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Over 130 members attend Grand Opening of Tipple Park Museum

On February 19 over Lobstick Historical orientation of the new
130 members of the Society and will feature facility essentially
public and dignitaries rotating temporary mirrors that of the old
attended the Grand displays, with both Station House. The new
Opening of the new seasonal and travelling facility is also orientated
Evansburg museum to exhibits. to provide access to the
officially open its doors to All rooms associated washrooms from Tipple
the community. w i t h t h e m u s e u m Park. The design of the
T h e Ti p p l e P a r k (archive, display room, n e w f a c i l i t y w a s
Museum, a purpose-built storage room and work developed in accordance
building, is centrally room) feature humidity with the Evansburg
located in the Hamlet of controlled climates to Streetscape Plan that is
Evansburg where the assist in the proper storage part of Yellowhead
P e m b i n a L o b s t i c k of artifacts. County's Area Structure
Historical Society can The archive room will Plan for the hamlet.
showcase their local b e a v a i l a b l e b y The multi-purpose area,
history and welcome appointment for members kitchen and meeting room
visitors and tourists to the of the public to complete will be available for event
area. It will also provide a historical research with rentals and will be the
place for community the society's help and future home of the Over 130 members of the public and dignitaries attended the Grand
group meetings and resources. Evansburg Farmers' Opening of the new Tipple Park Museum in Evansburg to officially open its
various other community The location and Market.
events. doors to the community.
Budget and Cost:
Funding was provided
by Yellowhead County in
the amount of $2,370,253
for the planning, design,
and construction of the
new building and lot, as
well as contributions
made by the Provincial
Government through a
CFEP grant for interior
furniture and window
coverings and through
fundraising done by the
P e m b i n a L o b s t i c k
Historical Society.
Museum areas for
artifact display, museum
storage, and archival
A workshop for
museum staff to repair
objects and to prepare
exhibits for display,
A tourist information
A multi-purpose room,
reception area, office,
kitchen, washrooms, and
meeting room.
Alastair Cockburn
Architect Ltd. was
retained by Yellowhead
County to provide
consulting services to
prepare a building
concept plan for a
museum/park amenities
building in Evansburg.
These were then reviewed
with Yellowhead County
and the Pembina Lobstick
Historical Society, with
revisions being made to
reflect that input.
The building was
designed by Barr Ryder
Architects and Interior
D e s i g n e r s , w i t h
construction of the
building completed by
Theirman Construction
Ltd.; both of Edmonton,
The museum will be
operated by the Pembina
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