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Provincial mandate for wastewater

plant upgrade puts pressure on town

continued from front

revision. provincial government. responsible for not
In order to complete Any project that has to moving forward should
the project the town will go to debenture is able to it be defeated by the rate
be forced to go to be defeated by the payers.
debenture which will tie public. If the public Mayor Pasychny said,
up their borrowing votes against borrowing “We have to follow
capacity. “They are for the treatment plant through. I am speaking
giving us $4 million for a upgrades the town against this motion but
$12 million project. We cannot move the project voting for it because we
are going to tie up all of forward as per the have to.”
our borrowing capacity municipal government Council voted for
for sewer,” said Mayor act. It was unclear at the putting the project bid to
Pasychny. time of the meeting what tender. Councillor
However, should the would happen in that Boyce said if nothing
town choose not to move situation and whether the else the town will get a
forward they face province would be able good cost estimate for
administrative fines and to hold the town the project.
penalties from the
36 skiers venture out for

annual Mooseheart Loppet

submitted by Marsh Hoke, Trails Chair second group from Hinton and then a
Muskeg Flyers Nordic Ski Club few from Edson/Yellowhead County.
The fastest skiers over the 15K course
The Annual Mooseheart Loppet was were with the Capitol Region Training
run on Saturday, February 27 at Group based in Edmonton, which
Hornbeck Trails near Edson. includes Tomas and Lukas Mark of the
The warm weather and prolonged Muskeg Flyers. They were skiing in the
snow drought made for difficult trail classical technique (no skate skiing
grooming conditions – it was +15 the day allowed). Not finding a kick wax that
before, and it didn't cool down to they were pleased with, they decided to
freezing until 4 am the morning of the just double pole for the whole race. As a
event. testament to their strength, skill and
At Loppet time, the temperature fitness, they all finished the 15K course
hovered just below freezing, with a stiff in under 45 minutes!
NW wind, before rising to +6 in the late Medals were offered to all participants.
afternoon. A pepperoni on a ribbon was awarded to
The grooming crew was out working the first finisher on all the shorter
on the trails from 4 to 8 am, and they courses, with a kolbasa on ribbon being
were able to create fairly good awarded to the first finisher of the 15K.
conditions – good for skate skiers, less so The traditional Mooseheart cookies
for classical skiers. Visiting skiers were were offered to all present, as well as
quite impressed with the trail conditions. pepperoni and garlic sausage.
In spite of the warm weather, the courses Once again, both skiers and volunteers
were very fast and held up well. had fun at the Mooseheart Loppet, and
36 skiers participated in the loppet, look forward to being back next year! A
which was a disappointingly low big thanks to all the volunteers who
number. Probably the weather was a make the Mooseheart Loppet a well-run
factor, as there was rain overnight. Most and happy event.
of the skiers were from Edmonton, with a

The annual Mooseheart Loppet was run on Saturday, February 27 at
Hornbeck Trails near Edson with 36 skiers participating.
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