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Grassroots session identifies need to unite Albertans

by Adrienne Tait and values? direction rather than give direction was also
If staying with the party, what direction would you considered a priority.
The Progressive Conservatives may have lost the like to see it take in both the short and the long term? The session was followed by a closed constituency
last election but the party is using this time to Comments from those in attendance regarding meeting.
regroup, review their mistakes, and discuss their what went wrong included the perception of the old
vision of the future. boys club, perception of arrogance, no longer
“It's about uniting Albertans,” former Minister of listening to the people, leadership challenges, the
Infrastructure and Grande Prairie MLA Wayne floor crossing, calling the election too early, voter
Drysdale told attendees at the Galloway Station and apathy, and the public listening to scandals whether
Museum on Saturday, February 27. proven or not.
“We are starting from scratch and building this One example was Health Care and the top level
party from the bottom up,” said Drysdale. “This is mismanagement. “They were given huge severance
how we do it – we go around and listen to everybody packages. You could be completely stupid and
and engage in discussion. We are not going to tell incompetent and come out a millionaire. I think it
you what to do. We need to listen and take direction was the top level that did you in,” said one attendee.
from members. We need you to tell us where we go Some constituency members reported being told
from here.” that some votes were for change in general and not
As a caucus the party is looking for direction no necessarily due to any wrong doing on the part of the
matter what form it takes. “I think we need to unite local candidate.
Albertans for the better of Alberta,” said Drysdale. Social media presence (or lack thereof), millennial
“PC Alberta is a centric party. We may be slightly voters, and communication issues were also
right but we are a centric party. That's what we need considered to be significant factors. The need to
to concentrate on, the centric people of Alberta and I capture the youth vote was identified as a priority.
think that's where most people actually fit. We can't Other topics discussed were environmental
be distracted by going too far one way or the other. stewardship and education, from becoming better
We need to be the reasonable voice for most centric stewards to educating the public on what regulations
Albertans,” said Drysdale. and protections are already in place versus public
The party has been meeting with each perception.
constituency. The grassroots sessions have been a Increased accountability to the constituencies,
reminder of how the party began. “Just like Peter party membership, choosing better candidates, and
Lougheed did. He started out with meetings like this choosing the candidates before the leader were
all over the province. Living room meetings, suggested. A leader who was willing to take
kitchen table meetings, and that's how he built the
party,” said Drysdale.
Drysdale told those in attendance that over the past Former Minister of Infrastructure and Grande
few years the party has elected leaders who gave Prairie MLA Wayne Drysdale spoke to attendees
direction to the caucus and in doing so have “lost the of a grassroots strategy session for the PC Party
grassroots.” at the Galloway Station and Museum on
Following the opening comments was a brief Saturday, February 27. photo Adrienne Tait
update of the party's current financial situation, a
reminder of the upcoming AGM, and an introduction HOUSE FOR SALE
and overview of both the 500 day plan and the
provincial engagement committee. Fully finished 1,254 sq. ft. home for sale in
Local constituency members heard the party has Westgrove. The house has 4 bedrooms
drastically reduced staff and operating costs and has and an office, gas fireplace upstairs and
concentrated on debt reduction in the months since
the election. wood burning stove in basement. 24x24 ft.
The session then broke into a roundtable attached garage. The house backs onto
discussion and question and answer period. walking trails and sits on an oversized lot
Attendees were presented with a number of with lots of trees and flowerbeds. Brick
questions and asked for their feedback. Included driveway. Shed and dog kennel.
among the questions were:
Why do you think the PC party lost the election Asking $449,900
last May? A few students at Evergreen School enjoying their
What strategic direction should the PC party take? lunch break recently. Front to back are Abby Corser,
Should the party renew or revise their principles Bria Olson, Haley Bishop, Judy Klassen, Carson 780-712-7609
Pope, Jack Pfeifer, and Jayden Cardinal. Phone

Daisy is an 8 yr old Giant 4912 2 Avenue
Box 6118
Schnauzer with a gentle, Edson, AB T7E 1T6
loving side who's favorite
activity is being with the
people she loves. Please join
She is an independent Edson Credit Union
thinker who would do best
with a large yard or acreage for our
to play in but she is not an
outdoor dog and needs to 73rd Annual
live inside to be physically close to her people. General Meeting

While Giant Schnauzers are intelligent, loyal
companions they are among the more dominant of
dog breeds who are not recommended for timid or When: Wednesday,
first time dog owners, or homes with children under March 16, 2016
12 years of age.
She is good with dogs and ok with cats. Location: Edson Recreation
for more information or 780-712-6788.
Sponsored by: Time: Registration 5:30 pm
Meeting 7:00 pm

Fax: 780-723-2213 Dinner tickets are available at the Credit
Call 780-723-9493 for information Union at a cost of $10.00/person.
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