Panthers vs HRH Jr A teams
s UMMER s CHOOL by Mikaela Kuefler weren't losing by much. PCHS is a very good team". “Parkland

The HRH Jr 'A' girls have had 5 wins and 2 losses
Fun Times Rebels Junior 'A' boys and girls teams played the in their league games. A Student View
On February 17, the Holy Redeemer High School
The PCHS Panthers Jr 'A' boys team played the
for Kids
Parkland Composite High School and Panthers at
HRH Rebels next. Both teams had a strong game
and played some good defence. PCHS passed the
s UMMER See more School News on page 26 small lead against the Rebels. The Panthers moved ball well and had good positioning in the key. HRH
PCHS started out strong in the first half with a
found it difficult to keep them out, which allowed
the ball around the court and kept on their toes,
PCHS to take the lead. PCHS also sank a lot of their
creating a lot of scoring opportunities.
shots, even close to half, making it even harder for
HRH fought to stay in the game to keep the score
Fun ONLY RUNS IF down but found that, due to player injuries, it was a HRH to close the gap. HRH made a real effort to
keep the score down and continued to fight for the
struggle. With one minute left in the first half, the
ball throughout the game but PCHS prevailed,
for Kids
score was 22-8 for PCHS.
winning 70-43.
By the second half, some players from HRH were
Coach of the PCHS Panthers, Brian Davidson,
visibly frustrated, which affected their game. The
commented, "We had a strong game. We've been
when some attempts were made outside the three
they relax and start having fun, they really open the
AN ARTICLE Rebels had a hard time sinking baskets, especially slow starting this year in a couple of games. Once
point line. The Panthers capitalized on HRH errors
game up. If I can keep them calm at the beginning,
and made a lot of fast breaks to increase their lead.
then they're fine.
Submitted photo PCHS beat HRH with a score of 65-20. PCHS Jr 'A' Boys remain undefeated in every
Tea Hataley (12), from PCHS, commented later
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada game they've played this season.
SPRING BREAK What is your child doing over spring that "Paige Manning (20) shot her first three Coach of the Holy Redeemer Rebels, Mike
pointer." She also mentioned that "PCHS had a lot of
break? Why not join the fun activities at the Club! Daily McAndrews, said, "Both our defences were tough on
rate $35.00 ($30.00 for each additional child) Field Trip breakaways and we were good at making fast each other. The ultimate difference in the game was
extra fee. open 8:00am-6:00pm, snacks and fun provided. breaks. We also forced a lot of turn overs". Coach of those two big posts and the three point shooting. We
Call to register and secure your spot! the PCHS Jr 'A' boys team, Brian Davidson, said stopped them once or twice but the third time, they
that "PCHS had a strong game. They made a lot of got the rebound because we weren't in position
March 28-April Full Day camp. Monday: Adventure Day; opportunities because they kept the ball in motion
Tuesday: Live Game Show Day; Wednesday: Field Trip; anymore and we couldn't get the block".
Telus Science, IMAX; Thursday: Race Around the World; and kept running. I was impressed with the amount HRH Jr 'A' Boys currently have 14 wins and 5
Friday: PJ DAY they have improved in the year". losses this season.
Monday: Sport and Swim The PCHS Jr 'A' girls have had approximately 18 The next game played in Edson for the PCHS and
wins and 2 losses to date. HRH Jr 'A' teams will be for the Grande Yellowhead
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT Friday nights from 6:30 to Alexandra Fedyk (11), from HRH, stated later that
8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year olds that Athletic Conference on February 26 and 27.
want to be part of the Club's programming one night a "we had a pretty good score in the first half. We
week. The program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable
place for youth to get together.
KINDERCLUB: The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinderclub
programming on all non-kindergarten days. The program is
offered 8:00am to 3:00 (with the opportunity to join the Anthony Warren (6), from the Holy Redeemer
after-school program from 3:00pm to 6:00pm). The Club High School Jr 'A' boys team, brings the ball up
will be offering kinderclub trial days in June for pre- the court while playing the Parkland Composite
kindergarten kids. Please call the Club for more High School/ Pine Grove Middle School Panthers
information at HRH, on February 17. PCHS beat HRH with a
score of 70-43.
DID YOU KNOW?: The Club has a very popular AFTER photo Mikaela Kuefler
SCHOOL PROGRAM! Why? First the Club provides a safe
bus and walk system from each school, then provides a
healthy after-school snack and then there is a ton of fun
and interesting programming each day! All of this for a
low monthly fee of $100.00. Spaces are still open call the Grade 8 students at Holy Redeemer
club today for this quality child care program.
took part in a special activity in
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE & FACEBOOK PAGE! Science where they had to dissect a cow's eye. All of the students
thoroughly enjoyed the activity as it
gave them a close look at the biology
A good place to be of an eye. Students Rhyker LeMabe,
Ben Rogers, and Ryle Nycz
723-7240 begin the dissection procedure.

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Mackenzie Daniel is 12 years old and in grade Ryan Chouinard is 14 years old and goes to Holy
six at Pine Grove Middle School. Mackenzie Redeemer High School in grade nine. Ryan says,
said, “I like art class the best at school. When “My favorite subject in school is science. For
I’m not in school I like to be out horseback hobbies I like dock diving and flyball with my dogs.
riding. I have my own horses, Shera and Jenny I also like tractor racing. I enjoy hiking up in the
and we are involved with the Knight Riders 4-H mountains and helping out with volunteer work. I
Club. I like the color lime green and my favorite volunteer at Rotary Sundays in the Park, Family Day
food is strawberries. I would love to be a horse Extravaganza and March for a Cure that HRH does,
trainer when I grow up.” and at the soap box derby races every year.”

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